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Leviathan Richard Falknor on 07 Oct 2013 09:25 pm

The “Shutdown” Is THE Battleground To Defeat Obamacare

“Thirty years ago, a ‘right-wing extremist’ was someone who thought people should be allowed to keep their own money.  Now it’s someone who thinks people should be allowed to make their own health-care decisions.  A few years from now, the ‘right-wing extremists’ might be people who think we should have a legislative branch.  If you love liberty, today is the right time to fight ObamaCare. You really don’t want to know what transformed Americans in the years ahead will be willing to settle for.John Hayward (Highlighting Forum’s)
“This law is going to destroy America and everything in America, and we need to stop it.” – Representative Paul Broun

 Obamacare is THE issue in the ‘shutdown’ – and one menacing many Americans right now:  loss of current insurance, loss of long-standing physicians, loss of access to specialized medical care, to start with.

As we wrote last Monday, the pain Obamacare is inflicting — or will inflict — on the American people is well documented:  job losses; ‘rationing’ by death panels disguised with bureaucratic names like IPAB; the consequences of the invasion of their medical privacy; and, most important, the loss of basic freedoms in all matters relating to health care.

Click here for a current list of Heritage exposes on Obamacare.

But here are some matters which our own ‘shutdown’ or ‘slowdown’ message should not focus on: whether the Speaker appears sufficiently open to ‘compromise,’ schemes for ‘revenue-neutral’ tax reform sometime in the distant future, the repeal of the medical-device tax, minimalist entitlement reform as an emblem of bi-partisan ‘progress’.  In short, chattering about Washington-insider deals including a sweetener or two to big donors.

NRO’s Robert Costa has lucid accounts of these current capitol games here and here.

And it is unseemly, if not worse, for House Republicans and their tame pundits publicly to dwell on their own political futures — one member whining about “suicide vests” — in a national struggle to preserve the core of our liberties. 

What matters now are the lives of ordinary Americans — but hardly the fortunes of the political class.

Michael Walsh in his “The Doctors in the Night-Time” (NRO) here makes this crucial point –

“Is there some reason why the RNC or some real conservative organization hasn’t got TV spots up all over this great land of ours, featuring interviews with doctors who are planning to retire or simply go out of business thanks to Obamacare? If the tables were turned, you can bet the Democrats and their media buddies would be carpet-bombing the airwaves and the interwebs with heart-rending and blood-curdling tales of the imminent collapse of the American medical system as told by the physicians themselves.”(Highlighting Forum’s)

The “reason” Walsh puzzles over is that the GOP Establishment never wanted this war against Obamacare, the House leadership was dragged into it, and their hearts were apparently not with it. That is not what many of today’s Republican members of the Congress happily do: fight the White House on great issues whether Obamacare or No Child Left Behind or the Medicare Prescription Drug entitlement or TARP. In their hearts, they really want a Republican Caesar. (Real independent legislating, and serious oversight and investigations are so 20th century.) If Obamacare stands and there are still Republicans, they may someday be in office again — but never in power — as Mark Steyn has pointed out.

The right message to bring to the public is that the House GOP majority and some principled Republican senators are trying to defund Obamacare to protect the medical care of ordinary Americans — this week, this year, and for future generations — from a growing bureaucratic web whose only connection with our health care is to diminish it.

As Walsh suggests, there are myriad persuasive examples of Obamacare’s consequences that are ripe for presentation.

And no GOP apologies should be offered in tone or in words for this crusade.

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