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First things . . . Richard Falknor on 25 Jul 2013 10:12 am

UPDATED! Why We Must Fix Our House and Senate GOP Leadership


  • RedState chief Erick Erickson explains “The Ephialtes Establishment in the Republican Party” – “Leonidas and three hundred Spartans held the pass at Thermopylae against overwhelming Persian odds until Ephialtes betrayed them and led the Persians on a path around. If the Republican Establishment were in Greece, they’d stand with Ephialtes. So desperate are they to regain power, the Republican Establishment will be led by those who promised President Romney and spent hundreds of millions of dollars getting the status quo.”  Erickson warns “I can see how the GOP loses in November of 2014. The establishment and base have moved so far apart the base is about ready to go third party or sit at home. If the GOP does not make a stand against Obamacare, they will not see the energy they need to effectively compete in 2014.” Read it all here.
  • “Boehner Non-Committal on Defunding Obamacare Mandate Through Must-Pass CR Bill” CNSNews’ Elizabeth Harrington & Curtis Houck report.“House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Thursday said Republicans will do ‘everything we can’ so Americans are not put through the ‘horrific experience’ of Obamacare but would not say if that includes blocking its funding in the continuing resolution, the surest way to halt the individual mandate and other aspects of the law slated for implementation in 2014.‘No decision has been made about how we’re going to deal with the CR next month, in September,’ Boehner said when CNSNews.com asked if he agreed with Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) that funding for the individual mandate be halted in the continuing resolution, or CR, in the fall. The CR is a catch-all funding mechanism that has been used frequently over the last few years because Congress has not passed, nor the president signed, a fiscal year budget. The CR, under negotiation now, would appropriate funds to keep the government operating past Sept. 30, the end of fiscal year 2013.” (Highlighting Forum’s throughout.)

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 Why We Must Fix Our House and Senate GOP Leadership

It would be hard enough to try to roll back — or even keep at bay — the Obama Revolutionaries even in the best of circumstances.

But with today’s GOP Congressional leaders — who themselves don’t put at the top of their list downsizing domestic government, expanding the circle of liberty, and rebuilding a serious defense of our homeland and our seaways — the task is vastly more difficult.

These GOP leaders have no wider landscape than Beltway deal-making.  They cannot conceive of any higher purpose for their handsomely compensated time in the Congress.

What is worse, their messengers belittle those who try to advance conservative principles in government (click here).

Consequently these GOP leaders are wholly unable to map for Americans a competing path away from Obama’s dangerous “transformational” march.

And a vigorously advanced wicked plan generally beats no plan at all.

Beltway GOP “Capitulation”

These GOP Congressional leaders are always on the defensive — and continually losing ground to the Other Team.

Daniel Horowitz at the Madison Project sums up the case against Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell here.  Rick Manning looks at (TheHill) the recent damage wrought to the Senate by senator John McCain and “his merry band of quislings.”

Mark Levin “asks what if Boehner gave a Lincolnesque speech on Obamacare like this” (click here).

We have written about the flawed House GOP leadership for some time (click here and here).

Speaker Boehner’s obsession to see the House pass some flavor of amnesty is clear to everyone paying attention. 

And in case anyone has overlooked it, Mark Steyn points to yet another consequence of Giant Amnesty

“But the cultural effect from admitting through amnesty and the consequent chain migration tens of millions of unskilled immigrants from a narrow demographic source is less speculative: It will be lasting, profound, and transformative. Culture trumps economics.”

What is less well known is the Speaker’s unwillingness to appoint an effective investigative panel to get to the bottom of the Benghazi atrocity.  Mark Levin has some insight on this — listen here.

Next year’s primaries could see a stronger GOP lineup for the U.S. Senate.

But even  now the GOP majority in the House of Representatives has a powerful trump card — a preeminent role in spending taxpayer money. Andrew McCarthy explains this in some detail (click here, and scroll down).

Actions for Next Fiscal Year’s (FY2014) Appropriations

But it is not just Obamacare which must be defunded. 

There are other collectivist or anti-values Obama initiatives that must be denied taxpayer money –

  • major job-killing EPA regulations;
  • HUD and DOT programs enabling “smart growth;”
  • Federal programs supporting abortion;
  • formulating and enforcing university and college speech codes;

and this list is by no means complete.

Since John Boehner became Speaker in January 2011, he has been zealous in pursuing one objective: avoiding confrontation with the Obama Administration over defunding their programs and activities.

Conservatives in Blue States like Maryland can help fix the House GOP leadership by working closely with conservative and Tea Party groups in other states.

Conservatives in states with majority GOP House delegations like Virginia can play a crucial role in improving the House GOP leadership right away.

Facing down this Administration — deeply committed to the fundamental transformation of America — will require a persuasive counter-narrative based on principle, to succeed. 

The current House GOP leaders with their “listening” and “Become America” tours, their gimmicks, and their profound crony capitalism are simply not capable of fashioning — or credibly uttering — such a crucial counter-narrative appealing to ordinary Americans.

We need a House GOP leadership who can appeal to the America beyond the Beltway — soon.

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