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Tea Parties Richard Falknor on 09 Aug 2013 09:02 pm

Conservatives & Tea Partiers Now Pushing Back In Earnest

“In fact, the events we have coming up within the next week, we’re working with a Tea Party group from Maryland. We’re working with the national Tea Party Patriots this next week, and three other conservative organizations.  We’re coalition building with other Tea Party groups here in Virginia. The following week, we’re with another conservative group to try to oppose ‘Obama care,’ which is a train wreck that no American wants, believe me. Another week after that, we’re going to touch on the amnesty issue. We’re trying to set up a town hall and include every Tea Party in Congressman Cantor’s district to come to that.  Right now, he has not communicated that he’s going to have a town hall.  And if he doesn’t want to come, we might have one with an empty chair anyway.” – Larry Nordvig Richmond Tea Party

This week’s outpouring of public concern at Representative Andy Harris’ August 6 Town Hall in Bel Air, Maryland (click here to listen to video) will hardly be singular to his district during the August recess. 

But Dr. Harris’ Maryland Sunday fundraiser at the home of the chairman and CEO of Sinclair Broadcast Group for Speaker John Boehner two days earlier (“General Reception” – $1,000 per individual,” “Photo Reception $2,500 per individual,” “Host Reception – $10,000 contribute or raise”) represents the other face of the Republican Party. 

And the strain between the GOP “Ruling Class” and the GOP “County or Yeoman Class” can no longer be easily papered over. 

The Richmond Tea Party’s Larry Nordvig last evening on Greta Van Sustern (click here) outlined an energetic road map including Maryland activists; networking with other groups throughout Virginia; and focusing on the right goals: opposing Obamacare and amnesty.

And, we now learn, tomorrow noon in Virginia, in front of Home Depot, 11260 West Broad Street, Glen Allen,VA 23060, a coalition of Tea Party members from Maryland and Virginia will hold large signs to inform House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s constituents that his support for amnesty is bad for all Americans. For those who want more information, email larryn@richmondteaparty.com

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