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First things . . . Richard Falknor on 22 Jun 2013 05:23 pm

Giant Amnesty & Big Money: The Shame of the Grand Old Party

UPDATE AFTER PRESS TIME! NumbersUSA Jeremy Beck reports: “On Corker amendment – like larger bill – Senators make promises their legislation won’t keep.” – “If you haven’t read the Corker-Hoeven amendment to the Senate immigration bill, you aren’t alone. Congress hasn’t read it either. The Gang of Eight and the cosponsors of Corker-Hoeven spent the last couple of days boasting about the amendment, and making promises about what it would do, then Majority Leader Reid sent the Senate home with a 1,000-plus-page reading assignment for the weekend. The text of the amendment wasn’t released until Friday afternoon. The Senate votes on Monday. Additional handwritten changes to the amendment have yet to be distributed to every Senator. . . .The plan is clearly to vote on the amendment before the public learns that they’ve been sold a bill of goods. The Corker-Hoeven amendment – like the larger bill – is a fraud, sold by the authors with falsehoods so these Senators might give their corporate donors the flood of labor they crave.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

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Giant Amnesty & Big Money: The Shame of the Grand Old Party


There is one thing harder, in our experience, than convincing members of the Political Class that Shariah and Islamic Supremacism are mortal dangers to themselves.

And that is asking many loyal rank-and-file members of the Grand Old Party, solid citizens and many of them instinctively conservative but not political junkies, to accept that their party leadership – the Beltway GOPdaily and cynically tries to manipulate them with mendacious slogans (as senator Jeff Sessions points out in this video). 

Or as Ann Coulter this week put it, by “lying.”

The split between solid Republicans across the nation and the Beltway GOP, long papered over by the rank and file’s sense of loyalty, however, is bursting into the sunlight over the Gang of Eight’s (plus Barack Obama’s) giant amnesty-and-fund-the-Left measure.

For example, see Tony Lee’s Breitbart post about Karl Rove and his “fat cat” friends here.

A new 1,190-page version of Giant Amnesty (click here for Daniel Horowitz’ take) was unveiled yesterday and is slated to be voted on late Monday in the Senate.

Even some conservative commentators are puzzled by the participation of the Beltway GOP wondering whether pro-amnesty senators and representatives are simply misled by (an empty) hope of securing some future bloc of “Hispanic” votes.

Nothing of the sort.

Whatever else, predatory pro-amnesty GOP members of the Congress, their pilot-fish consultants, and Republican National Committee apparatchiks are street wise.

“Money at the Root of GOP’s Amnesty Push”

Rush Limbaugh last Monday had one of the more penetrating analyses (click on subtitle above) we have seen to date–

“They’re [Republicans] looking at it financially, number one.  All of their big money wants the bill.  All of the Republican major donors want this bill.  I’ll give you some names.  The Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson.  I mean, they want the bill, because they want the influx of new labor.  They want it.  They’re not concerned with how anybody’s gonna vote down the line.  As long as these guys can stay aligned with whoever is running government, they’re in fat city…. If Frank Luntz comes in and tells you that’s what his focus group says, what are you gonna believe? If Mike Murphy, or take your pick, Steve Schmidt, if he comes in and tells you, ‘You know what, you’re never gonna get another dime if you don’t do…’ what are they gonna do?  These are the people they trust.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Limbaugh warns about the Beltway GOP perspective–

“So in this whole amnesty bill, immigration, path-to-citizenship, comprehensive reform, I would urge you to stop thinking about ideas and consequences and the Constitution, because that’s not at play here.  What’s at play here is money.  If these elected Republicans are told by their donors that the money is gonna dry up if this amnesty thing doesn’t happen, what are they gonna do?” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Click here and scroll throughout the Limbaugh post.

And watch how the Main Stream Media (with the backdoor help, no doubt, of the Beltway GOP) ignore or mock (or both) those Republican members of the Congress who stand firm for the Republic and the integrity of the House and Senate: senators Jeff Sessions, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee. Representatives Louie Gohmert and Steve King are among the unsung heroes in the House.  Nor should we overlook those 15 Republican senators who voted against cloture on the amnesty bill.

But if rank-and-file Republicans (and GOP challengers, incumbents, and Tea Parties) acquiesce in this amnesty corruption among the nominal Republicans members in this Congress, the Left won’t have to wait much longer to “transform” our civic culture.

For we will already have given that terrible transformation a jump-start by holding back on calling out questionable GOP members.

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For readers who do wish to revisit “ideas and consequences and the Constitution” as they relate to Giant Amnesty, click on the title below —

UPDATED! Amnesty Suicide: The End of Our Liberty, Property, & Culture

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