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Tea Parties Richard Falknor on 18 Jan 2014 05:06 pm

Overpass Media: “Remember Benghazi” Cry Out Tea Party Patriots

Yesterday afternoon on Gorman Road over I-95 in Laurel, Maryland, U.S. Army Veteran and Tea Partier Lewis Porter paid homage to the victims of the 9/11/2012 Benghazi massacre:

Benghazi overpass image2

Meanwhile Judicial Watch’s “Corruption Chronicles” here (in their post “Outrage Over Republican Leadership Compels Release of Benghazi Docs”) report that–

“Last week JW joined forces with surviving Benghazi family members, U.S. military leaders and other top conservatives to call House Speaker John Boehner on the sad and pathetic job he’s doing investigating the tragedy. In a scathing letter, JW and the other signatories blast the Republican leader, demand action and accountability concerning the Benghazi terrorist attack and justice for the four murdered Americans. The group also demands that Boehner install a select committee to thoroughly investigate the atrocity. The letter, personally addressed to Boehner, received substantial media attention.
There’s little doubt that this public grassroots outrage over Republican leadership failures compelled House leaders to act. The selective leak includes 450 pages of sworn testimony delivered over several months by senior Pentagon officials in closed-door hearings conducted by the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) last year. The briefings were part of the committee’s examination of the actions of the military chain of command before, during and after the attack, according to a press release announcing the documents’ availability as well as an upcoming report summarizing the panel’s ‘conclusion.’ The declassified files are available on the HASC [House Armed Services Committee] website.
The previously classified testimony reveals that, minutes after the American compound in Benghazi came under assault, top defense officials were informed that it was a ‘terrorist attack’ and not a spontaneous strike that started as a protest over a U.S.-made anti-Islam video as the Obama administration has said. General Carter Ham, who headed the Pentagon’s combat command (AFRICOM) with jurisdiction over Libya, testified that he broke the news about the unfolding attack to then Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and the chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff. Shortly afterwards the two senior officials left the Pentagon to meet with the president.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

JW underscored

“The importance of these terrible facts being revealed to the public is certainly appreciated, but it’s unfortunate that we were compelled to shame the Speaker and the rest of the Republican leadership into doing their sworn duty. We reiterate our demand for a Special Select Committee to further uncover the Obama administration’s shameful conduct and possible unlawful acts related to the Benghazi terrorist attack.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

And stay tuned for the next edition of Overpass Media — appearing at a highway overpass near you in Maryland or Virginia!

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