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First things . . . Richard Falknor on 20 Nov 2013 08:54 am

YouTube:FDR’s 1933″New Deal”With The USSR:Shutting Our Eyes To Soviet Influence And Prefiguring Today’s Blindness To The MB

Last Friday, the Center for Security Policy declared here

“Washington, DC — Eighty years ago this Saturday [November 16], President Franklin D. Roosevelt agreed for the first time to recognize the Communist regime of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. He did so on the basis of formal undertakings by then-Soviet Foreign Minister Maxim Litvinov that the Kremlin would not engage in subversive actions in America.
The rest, as they say, is history.  And a sordid and still unfolding history it is.
‘The 16th of November 1933 is a day that truly should live in infamy. This symposium will explore its significance both in terms of much of the most sordid history of the 20th Century — and as the predicate for similar forces at work in the 21st.’
The Center for Security Policy is pleased to convene a symposium to review that history — both that of the immediate post-normalization period, of World War II, of the Cold War and of today — from noon-2:00 p.m. at the headquarters of Judicial Watch in Washington, D.C.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

On Sunday, we tweeted a link here to the YouTube of this remarkable symposium whose expert participants were Frank Gaffney, Diana West, Stanton Evans, Stephen Coughlin and Chris Farrell.

Upon reflection, we decided also to do a regular post on Blue Ridge Forum, which would reach all of our readers.

Yes, this YouTube is one hour and fifty-three minutes.

But it recounts the history of the damage the U.S. sustained since 1933 from serious Soviet influence — as distinguished from “spying” — at the highest levels of our government. It addresses the equally grave dangers we now face from the Muslim Brotherhood(MB) lodged in the current administration.

As long-time intelligence expert Clare Lopez explained – –

“Whereas President Bush and most of his administration insiders remained largely unaware that they had been manipulated by the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama and his close advisors proactively chose to reach out to the Brotherhood, its affiliates, and supporters for advice, training, and even administration appointments.”

Click here and here and here.

A common theme in this story is the hostility of the chattering classes to any public exposure of both Soviet influence then (and perhaps still), and the Bipartisan Establishment’s resistance to public discussion of Islamist influence today.

Click here to get started with the YouTube: one can hear the entire YouTube in one sitting, or perhaps break it into several sessions by topic and expert.

The YouTube is about our failures (and some successes) against the influence at the highest level of our government from a dangerous Soviet foe, and what lessons we must draw to be successful against the more open — but still widely unacknowledged — many-pointed, broad influence of today’s Muslim Brotherhood throughout the security and foreign-policy agencies of the Federal government.

Stephen Coughlin outlined the sources of facts about the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence agenda and how Federal intelligence agencies have been ordered to turn a blind eye to them.  Major Nidal Hasan, for example, announced in military meetings his adherence to  the doctrine laid out in MB documents, yet no one would connect the dots to prevent this Fort Hood massacre because discussion of concepts like “jihad” had been officially banned.

“I’ll tell you why this is important,” Coughlin remarked. “We could predict what was going to happen by just following their doctrine — it’s completely predictable, because they are just what they purport to be.”

The story presented in this hour-and-fifty-three-minute YouTube touches all of us — and our children and grandchildren.

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