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Conservatives Richard Falknor on 23 Jan 2014 09:11 pm

Ed Gillespie: Would A Beltway Insider Be A Strong Voice For You?

“Friends, the battle lines are stark and clear. Conservatives will beat the GOP or the GOP will go left. It will go left toward amnesty, left toward common core, left toward Obamacare, left toward abortion rights, left toward gun control, and left toward tax increases and even bigger spending.” Erick Erickson

The Political Class and the Beltway GOP are chattering about the candidacy of Ed Gillespie for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senator from Virginia against incumbent Democrat Mark Warner.

But conservative Breitbart’s Tony Lee correctly terms Mr. Gillespie a “Karl Rove ally.”

We looked at the good Mr. Gillespie back in February 2009 here (scroll to bottom)

“In Virginia, will the Bush legacy of disappointment continue? For example, former Bush consigliere Ed Gillespie will be heading here Robert F. McDonnell’s campaign for governor–
‘Gillespie, a former lobbyist and a fixture in national Republican politics for two decades, will be involved in every aspect of strategy, policy development, communications and fundraising, according to senior campaign officials. The Fairfax County resident will also be a frequent surrogate for McDonnell across the state and nation.’ [Washington Post,February 13, 2009]
Conservatives should apply the eyes-wide-open test to Ed Gillespie
Obviously he has more than a merely administrative role in the campaign — one could fairly say he is money-raiser and message-shaper-in-chief. He has a record of helping hike taxes in Virginia, he has a strong record in behalf of more open immigration, and he is, according to the Manchester Union Leader, on record in behalf of larger government.  There are Republicans who can smoothly argue that his way is the only path to victory, particularly in northern Virginia.  His could certainly be the best path to larger contributions from big business.  But is a Gillespie-crafted campaign the only kind of Republican victory Virginia conservatives can realistically expect?  And if so, would they be comfortable with a governorship reflecting those values?”

These questions seem sadly prescient in the light of the McDonnell $6.1 billion tax hike.

Which way today’s GOP: ruling class or country class?

Ed Gillespie has a long history of pushing immigration expansion.

In this endeavor, he will be in tune with the House GOP leadership as they hold their retreat starting January 29 in Cambridge, Maryland.

NRO editor-at-large John O’Sullivan asked last July 30 “What about the Workers?”(click here) clarifying the central amnesty political issue–the effect on American workers of importing low-cost foreign labor.

O’Sullivan explains–

“In a letter to fellow-Republicans on the Hill today, Senator Jeff Sessions declares with admirable straightforwardness that the GOP establishment’s main argument for the Gang of Eight immigration bill — that ‘the great lesson of the 2012 election is that the GOP needs to push for immediate amnesty and a drastic surge in low-skill immigration’ — is quite simply ‘nonsense.’ He is, of course, correct. That is true, moreover, of every other argument advanced in favor of the bill by the Gang of Eight and the GOP establishment. All these arguments have been investigated to death, generally by Mark Krikorian on these pages, but also by a wide range of critics elsewhere, notably Mickey Kaus. I can’t think of a single one that has survived its vivisection — no, vivisection is performed on living things; the correct term for examining these arguments is post mortem. . . .  And as Mickey Kaus points out, its organizer, former Bush II commerce secretary Carlos Guterriez, more or less admits that this is a struggle between Republican donors and Republican voters. In fact it’s worse than that. This struggle pits a political coalition of the Republican and Democrat establishments versus blue-collar workers in both parties and of all ethnicities. And the electoral realities of such a struggle don’t favor the establishments.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

We look forward to posting on–

  • any record of Mr. Gillespie’s since January 2011 (when the GOP took over the House) urging the GOP leadership to start to defund Obamacare and to defund job-killing Federal regulations;
  • whether he agrees with (or repudiates) the Chamber of Commerce’s attacks here on the Tea Party, and their support for Common Core as well as for big immigration;
  • any specific proposals he has to rein in the president’s lawlessness here.

Most important, what in Ed Gillespie’s political record would make him a powerful advocate for both middle-class and blue-collar Virginians hurt economically by Obamacare and by job-killing rules — and whose culture is daily undermined by a revolutionary administration?

Stay tuned.

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