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The Dawn Patrol Richard Falknor on 02 May 2013 07:24 am

UPDATED! Candidate Corey Stewart And The Strange Company He Keeps

UPDATE MAY 2 AFTERNOON! Readers will be anxious to learn what weight the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation gave to “spine” and to membership in the Virginia “Fight Club” in their “high-information” evaluation of statewide GOP candidates.  This morning RedState chief Erick Erickson (click here) in his “Rush Limbaugh and the Need  for Spine” showcased these qualities: “The way I see it, Rush Limbaugh is a fighter. The guys who have taken to actually fighting on values like Rush does, i.e. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul have been putting all the points on the board. They’re keeping the fight against Obamacare alive just as the GOP is trying to cave and public animosity for the law grows. But for those three, we’d have gun control legislation. On the House side, the Republican Fight Club of Congressmen Amash, Bridenstine, Broun, Gohmert, Huelskamp, Jones, Massie, Pearce, Salmon, and Yoho have been the only ones leading the fight to stop the Republicans from expanding government at a time distrust of government is a commonly held sentiment.”  We would not want to think of the Old Dominion’s Federation as Karl Rove Tea Partiers. (Highlighting Forum’s)

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As many readers know, Corey Stewart is a leading candidate for the GOP nomination for lieutenant governor (click here).

He has just been endorsed (click here) by The Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation.

And as many Virginia readers should also know, shariah and civilization jihad are major threats to western society. 

More than a few of the folks who are behind these dangerous practices and initiatives now live in northern Virginia. (Click here for Andrew McCarthy’s National Review article “For a preview of the Ground Zero Mosque, check out Virginia.”)

Consequently we were troubled when sources sent us this Muslim American Citizens Coalition & Public Affairs Council (MACCPAC) program from March of last year where Mr. Stewart was a panelist. (Click here.) An extract follows–

“The breakfast session was addressed by national and local Muslim leaders including Congressman Keith Ellison, US Deputy Special Envoy to OIC Arsalan Suleman, and Muslim leaders such as Asma Hanif (Coordinating Council of Muslim Organizations), Corey Saylor (Council on American-Islamic Relation), Dr. Abubaker Al Shingieti (International Institute of Islamic Thought), Naeem Baig (Islamic Circle of North America; and American Muslim Taskforce), Haris Tarin (Muslim Public Affairs Council), Imam Dr. Yusuf Ziya Kavakci (Islamic Association of North Texas), Dr. Aziz Siddiqi (Islamic Society of Greater Houston), Dr. Mohammed Riajul Islam (Muslim Ummah of North America; and Muslim Forum of the Pacific North West), and Wasim Entabi (Virginia Muslim Civic Coalition).”

. . . . . . . . . .

“The second panel was titled ‘All Politics is Local’. Moderated by Rafi Ahmed, the panel speakers were Corey Stewart (Prince William Board of County Supervisors), Attorney Asim Ghafoor (Former Legislative Assistant to Congressman Ciro Rodriguez), Attorney Salman Cheema (Board member of Virginia Muslim Political Action Committee). It was followed by an interactive discussion on Virginia Anti-Shariah Legislation by Robert Marro (Govt. Relations Advisor, MACCPAC). The panel was followed by an enthusiastic speech by special guest speaker Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX).”

But read the entire MACCPAC program here.

Here are cameos by experts on just some of the organizations or people (or both) who took part in this session–

For Keith Ellison click here.

For “OIC” click here.

For “Council on American Islamic-Relations” click here and  here.

For “International Institute of Islamic Thought” click here.

For “Islamic Circle of North America” click here.

For “Muslim Public Affairs Council” click here.

For “Sheila Lee Jackson” click here.

What was a Republican politician — subsequently ‘vetted’ and endorsed by a large Tea Party network for statewide office — doing by blessing this gathering through his participation? 

On a deeper level, where does Mr. Stewart stand on whether Shariah is compatible with our Constitution? 

Does he understand the real dangers behind the civilization jihad?

Does he understand the current danger the OIC poses to free political speech? Does he believe criticism of Islam should remain protected by the First Amendment?

Alarmingly, what did he promise his hosts?  What did they ask him for?

Conservatives considering supporting Corey Stewart need to insist that he go fully on the record on how he views these troubled waters in which he has been fishing. 

And How Long Has Stewart Kept This Kind of Company?

From another source came this apparently 2008 extract (click here) from Muslimlinkpaper.

“Corey Stewart, Chairman of Prince William County, was not up for election this year, but stated, ‘I support the Mosque expansion and many of the other plans that the Muslim Association of Virginia have in mind for the future.’”

Readers will want to weigh (click here) any “Correlations between Sharia Adherence and Violent Dogma in U.S. Mosques.”

One wonders what kind of a ‘vetting’ process (click here) these Tea Partiers allowed themselves to be drawn into.  Providentially they were not in Texas or we might not have a senator Ted Cruz. And who vet these vetters? As the founders would ask — quis custodiet ipsos custodes?



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