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The Dawn Patrol Richard Falknor on 02 Sep 2013 10:18 pm

UPDATED! The Highway-Overpass Media: No Amnesty & Defund Obamacare!

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 4! FreedomWorks urges us to “Tell Eric Cantor to Defund ObamaCare” (click here to see calling underway) — “The Republican-controlled House of Representatives will soon be voting on a Continuing Resolution to fund the federal government. We need to make sure that no resolution contains funding for ObamaCare. Will Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor stand with the grassroots and vote against ObamaCare funding? Every Congressman needs to know: If you vote to fund ObamaCare, you’re FOR ObamaCare.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

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The Highway-Overpass Media: No Amnesty & Defund Obamacare!


Tea Partiers stayed vigilant this Labor Day weekend putting their Defund Obamacare and No Amnesty signs on two key Maryland overpasses above roads with substantial interstate traffic.

Led by organizer Ed Hunter, grass-roots activists displayed their banners (below) on an overpass in Prince Georges County on Saturday. . .



. . . and on another today in Frederick County on Jefferson Pike above Interstate 70.  Participants below are from the Frederick Tea Party.

Click on graphic for full size.


As we wrote last Friday, readers who want to get a sense of the current national outrage of the base are invited to read RedState chief Erick Erickson’s “This is ‘Read My Lips’ All Over Again” (click here) –

“Last night, Heritage Action for America had another town hall on its Defund It tour. The fire marshal at their location had to keep the growing crowd at bay. This was not the first time that has happened this past month. All over the country, long lines have appeared at these events. Heritage Action has gotten bigger rooms for the events and still the crowds have filled the town halls. At first, Republicans in Washington claimed it was just the star attraction of Ted Cruz drawing people to the Heritage Action events. But the crowds have gotten bigger and bigger even without Ted Cruz there. . . . In Texas, tea party activists have had town hall meetings with a cardboard cutout of Congressman Pete Sessions, who has refused to meet with his constituents, given his strong opposition to defunding Obamacare.  The trend is growing, with other tea party groups doing the same — putting cardboard cutouts of their congressmen on a stage with a full house to berate the absent congressmen. . . . An hour after ForAmerica urged people to call Eric Cantor’s office, more than 1,000 people did. In one hour.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

And for the longer haul, putting the “Liberty Amendments” into our national conversation can be a unifying move as well as a learning opportunity for Republican delegates and state senators.

Tea Partier Ed Hunter told Blue Ridge Forum that he plans to develop overpass banners to make the driving public aware of the Plot to Save America — Andy McCarthy’s words describing the “Liberty Amendments” here.

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