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Conservatives Richard Falknor on 18 Jun 2013 09:01 am

UPDATED! Dan Bongino Starts Race With Clear Answers On Big Issues

UPDATE JUNE 19! Breitbart “Live Blog: Tea Party’s IRS, Immigration Rallies” Click here and scroll down to Bongino (3:00 PM).

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This noon in Frederick, Maryland (1450 Taney Ave) former Secret Service Special Agent Dan Bongino will formally kick off his campaign for United States Representative in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District.

Bongino campaigning last November with Tea Party Express chair Amy Kremer at a Maryland Chick-fil-a.

Bongino campaigning last November with Tea Party Express chair Amy Kremer at Frederick, Maryland Chick-fil-a.

These are perilous times for America, and we asked Maryland GOP superstar Bongino for his blunt take on three exigent issues the fallout from which he will have to deal with if elected to the U. S. House next November:

(1) Blue Ridge Forum: Do you support the Schumer-Rubio-Paul Ryan approach to immigration policy? Bongino: No. The bill does not address border security with metrics, it relies on DHS discretion. Also, I do not support amnesty.
(2) Blue Ridge Forum: Would you vote for the current farm-food stamp bill coming before the House? Bongino: No. The bill should be broken into a SNAP [food stamp] measure for an up or down vote and a separate farm insurance measure for an up or down vote.
(3) Blue Ridge Forum: Do you believe what is described as the FBI’s policy of keeping mosques off limits should be continued? Bongino: No. Terror and criminality do not take a vacation in Mosques.
(Readers can click here for a summary of the 1000-plus-page Schumer-Rubio package, click here for food-stamp farm-bill commentary by Marylander Daniel Horowitz, and click here for intelligence professional Clare Lopez’ background piece on the FBI and the Jihadists.)

Stay tuned for what will be a competitive House race by a GOP challenger who won’t flinch from talking about the grave dangers our country faces.

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