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Culture wars Richard Falknor on 28 Feb 2014 05:53 pm

PowerLine: “9th Circuit…School Can Ban Display of American Flag”

tattererd.flag-400PowerLine’s John Hinderaker lays out here the facts and context surrounding this troubling holding–

“You may have heard about Dariano v. Morgan Hill Unified School District, in which a unanimous panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals held that it was permissible for a public high school to demand that students remove clothing that displayed an American flag. Many conservatives are understandably upset with the decision. The context was this: the high school, in northern California, had a history of conflict between Caucasian and ‘Mexican’ students.

. . . . .

In the school context, students’ free speech rights are more limited, and officials can repress speech so as to avoid threats to student safety. In that sense, the Dariano decision likely is not ‘wrong.’  But it is certainly sobering: have California’s public schools really degenerated to the point where displaying an American flag risks violence?  Apparently so.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Continues Hinderaker–

“American flag, Confederate flag, what’s the difference? The court attached zero significance to the fact that we are talking here about the Stars and Stripes. The heckler’s veto prevails. Just don’t try the same thing with the Mexican flag; not in California. My takeaway from all of this is that our civilization is in a state of deep decline, from which it probably cannot recover. ” (Highlighting Forum’s)

How many “heckling” Mexican youths in California and elsewhere would be legalized under House GOP Leader Eric Cantor’s proposed Kids Act here?

Will Islamist youths in our schools — those practicing Civilization Jihad — cite this holding to use a heckler’s veto against activities of fellow Christian and Jewish students which they find “offensive” or, in their view, “blasphemous”?

Talk this over with your House member to explore legislative remedies — and to urge public hearings.

What lessons are these high schools teaching when they fall back on repressing speech rather than insisting on ordered liberty in the teeth of gangs or racist bullies of whatever ethnicity?

And have our high schools given up on assimilation?

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