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Leviathan Richard Falknor on 20 Jun 2013 10:47 am

UPDATED! MD GOP ‘Amnesty Dinner’ Tonight: First Hear Mark Levin Audio

UPDATE JUNE 21! Len Lazarick (Maryland Reporter) writes “Rep. Paul Ryan serves up red meat for GOP dinner.” We don’t see much Ryan ‘red meat’ in this report; no discussion of the amnesty elephant in the GOP Establishment’s living room; no plans from House budget chief Ryan nor appropriations panel member Andy Harris to defund Obamacare — nor defund much else.  Editor Lazarick reports that Ryan declared “‘We need to show we can govern,’ a sentence he repeated twice. That even means some compromise with President Obama and the Democrats, as long as it is ‘a step in the right direction.’” Apparently Mr. Ryan believes this is the Democratic Party of his grandfather. Had Ryan said “we need to show we can shrink Leviathan and expand the circle of liberty” he might have resonated with grass-roots conservatives. But then the Annapolis Establishment was never about the grass roots so Mr. Ryan likely struck just the right tone for this gathering.

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“Mark Levin warns Republican leadership: If the conservative base decides to leave you, you’re finished” reports the Right Scoop (click here).

“He says that when we have Democrats who have as their purpose the undoing of this country and a Republican Party that capitulates because it believes it can’t do anything to fix the problem unless it controls the entirety of government, the fix can’t possibly be in Washington DC.” [Highlighting Forum’s.]

“At the end of the clip Mark Levin warns the Republican leadership:

‘And I want to warn the Republican Leadership about something. If I and millions of us decide to leave you; if I and millions of us – the conservative base, the constitutionalists, [the] taxpayers, the people who make this country work – if we decide to leave you, you’re finished. You’re kaput. You’ll never be in the majority again.

And God knows you’re provoking us.’”

Consider the effect of the departure of even part of the conservative base on the embattled Maryland Republican Party

Mindlessly showcasing — instead of seriously questioning — “Amnesty Paul” Ryan at this critical time in our history may well be “provoking” to the Maryland grass roots.

Listen to author Levin’s entire clip here.

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