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First things . . . Richard Falknor on 07 Apr 2011 01:25 pm

The CR Deal: Will Tea Partyers Keep Members Straight?

“In fact the House GOP leadership hasn’t even treated voters like fans.  The communication strategy seems to be to ignore them and they will go away.  This is in sharp contrast to Paul Ryan’s rollout of the budget plan which is textbook new media overcommunication, and effectively so.  Some in the House GOP counted on Ryan’s rollout to lessen the importance of the CR deal but it in fact accomplished the opposite.  The Ryan plan is great and crucial, and its introduction raises the obvious question: If the Speaker and his team cannot bring home a win on the relatively small amounts and relatively few legislative riders now, how will they bring anything back in the fall? The answer is in the line drawn from the Times as this post’s title: If they don’t win a lot now, they won’t win anything then.(Underscoring Forum’s.) – – Hugh Hewitt

Maryland has two Republican Representatives and Virginia eight GOP members.  As the House goes through voting on any final Continuing Resolution (CR) for this fiscal year, then voting next month on raising the debt limit, then voting next September on the FY 2012 budget, conservative activists might want to consider focussing their energies on keeping their own GOP members on course and praising those who have already voted against an earlier, inadequate GOP CR.


Hugh Hewitt has an essential post this morning entitled “Their approaches set the stage for a test of their leadership that will provide a roadmap for how they will handle even bigger budget fights ahead” where he explains – –

“The title of this post is a line buried in the New York Times’ lead story on the budget negotiations. It tells the whole story, and underscores why it is so crucial that the Speaker not accept a deal without major wins on the four riders of greatest importance to the GOP: A halt to the rollout of Obamacare regs and EPA’s carbon rules, and the complete defunding of Planned parenthood and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Leaks from the House GOP’s caucus earlier this week were alarming as they indicated that the Speaker’s team had set up a public display of support for the Speaker, which is the sort of tactic associated with leadership teams that know they are about to get hammered.”(Underscoring Forum’s.)

Read it all. And pay particular attention to the transcript of Representative Steve King’s comments:

“The principle, in my view, needs to be the bright line of we shall not allow federal funds to implement Obamacare to the tune of tens of billions of dollars that have been automatically appropriated in a deceptive way by the previous Congress. And I’ve drawn that line over and over again. And it looks to me like the strategy is moving away from that principle rather than towards it.” (Underscoring Forum’s.)

Crony Capitalists v. Tea Partyers

All very well to put on demonstrations against the Democrat Hard Left – – but GOP members needs to hear from the conservative base right now.


Last night Timothy Carney told us why in his “In budget battle, business at odds with the Tea Party” (Washington Examiner) – –

“Setting aside the myth that conservative demands are ‘extreme’ – $61 billion cut from a $3.55 trillion total budget – the Left’s storyline leaves out a crucial player in the fight: the business lobby. Business is so dependent on government that it has been reassuring Democrats that it wants to avert a shutdown and fiercely lobbying Republicans to strike a compromise.

Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donahue twisted the arms of GOP lawmakers this week and then met with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Dow Jones Newswires quoted Reid saying that Donahue ‘told more than 100 Republicans yesterday at an event that they were making a huge mistake shutting down the government.’ Business Roundtable head John Engler personally lectured Boehner on keeping government running for the sake of government contractors.”(Underscoring Forum’s.)

Senior Examiner political columnist Carney reveals that – –

“Republicans have two powerful pulls on them: the business lobby and the Tea Party. One has money. The other has votes. Boehner might have to choose between the two.”

And Andrew McCarthy asked an essential question last night on NRO:

“Shouldn’t we be doing something purposeful to shape public opinion?” (Underscoring Forum’s.)



“Purposeful” –  – such as the Speaker explaining that stopping Obamacare with its billions in already-built-in appropriations is what the voters sent members to the House to do last November 2 – – and that Obamacare is a freedom and a life issue as well as a monstrous fiscal menace.

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