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The Dawn Patrol Richard Falknor on 03 Nov 2013 04:53 am

LaHood’s Nod: Will VA Del Ramadan Now Push “Smart Growth”?

Delegate David Ramadan’s press aide crowed Friday here about former Obama transportation secretary Ray LaHood’s endorsement of Mr. Ramadan (here but then here)

“Dulles, VA | November 1, 2013 – Citing his bipartisan record and commitment to transportation solutions, The Honorable Ray LaHood, President Obama’s Secretary of Transportation from 2009-2013, endorsed Delegate Ramadan for re-election to the Virginia House of Delegates this week.’ I proudly endorse David Ramadan’s reelection to the Virginia House of Delegates. David has been a productive, bipartisan member of the House who has effectively represented his constituents in Richmond. David worked personally with me in my capacity as U.S. Secretary of Transportation on the Metro Silver Line extension to Dulles Airport and Loudoun County.  He understands that commuters need transportation options and played a key role bringing together a coalition to support rail.  I know that he is also working hard on badly needed road construction projects in Loudoun and Western Prince William.  I hope that you will support David on November 5th,’ said LaHood.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Will Mr. Ramadan Follow Ray LaHood’s Collectivist Path?

Where to begin with the former transportation secretary’s record?

Wendell Cox, Ronald D. Utt, Ph.D. and Brett D. Schaefer (Heritage) here in their 2011 “Focus on Agenda 21 Should Not Divert Attention from Homegrown Anti-Growth Policies,” revealed–

“Adding to the problem, the Obama Administration has warmly embraced smart-growth policies and, more broadly, increased environmental regulation and restriction of use of natural resources. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood is the Administration’s point man in selling smart-growth policies to the American people.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Ed Morrissey’s in his 2012 HotAir column here “LaHood: Golly, I envy the Chinese government” laments–

“It’s bad enough to have a columnist at one of America’s most prominent newspapers regularly singing the praises of Chinese authoritarianism.  It’s worse when high-ranking members of the American government do it.  Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood griped at the Aspen Ideas Festival about having to deal with political opposition, and yearned for the ease in which Beijing could impose solutions without having to deal with dissent:” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

NRO chief Rich Lowry in his Politico post last April, “The FAA fiasco” here declared–

“If there were justice in the world, Michael Huerta would be fired and Ray LaHood impeached. Short of that, Congress should act without delay to free air travelers from the grip of the Washington Monument strategy.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

In a 2009 Hot Air post here Ed Morrissey in his “LaHood goes under the bus on mileage tax,” commented–

“The wonder of this isn’t that the White House rebuked its own Transportation Secretary.  The wonder of this is that LaHood didn’t get canned.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

And the enormous future costs here of the “Metro Silver Line extension to Dulles Airport and Loudoun County” on which LaHood brags are well known.

One gets the picture on LaHood.

Mr. Ramadan might more candidly say: “Ray and I are pals, and it looks good to have a Big Transportation Face coming on my stage just days before my reelection to cap off my campaign. And don’t hassle me with all that complicated policy talk. Don’t you understand? Politics in Richmond and Washington are business deals — the General Assembly is not a bunch of scribblers like some conservative think tank. You do what you have to do!”

And the crucial contest: all Virginians concerned with their family’s and their own freedom — from Obamacare, to keeping their Second Amendment rights, to holding off the White House’s war on traditional faith  — should vote for Ken Cuccinelli for governor on Tuesday against Terry McAuliffe. Fundraiser McAuliffe would be Mr. Obama’s obedient proconsul for the Old Dominion by speeding along the president’s “transformative” plans in our front yards. Cuccinelli will fight as his record shows to protect Virginians against White House government by executive order, and against bi-partisan high-tax crony-capitalist schemes from Richmond.


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