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First things . . . Richard Falknor on 31 Dec 2013 05:35 pm

Want To Start Taking Back America? Then Take Back GOP in 2014.

“Too often, Republicans are content to be in office rather than to be in power.”—Mark Steyn

The year 2013 saw one watershed political revelation crucial to conservatives:  the institutional Republican leadership came out of its closet and openly began war on the grass roots, including the Tea Party, as well as on often allied social conservatives. 

Even the most trusting members of the GOP rank-and-file now find themselves confronted by the open betrayal of what they once thought of as a-market friendly, traditional-values-oriented, defense-savvy national Republican leadership.

But today’s institutional Republican leadership can only be termed “Ruling Class.” It does not speak for us.

Clearly very large donors, some with a transnational outlook, are behind this leadership, shaping its priorities and calling the shots. 

Opening our borders for cheap labor – unskilled and skilled – is their overriding goal in 2014.

But the Beltway GOP and their national allies have other troubling big-government goals as well.

It is easy to blame Karl Rove, a voice of the Bush Dynasty; to lament the values-challenged Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell; or to despair over apparently impaired Speaker of the House John Boehner.

But, in the end, conservatives themselves must organize statewide (two possible approaches, here and here) in ways that best suit their own situation, and spend real time reclaiming freedom.

  • Only with the muscle of a statewide conservative organization will GOP state lawmakers and the state’s GOP members of the Congress pay attention. 
  • Only with that muscle can “sensitive” concerns — ranging from public-pension reform, to ending multicultural school curricula, to scoping out Islamist problems — get public attention. 
  • And only with that statewide muscle can individual conservatives begin to feel empowered.

It is unreasonable for conservatives, having watched Leviathan swell up under both parties over many decades, to expect merely by picking the right candidate for U.S. Representative or Senator or President, that all will be made well without an accompanying substantial effort on our part.

For example, a newly elected member of the Congress who won as a conservative will need significant moral and intellectual back-and-forth from his right-thinking constituents, lest that new member “go native” — that is, be swallowed up by a GOP leadership and their circle of long-time members who are themselves partly responsible for our present distress.

If we don’t master the mechanics, moreover, of today’s Leviathan — from prosperity-killing EPA regulations, to Obama’s war on the suburbs, to K-16 Federal school requirements, to our military’s war on Christians, to the adequacy of our national defenses, and to the Islamist threat people who do not share (or are indifferent to) our values will end up in charge instead.

Taking back America all depends on how much time and effort conservatives are willing to spend, and how great they see the imminent danger to themselves and their families of the now-emerging “transformed” America.

For in the end, it is all about our freedom.

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