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The Dawn Patrol Richard Falknor on 07 Jun 2013 08:41 am

Bill Bolling’s Picks: How Many Statists In The GOP Living Room?

  • “In decisive fashion, LaRock ousts May in GOP primary” declares LoudonTimes.com’s Trevor Baratko here. “Dave LaRock established his political reputation around this time last year as he lobbied tirelessly for the local Board of Supervisors to opt out of the multi-billion dollar Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project. It was all about taxes then, and it still is.”
  • The Winchester Star reports here “Republican primary voters have denied Del. Beverly Sherwood an 11th term in office.”

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Bill Bolling’s Picks: How Many Statists In The GOP Living Room?

“The choice for the Republican Party is whether to invest more in the 2010 strategy of this populist strain, to refine it and connect more policy proposals to it … or to embark on an effort to restore the party’s standing as the adult in the room – the competent, clean cut, good-government technocracy that sees the chief appeal of Republican politicians as combining agencies and seeking out efficiencies rather than rolling back government power and draining bureaucratic swamps. The GOP swung back to this technocratic approach on a national scale in 2012, and let’s just say the electoral results left much to be desired.” (Highlighting Forum’s)Ben Domenech

Virginia lieutenant governor Bill Bolling apparently aspires to a new role in the Old Dominion through his Virginia Mainstream Project.

Yesterday he endorsed (click here) long-time incumbent delegates Beverly Sherwood (District 29), Joe May (District 33), and Bobby Orrock (District 54). 

These members, notorious for their support of governor Bob McDonnell’s $6.1 billion tax hike, are facing energetic challenges in next Tuesday’s GOP primary.

Readers may wish to revisit, for more context, our Virginia Tea Partiers, Grass Roots On Trail of 3 Errant GOP Delegates

One senses that the good Mr. Bolling yearns for the era of Bob Dole – a former Republican senator then respected and popular inside the Beltway –whom some crass upstart called “the tax collector for the welfare state.”

Long-time Virginia pol Bolling makes his political approach clear:

“The Virginia Mainstream Project supports candidates who understand what it takes to govern Virginia effectively, candidates who will keep their focus on responsible public policies to control spending, create a pro-business environment in Virginia and find bi-partisan solutions to the most important issues facing our state.  I am pleased to give my support and the support of VMP to these candidates, who have proven throughout their public service careers that you can stand strong for conservative values and work with Republicans and Democrats to actually get things done in Richmond.”

The problem is, all this sounds like crony-capitalism (pro-business, not pro-market) with a big emphasis on deal cutting with the Other Team — a powerful faction committed to transforming not just Washington, D. C., but Virginia and all the states. 

Whatever the Other Team’s many faults, they do have discipline and a vision – however revolutionary. This is why they are dangerous. Does the lieutenant governor believe the Other Team is led by Reagan Democrats?

Mr. Bolling doubtless speaks the same language as Big Virginia – big business, big education, big health industry, big developers, big transportation, big planners —  and other enemies of free markets, universities free of diversity bureaucrats, consumer choice and power, and low regulation.

Big Virginia’s bet apparently is to survive by serial accommodation with the Other Team. The Other Team, however, likely will charge continually higher policy prices.

As for “getting things done in Richmond,” we prefer getting the giant tax hike “undone.”

Big Government  Crashes Into Scandal Around Us,
Yet Bolling Is Still a True Believer

Bill Bolling’s approach does not even have the scent of  a “conservative” program.  With the administrative state at all levels out of control, we doubt that he has given much thought to reining it in. We just don’t see any emphasis on freedom, but a great deal of weight given to the priorities of the Richmond Political Class.

Which is why he supports Beverly Sherwood, Joe May, and Bobby Orrock.

And why Virginia conservatives should support challengers Dr. Mark Berg, Dave LaRock, and Dustin Curtis.











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