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Illegal Immigration Richard Falknor on 03 Oct 2013 07:59 pm

Voting for Amnesty? Conservatives Should Have a Heart-to-Heart Talk with Four VA GOP Members and Maryland’s Dr. Andy Harris

The Weekly Standard’s Maria Santos reported on Tuesday that “84 House Republicans Support Legalizing Undocumented Workers.”

Click here to see Santos’ take on each of the 84 plus 20 others (below) — including four Virginia GOP House members (Eric Cantor –see amnesty role here, Bob Goodlatte, Randy Forbes and Frank Wolf)  and one from Maryland (Dr. Andy Harris) — as well as Santos’ entire post where she also notes–

20 others have said they would be willing to consider it—many more than what most media reports suggest.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Breitbart’s Tony Lee explains here in his “Report: At Least 104 House Republicans Considering Pathway to Legalization for Illegals” that–

“Other House Republicans have reportedly expressed an interest in giving illegal immigrants a pathway to a green card, which would fall short of citizenship. Others are speaking of ‘earned legalization’ or ‘reconciliation’ as House Republicans work on immigration legislation beneath the radar’ while the country is focused on Obamacare, the government shutdown and the debate over raising the debt ceiling.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Last Friday Grant Newman (NumbersUSA) warned us here to “BEWARE: House ‘border bill’ weakens current law”–

“Assuming the Administration decides that this is one of the immigration laws it will actually follow, we would be left with weakened border security requirements and a couple of plans that may or may not ever lead to real border security.
Worse yet, H.R. 1417 will likely be a vessel for a conference with the Schumer-Obama amnesty.”(Highlighting in original.)

Certainly, Obamacare is a menace now upon us and must be defanged.

And, as we have written (scroll down here), there is big money behind big amnesty.

But the amnesty bills, once enacted, are irreversible

Laura Ingraham sums it up here

“We will not be distracted. No matter how often John McCain and Eric Cantor criticize the Obama Administration over the IRS scandal or Benghazi, or how many times Paul Ryan calls for serious entitlement reform, or how many filibusters are led by Mitch McConnell. If they want our support in 2014, then they have to come through for us on immigration — period. Immigration is the Obama Administration’s top priority, and if handled badly by Republicans, it will give the Democrats a permanent working majority.
If the Republicans can’t get this right, then there is little reason for conservatives to keep voting Republican.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

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