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Tea Parties Richard Falknor on 27 Jul 2013 01:19 pm

Putting Giant Amnesty Before The Eyes Of The Voters

Tea Partiers and the conservative base may not have the millions for TV ads that Karl Rove’s Jeb Bush-friendly network is using to peddle Giant Amnesty.

But we are not without ways and means to keep House GOP members from hiding in a cloud of Beltway-speak during the long August recess then rushing to vote for the immigration schemes of Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor and new-Beltway-GOP-favorite Paul Ryan in October.

Our friends at the Fredericksburg (click here) and Hanover Tea Parties are pushing what seems to us a sovereign low-cost means of getting their messages out.

Do you have property next to a busy road? If so, we need your help.”
“Our sister tea party group in Hanover County gave us a great idea in getting messages out to the general public by putting up Gadsden signs. To the point messages that will get people thinking about issues facing our country.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

We would like to see targeted-to-amnesty versions of these signs (scroll to end) all over Maryland and Virginia making points like these:

“Giant Amnesty Equals
  • Fewer Jobs,
  • Much Spending — In Trillions,
  • More Big-Government Voters,
  • Less Public Safety,
  • End of English As Our Unifying Language.
No House-Senate Conference on Giant Amnesty! “


Tea Party Signs









Wake Up America


Are Maryland and Virginia Tea Partiers and the conservative base up to helping stop the lethal amnesty threat? Soon?

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