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Richard Falknor

Richard Falknor is a blogger, editor, and journalist, and a close student of those American and British conservatives who continue to influence modern times.

Falknor gained substantial hands-on government experience as an aide to U. S. Senator Henry M. Jackson and to House and Senate committees, then as a policy staffer with the U. S. Department of Transportation and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The American Political Science Association named Falknor a Congressional Staff Fellow enabling him to attend Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government where he received his M.P.A. in 1967. At Harvard, he studied under Richard Neustadt and Ernest May, and also participated in W. W. Kaufmann’s courses in cold-war nuclear-weapons strategy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

For nearly 15 years, Falknor also managed an independent weekly health-business newsletter from the publication’s Prince Frederick, Maryland. office. This five-reporter publication became the “bible” of the home health care industry.

A graduate of the Phillips Exeter Academy and the University of California at Berkeley, he received the Army Commendation Medal for his work editing the Seventh Army newspaper in the Cold War Germany of the late 1950s.

Falknor served as Executive Vice President of the Maryland Taxpayers Association, Inc. and earlier on MTA’s Board from 2000 to the end of 2007. He also chaired the Maryland Center-Right Coalition (the Maryland Thursday Meeting) through 2014. Of course, the author’s posts represent his views alone, not those of these organizations or coalitions. Married to Susan Freis Falknor (1941-2017) a professional editor and a published poet, long-time Marylander Falknor now lives next to the Blue Ridge in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Susan Freis Falknor 1941 – Easter 2017

Susan Freis Falknor


Susan Freis Falknor was a professional writer and editor.

Drawing on her substantial experience in nonprofit think tanks (such as the Urban Institute and the American Enterprise Institute) and for-profit information companies, Susan Falknor researched and produced reports, op-eds, speeches, and Internet content.

Holding degrees in Humanities and English from the University of Chicago and the University of Maryland, Susan Freis Falknor was also a published poet.


Bluemont, Virginia
November 7, 2016


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