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2014 Election Richard Falknor on 06 Feb 2014 03:51 pm

FLASH — LIND TO RUN! VA 10: More Faces In House GOP Primary? Grooming Comstock?


February 7! His campaign this evening just told Blue Ridge Forum that Howie Lind will run for the Republican nomination for United States Representative from Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.

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“At present, we are getting rolled in Washington.  Democrats have pushed an omnibus bill, a disastrous farm bill, endless debt ceiling increases, and amnesty for illegals.  Instead of an equal and opposing force in the opposite direction, Republicans have….. pushed an omnibus bill, a disastrous farm bill, endless debt ceiling increases, and amnesty for illegals. There is a serious lack of leadership and vision within the Republican Party.”  –Daniel Horowitz

This week some northern Virginia Republican nabobs privately urged, we are told, that other candidates should get out of delegate Barbara Comstock’s way in her primary sprint for the 10th Congressional District GOP nomination. (This is the seat now held by retiring Representative Frank Wolf.)


These GOP luminaries contended that Mrs. Comstock had been groomed for this seat for some time, according to our source. The implication was that it was her turn.

Of course, this nominating practice has too often been the “Republican Way.”

In more tranquil times, this practice was pernicious.

In a time of national peril, it is unthinkable.

The Hill’s Cameron Joseph writes here “Comstock hauls $300K in first month as House candidate in Va.”

Since her campaign is the only current public source for this, perhaps they should furnish the list of contributors to her Congressional campaign?

Faithful readers will recall some of  Mrs. Comstock’s contributors here to her Virginia campaigns — this list includes two substantial contributions from gay-marriage advocates:

  • $80,000 from New York financier Paul Singer  (See more Singer background here in Politico’s “Pro-gay rights super PAC backs 3 GOPers”)
  • $18,713 from gay-marriage legal star Theodore B. Olson (scroll down in link).

New significant (and maybe not-so-significant) faces in the race?

Meanwhile Ben Pershing of the Washington Post reports here “Hill aide Wasinger enters race for Frank Wolf seat; Bob Marshall, Howie Lind also eye bids”–

“[Robert]Wasinger made clear in an interview that he planned to run at his foes from the right.
‘I fear that conservatives are not going to be well-represented with the choices that are out there now,’ Wasinger said. ‘I’m going to run an insurgent, aggressive grass-roots campaign.’”

Conservatives expect their candidates to advance their principles; in times like the present, to run some extraordinary risks to help take back our country and culture; and to speak forcefully for us.

Remember here “our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor.”

For any 10th District GOP conservative nominee to stand on principle today means standing against the current House GOP leadership:

  • on their abdicating their power of the purse here;
  • on their toxic immigration schemes here;
  • on their lack of dedication — since the House GOP leadership came to power in January of 2011 — to repealing Obamacare here;
  • on their attachment to crony-capitalism as seen in the nearly $1 trillion 949-page farm and food-stamp bill here that the House passed last week;
  • on their flight here from getting the facts out on Benghazi, their turning an indifferent eye here to our secretary of state’s undermining the security of our ally Israel, their complicity in the destruction of Christians in Syria here, and their allowing our national defense to weaken significantly.

And this is just the start of the list.

The worst thing we conservatives can do in tracking this significant Virginia GOP primary is to allow any of the major contenders to avoid blunt and detailed answers on such vital questions. 

NRO’s John O’Sullivan points here to an essential key: “an American blue-collar vote that the Democrats have alienated but that the Republicans have not bothered to woo.” In this connection, VDARE’s James Kirkpatrick explains here “Sen. Jeff Sessions Winning Fight To Make GOP A ‘National Conservative’ Party.”

We’ll be waiting to see who carries the conservative banner in this nationally important primary race, and how well.

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