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Conservatives &Culture wars Richard Falknor on 11 Jun 2008 01:18 pm

A Stealth Muzzling: FCC’s Proposed Localism Rule

Today’s National Review on Line includes here Jim Boulet’s timely warning

FCC Tries to Hush Rush: The tyranny of “cultural diversity.”

English-first executive Boulet signals us that

“Thanks to a little-noticed item in the Federal Register, the Federal Communications Commission may soon be handed the power to drive Rush Limbaugh off the air.”

Here are Boulet’s sensible recommendations to combat this stealth attack on free political speech:

“Congress could pass a resolution of disapproval. Or, President Bush might ask the FCC to find other things to occupy its time.”

Read the entire Boulet article here.

Northern Virginia Representative Frank Wolf here should celebrate his primary victory yesterday by taking the lead in pushing for such a resolution of disapproval. His much touted position on the House Appropriations panel would give heft to such an effort. Mr. Wolf could affirm a new commitment to free political speech, and make atonement for his own earlier muzzling attempts.

Click on the following links to see Wolf’s votes against free political speech and read expert commentary from Justice Scalia and George Will: here and here and here; and here and here and here.

By way of real-world contrast, note that next-door Maryland Republican Representative Roscoe Bartlett here consistently votes for free political speech. (Full disclosure: Dr. Bartlett is a friend of ours.)

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