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First things . . . Richard Falknor on 24 Sep 2013 01:38 pm

Current House GOP Leadership: Time for Them To Go?

Conservative member of Parliament to Neville Chamberlain invoking Oliver Cromwell’s words: “You have sat here too long for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go !”—Leo Amery, May 7, 1940

As the heroic effort plays out of senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee (and their often-belittled allies in the House of Representatives) to defund Obamacare, conservatives must come face to face with the flawed (if not intimidated, or worse) official GOP leadership in the Congress.

From the time the House of Representatives came under Republican control in January of 2011, its leadership has contrived – within a smokescreen of “conservative” rhetoric — not to defund any significant Obama enterprise.

As for the Senate GOP Leadership? 

Daniel Horowitz relates the Senate’s failure succinctly here

“When it came time to fight the amnesty bill, McConnell joined the battle after we already lost.  In the case of the gun control bill and the Syria resolution, he joined the fight after conservatives already won it from the outside.  In the case of the debt ceiling in 2011, he wanted to allow Obama to unilaterally raise the debt limit as long as he retained the right for a non-binding vote against it.  This is not leadership.  This is cowardice.”

Why Can’t We Defund Obama’s “Signature Achievements”?

Apart from Obamacare, there are many other Obama “signature achievements” — ranging from job-killing and industry-destroying EPA regulations; to a military budget in tatters; to unleashing the administrative branch on our property, our culture, our Judaeo-Christian heritage, and our schools; to failing faithfully to execute the immigration laws (and preventing states from doing so); to advancing the Muslim Brotherhood within our government and abroad.  And, shamefully, they have allowed the continued expenditure of Federal funds for programs supporting abortions.

We (and many others) have written about these lamentable events, repeatedly. Click here and scroll down for a list of Obama’s ongoing “signature achievements” that merit strong public opposition through hearings and investigations, as well as — where appropriate — defunding.

But What Is Speaker John Boehner’s “Signature Achievement?”

House Speaker Boehner and his circle have moved the Beltway GOP to trumpet loudly that nothing can be done to rectify these grave Obama “transformational” changes, at least not until some future time when the GOP has 60 solid votes in the U.S. Senate (the last time the GOP held the equivalent of 60 seats was 1921), or, even better, when the GOP controls the presidency. And the Boehner Circle moved many in the big conservative media to echo this drumbeat of acquiescence — either because these pundits were simply misguided and ill-informed, or perhaps because a few were responsive to contrary pressures or inducements.

Angelo Codevilla declared here in “The Obama-Boehner Project”–

“But John Boehner and his chosen band have thwarted the majority of Republican congressmen’s desire to use the constitutional power they have to refuse to appropriate money for Obamacare. In this, Boehner &co. have worked in bipartisan coordination with the ruling class, including the media, including Fox News.”

The Imminent Danger from the Current House GOP Leadership

On Monday, the Daily Caller’s Neil Munro explained here in his “Obama hides aid for criminals in immigration bill” what the Other Team is expecting in moving amnesty to enactment, citing White House aide Esther Olavarria–

“Olavarria also suggested that the GOP leadership in the House, led by House Speaker John Boehner, may help pass an bill to increase immigration, despite opposition from the base and the possibility that immigrants will eventually vote for Democratic politicians.
‘The House is a very difficult place.…  The [leadership is] not sure how they’re going to get to immigration reform,’   she said when asked by The Daily Caller if the GOP leadership wants to pass an immigration rewrite.
‘The speaker has difficulties with lots of things,’ she said.
Last week, Rep. Bob Goodlatte, the Republican chairman of the House’s judiciary committee, revived progressives’ hopes that the GOP leadership is quietly looking for a way to pass an immigration bill. ‘We have to find the appropriate legal status for people who are not lawfully here,’  Goodlatte told an audience of Hispanic politicians and activists attending an event planned by the House Republican Conference.
If any bill is passed by the House, Boehner will be able to schedule a joint bill-writing conference with Democratic Senators. In turn, Boehner will be able to bring that joint bill to the House floor, where it would be approved by nearly all Democratic legislators and become law despite overwhelming disapproval from GOP legislators.
‘If Speaker Boehner were to bring the [Senate] bill to the floor … we would have the votes to pass it, but he has not found a way yet do this,’ said Olavarria, who played the leading role in drafted a 2007 immigration-boosting bill for Sen. Ted Kennedy.
‘So it is important that we continue to work together … to bring it to the floor,’ she said.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

As the Daily Caller’s Munro reports

“The Senate bill was passed in July. If approved by the House, it could triple legal immigration to 33 million over the next 10 years, and double the resident population of non-agricultural guest-workers to 2 million, according to matching estimates from rival groups seeking to increase or reduce immigration. The bill would effectively approve the arrival of one new immigrant for every two Americans that turn 18.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

So What Is To Be Done?

In the same May 7, 1940 Norway-Neville Chamberlain debate we cited earlier, British naval hero and member of parliament Sir Roger Keyes told the House–

“One hundred and forty years ago, Nelson said, ‘I am of the opinion that the boldest measures are the safest,’ and that still holds good to-day.”

The question then simply is whether conservatives in and out of the Congress want to risk waiting to see what Mr. Boehner and his circle do on Giant Amnesty, or whether conservatives should pull together for his replacement now — before he and his team do irreversible damage.

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