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Tea Parties Richard Falknor on 24 Oct 2013 02:36 pm

8PM Tonight Tele Town Hall! Join Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, & “Extortion” author Peter Schweizer

Tea Party Patriots announced today:Join us for a very exciting Tele Town Hall tonight at 8:00pm EDT.

The program: “Tea Party Patriots co-founder, Jenny Beth Martin, will be speaking with Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, and author of the new book “Extortion” Peter Schweizer. We’ll be discussing a whole host of issues, from the recent Continuing Resolution/debt ceiling battle, to next steps, to Peter Schweizer’s new book on how Washington politicians are using loopholes to extort the American people. You don’t want to miss this exciting event! RSVP now to reserve your spot!

Background on Peter Schweizer’s new book Extortion:  Click on our post: A Rosetta Stone To Understand The Political Class!

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