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Leviathan Richard Falknor on 30 Jun 2013 09:14 pm

UPDATED! VA GOP Voices Nix Amnesty, DOMA Holding; Will MD GOP Voices Speak Out?


  • “The short answer to your question is, ‘No,’ the MDGOP will not speak out.  Looking at the e-mails from Diana Waterman since last week’s disastrous Supreme Court decision, she is not talking about either of these issues.  Some talkshow hosts are using the immigration debate to shift the topic away from marriage, but soon that will be a ‘done deal,’ and they will be looking for something else to move on to. Social conservatives have to decide if they are going to take a stand. Sadly, I don’t think there is a place for them in the MDGOP. Those who are silent on these issues are not conservatives. . . . I caught [Diana West] on C-Span discussing her book [American Betrayal].  Few people are breaking the socialist takeover of our republic down the way she has done” emails sometime Maryland GOP candidate for U.S. House, then U.S. Senate Robert Broadus (click here for 2011 monoblogue interview).
  • Pro-Jackson Tea Party group riled up about Rigell” reports Pilotonline’s Julian Walker last Sunday (click here for story and to hear the Virginia Tea Party Alliance robocall): “Conservatives upset by U.S. Rep. Scott Rigell‘s lukewarm support for lieutenant goveror nominee E.W. Jackson are putting pressure on the congressman to more solidly get behind his fellow Hampton Roads Republican. To make its point, the Virginia Tea Party Alliance has sponsored a robocall . . . portraying Rigell’s reluctance to endorse Jackson as harmful to the statewide GOP ticket in November and inconsistent with his own social conservative views. ‘Congressman Rigell’s voting record is in line with E.W. Jackson’s views on social issues. So why the double-standard?’ the female narrator on the call asks, before urging recipients to contact Rigell’s office and voice their displeasure.”

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 VA GOP Voices Nix Amnesty, DOMA Holding; Will MD GOP Voices Speak Out?

Virginia U. S. Senate hopeful Howie Lind this Saturday deplored the Senate-approved Giant Amnesty bill (click here)

Retired Navy commander and former Defense Department aide Lind reported–

“Thursday, the U.S. Senate passed the radical Obama-Reid backed 1,300 page amnesty bill – and Senator Mark Warner has once again chosen to support his fellow extremists in the Senate over the best interest of the citizens of Virginia. . . . Tragically, there is almost nothing good in this legislation; it’s a pork barrel special interest bill aimed at expanding government, not to mention the voting rolls of Democrats. Buried in the bill is both money and power to community groups to ‘guide’ immigrants into eventual citizenship, and even to re-write citizenship rules. Forgotten are the inevitable reductions in wages and the increased competition for jobs, at a time when the hard working citizens that make Virginia and our nation work are suffering from the Obama-Warner stagnation — an economy which remains unaddressed by Mark Warner and this president while they chase amnesty as a top priority.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Virginia lieutenant governor candidate E. W. Jackson, also on Saturday, declared —

“Addressing a Suffolk crowd Saturday, the Republican Party’s candidate for lieutenant governor couldn’t have made his views on religion in politics, gay marriage and other hot-button issues much plainer. Chesapeake preacher E.W. Jackson delivered a fiery 20-minute speech during the March for Jesus event at Constant’s Wharf Park, rattling windows at the adjacent Hilton Garden Inn. ‘I’m not here as a candidate, I’m here as a preacher,’ he said. Jackson called on his enthusiastic audience at the Impact Suffolk event, which organizers said was to bring worship of God into the public square, to make faith central in their lives. ‘If we are going to be prosperous economically, we first need to be prosperous spiritually and morally,’ he said. He launched into a spirited critique of last week’s Supreme Court decisions that have advanced the gay rights agenda.”(Highlighting Forum’s)
(Click here for Matthew Ward’s Suffolk News Herald post, and click here for more on Impact Suffolk from The Virginia Pilot’s Eric Feber)

As we have suggested (click here), Justice Anthony Kennedy’s holding last week against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is tantamount to a political and litigation hunting license for activists to marginalize Christians in America.

What is the take of Maryland GOP politicians on the consequences of the DOMA decision? What are their recommendations for protecting the traditional family from even more government intrusion following that decision?

We are equally eager to hear the views and recommendations of Maryland GOP politicians on Giant Amnesty (for background on that shameful bill, click here).

Yes, we deplore the Maryland “rain tax” too, but Giant Amnesty and the DOMA holding are concerns that run to the very survival of the American way of life.

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