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First things . . . Richard Falknor on 10 May 2015

Mark Levin:Mitch McConnell’s Most Recent&Most Dangerous Capitulations–Enough Willful Blindness Within Our GOP!

“Our Washington ruling class does not see itself as bound by our quaint Constitution. When a Republican eventually wins the White House, expect the same rule by decree.”Andrew McCarthy

Mark Levin last Thursday evening delivered (click here) a searing indictment of United States Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and his fellow enablers.

Widely-heard constitutional expert and radio talk-show host Levin recapitulated recent and glaring leadership failures of the just re-elected Kentucky senator.

Levin highlights the McConnell-Corker debacle on the president’s Iran “deal.” (As Daniel Horowitz explains, the House of Representatives is our last hope for stopping Congressional acquiescence in this shameful arrangement.)

For those of us who remember our history, the Reid-McConnell Senate seems eerily like the last days of the Roman Republic. (Political philosopher Montesquieu spelled out  — scroll down in foregoing link — his take on the details of the decline.)

Here are extracts from Mark Levin’s bill of particulars last Thursday — highlighting throughout is Forum’s:

“This is going to be very painful for some of you. For some of you, not most of you, because you are in my audience, the smartest audience of audiences. Some of you — listen! This is going to be very painful to you. Because just like the Democrats put their party before everything else, some of you put the Republican Party before everything else. I say this as a registered Republican. But more importantly, I am a Constitutional conservative. If the party sways off and moves in the wrong direction, we have a responsibility. To defeat those who are doing that, and to take it back.

Deeply Flawed Senate GOP Leadership

 “I’m sorry to tell you this, but there’s a man in the United States Senate who is by a large, large degree the worst Republican leader in modern American history. And his name is Mitch McConnell.
The man is utterly and completely unprincipled.
The man is so stuck in Washington groupthink that he uses his power behind the scenes — where you can’t see him — to threaten freshman Republicans, Tea Party Republicans, conservative Republicans with cutting off their funding in their next campaign if they do not bend to his will.
He is a man who is so completely outmatched by Barack Obama that he has now taken the tack—he’s taken the tack that it is the objective of the majority-controlled Republican Senate– significant majority, that you put there–to accommodate Obama. To demonstrate to the world that we can “govern.”
Now it apparently doesn’t matter to Mitch McConnell that a president is governing in so many respects without Constitutional authority. It apparently doesn’t matter to Mitch McConnell that he’s now picked up the ball from Harry Reid, and is eviscerating the power of the Senate under Article 1, as well as the Treaty Powers and every other power.”

 Specifically – – –

  • “Mitch McConnell threw in with Obama on the biggest deficit spending budget in American history.
  • Mitch McConnell has allowed a radical to become Attorney General of the United States, as will soon be clear.
  • Mitch McConnell is now fighting to give Obama all the power he wants in the so-called ‘Fast Track’ for trade, in which Obama has every intention of pouring more and more of his poisonous left-wing agenda.
  • And what that means to we the people, is that the Senate will surrender its ability to amend anything Obama comes back with and will agree to an up or down vote.
    This is why I’ve rejected this from Day One. That’s not free trade. That’s not commerce. That’s surrender. Because all the Democrats will vote for Obama, and the usual dozen or so Republicans will support whatever he says.”

The Common Defense: McConnell’s Desertion In The Face Of The Enemy

“But something happened today which is beyond the pale. It’s beyond Mitch McConnell surrendering on the power of purse, which is why spending is out of control.
It’s beyond Mitch McConnell surrendering on unconstitutional executive amnesty—which is bad enough.
From amnesty. To the budget. To Obamacare. Mitch McConnell has delivered for Obama.
Don’t believe this stuff: ‘he’s doing the best he can.’
McConnell believes that showing “bipartisan governance” is his job.
Not standing up for the people, liberty, the Constitution, American sovereignty.
And now, Mitch McConnell has thrown in national security.
Mitch McConnell will now participate in arming up the Islamo-Nazi regime in Tehran with nuclear weapons.”

Bi-Partisan Masters of Mendacity

“And he doesn’t even have the guts to tell the truth about it. Instead, he lies through his teeth. Like Bob Corker and Jeff Flake and all the others.
What am I talking about?”

. . . . . . . . . . .

“98 to 1 today, the United States Senate voted to surrender the treaty power.
It’s being reported in the news media – in virtually every news outlet, conservative, liberal, so-called mainstream. It’s being reported as ‘Congress just voted to empower itself to have a say in the treaty process.’
Here’s what it’s called: ‘A bill to provide for Congressional review and oversight of agreements relating to Iran’s nuclear program and for other purposes.’
Ladies and gentlemen, the Senate already has that power. It’s called the treaty provision. It already has the power to review any deal, to oversee it, and to vote on it.
So what is all this about?
It’s a fraud on you. Led by the Senate Republicans. And it is the lowest of the low. They haven’t even gotten this low before. This is as low as it gets.”

. . . . . . . . . . .

“We’re talking about nuking up the Iranians and now with the support—the overwhelming support—of the Republicans in the United States Congress.
Surrendering the treaty power.
Our friend Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review: ‘passage of the Corker-Cardin Democrat protection bill.’ [The Horowitz post here is incorporated into Levin’s explanation.]
It’s abundantly clear that Republicans in the Senate are utterly useless. Due to the outrageously false perception of this bill, only six Republicans opposed shutting off debate: Cruz, Cotton, Grassley, Lee, Moran, and Sullivan.
Notice who’s not there: Rand Paul, Marco Rubio.
And, in the end, only Tom Cotton—only Tom Cotton– voted against its final passage.

Maryland’s Grand Deceiver — Senator Ben Cardin?

“From beginning to end, the dishonest bi-partisan oligarchy sold this bill as a way of securing Congressional approval of any Iran deal.
And if you listen to any news outlet today, or read it, that’s exactly what they’re saying.
They’re being fed lies, and then they report it as news.
Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland. This man is a liar, he’s a deceiver, he’s a leftist, and he’s a self-hater.
Ben Cardin, Obama’s point man in the Senate on Iran appeasement, made the following deceitful statement prior to voting on the bill this afternoon.
He said:
‘It was in the 1990’s that Congress started to impose sanctions against Iran for its Nuclear weapons program. Only congress can remove those Sanctions or permanently change it.’ (Congressional Record)
This is a uniquely scandalous lie even for a member of Congress – even for Cardin.
He has officially gone on record as vouching for our position – that Congress must approve any deal made by the president – but he refuses to admit that his bill does just the opposite.
And I’ve talked about this time and again, but let’s underscore it:
Instead of the default position being no sanctions relief until a majority of Congress affirmatively approve of the deal, this bill allows the president to remove sanctions after 30 days unless two-thirds of both houses override the president.
Ben Cardin has no intention of ever voting to override the President, so he’s a liar. This is a new low, even for a career left-wing hack like him.
And it’s even worse.
Congressional Quarterly reports that House Democrats are signaling they will never give Republicans the requisite two-thirds majority to override a veto under any circumstance.
Jan Schakowsky (Communist, Chicago) circulated a letter signed by 150 House Democrats cheering on Obama’s appeasement of Iran and urging him to stay the course.
[See AllahPundit & Failure Theater here.]
So, what does this mean? What does this mean to [us], the plebes, the pedestrians, the workers, the masses? I’ll tell you what it means.
It means that Mitch McConnell used parliamentary procedures to get a vote on a bill that Obama wanted. That his lackey, that his surrogate, Bob Corker, negotiated with Ben Cardin, among others. They worked it through the White House. The White House agreed. Because what Obama saw is the Senate surrendering its treaty powers.
Those treaty powers the Senate does not have the power to surrender. No single Senate—no group of senators has the power to change the Constitution of the United States.
So we’ve gone from two-thirds of the senators present having to approve a treaty to them trying to cobble together two-thirds to override a presidential veto, which will never happen. Ever. Never. Never.
So whatever deal Obama has will be the deal that’s put in place.

The Shrinking Circle of Liberty

“No, ladies and gentlemen, Congress will have the opportunity to sit on the sidelines and watch the world go by. On this, on immigration, on spending, and everything you can think of.
You voted in the Republican majority — and it’s a disaster. A complete, unmitigated disaster.
This is why we have to fight the Jeb Bushes and the John Kasiches and the others who pop up. This is why whomever Karl Rove supports, we must oppose.
This is a battle that you and I have to wage.
It’s not, ‘…or we’ll lose the country.’
We are losing the country.
We’ve already lost a chunk of the country.
Every day this Congress meets, every day this president exercises his powers—every day he exercises powers that doesn’t even belong to him– every day, almost, that the Supreme Court meets—we lose more and more of our liberty.
I’ve said before, the circle of liberty that surrounds each and every one of us—called unalienable rights—is shrinking, shrinking, shrinking every day.”

And in Maryland and Virginia? 

The citizens of Maryland and Virginia are hardly immune to Obama’s schemes.

Senate and House Republicans have failed to defund them or, in the case of the Senate, to use their treaty and confirmation powers to derail them.

(Apparently the House leadership is not seriously considering impeachment of any key Obama appointees.)

Even in this time of grave crisis, state party organizations and local GOP committees see their role as chirpy cheer leaders and money raisers for incumbents with an “R” after their name — a far cry from the Committees of Correspondence that led up to our War of Independence.

And these Party groups are almost never engines of accountability for GOP Federal and state lawmakers, or for governors.

Isn’t preserving the Circle of Liberty important enough to get Maryland’s new governor Larry Hogan and the Old Line State’s sole Republican Representative Andy Harris to weigh in with specificity on the concerns that Mark Levin raises?

The Virginia GOP Establishment has always been quick to talk up Ed Gillespie (click here). What does this sometime Senate hopeful (and possible gubernatorial candidate) publicly have to say about what Levin calls the “complete, unmitigated disaster” of the current GOP Congressional majority?

Levin rightly declares —This is a battle that you and I have to wage”.

Will Constitutional conservatives take this battle over the transformation of America to their local GOP committees?

At least — let’s make the GOP apparatchiks publicly admit in Maryland and Virginia – – we are in the chirpy-cheer-leading and money-raising business, don’t bother us with this Circle of Liberty stuff.

Stay tuned!







Leviathan Richard Falknor on 07 May 2015

Flooding 2016 Rolls With New Voters While The GOP Dithers

Two weeks ago Christian Adams revealed (click here) in his “Homeland Security Working Overtime to Add ‘New Americans’ by 2016 Election” (PJMedia)–

“Sources at the Department of Homeland Security report to PJ Media that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is reallocating significant resources to sending letters to all 9,000,000 green card holders urging them to naturalize prior to the 2016 election.
 President Obama’s amnesty by edict has always been about adding new Democrats to the voter rolls, and recent action by the Department of Homeland Security provides further proof. Sources at the Department of Homeland Security report to PJ Media that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is reallocating significant resources away from a computer system — the ‘Electronic Immigration System’ — to sending letters to all 9,000,000 green card holders urging them to naturalize prior to the 2016 election.
This effort is part of the DHS ‘Task Force on New Americans.'”

Read it all.

Trained Timidity

Christian Adams and Tucker Carlson discussed this report on Fox (listen to it here) where their back-and-forth gave a disheartening picture of Capitol Hill Republicans.

Carlson: “If they [9,000,000 green-card holders] voted Republican, if they were all Michele Bachmann voters, do you really think the Obama Administration would be encouraging them to vote?”
Adams: “Well, of course not.  And notice in that letter, Tucker, it says ‘fully participate.’ A Green Card holder right now — someone who is a legal permanent resident —  can fully participate in everything except for one thing. Guess what that one thing is – voting for president in 2016. And they say nakedly in this letter that this is all about politics.”
Adams: “But you know what, Tucker, the irony and the sad part is—right now, while all these immigrants from the south—from Central and South America are being streamed  into the system as fast as possible, immigrants from Eastern European countries—former Communist countries – are being stonewalled—waiting for years. Because they know what this is all about. They’ve seen it before. And so these guys can’t get admitted to the U.S. as easily.
Carlson: “Well, I love how Republicans are constantly told, ‘If you say anything about this—if you complain about it—you are a bigot, you are a nativist, and you will never get another Hispanic vote.’ And they have been cowed into silence, I have noted.”
Adams: “A tragedy. A deliberate shaming, fear mongering. It’s a deliberate strategy to shut up opposition. And I hear it all the time from Republicans on the Hill, from some members of Congress—’Oh, we can’t talk about this.’ Well this is a transformative campaign going on, to fundamentally transform the country. And if you don’t talk about it—if you don’t confront it– you’re going to lose all the other issues you care about.”
Tucker: “Yeah, there’s a lot of cowards out there. And fortunately you are not one of them.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

This picture of trained timidity clearly is not only behind the GOP acquiesence to Big Immigration — but also sped the enactment of the Cromnibus, the confirmation of new Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and the acceptance of the current Corker debacle on Iran.

Politico’s Seung Min Kim declared just this Tuesday (click here) in her “Little GOP appetite for immigration fight on homeland bill” —

Another scorched-earth immigration fight risks more congressional gridlock, just as Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) hope to secure deals on trade, cybersecurity and Iran.
. . . . . . . . . .
“Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas suggested that Republicans block all Obama nominees, except for essential national security slots, until the president relented on his immigration actions. But few, if any, Republicans, agreed, and that strategy went nowhere.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)
 So What Can Conservatives Expect?
The GOP Congressional leadership fears any confrontation with president Obama — and effectively transmits that fear to many rank-and-file members.
While controlling immigration is a priority for the base, the leadership differs on immigration with the president more on process — objecting to “executive amnesty” — than on ends.
The GOP leadership will continue to avoid using the power of the purse — click here to read Angelo Codevilla’s explanation of how this power has been neglected since 1989.
This historic power is essential not only to stop extra-legal immigration programs, but to check a variety of other “transformative” Obama initiatives.
We explained how, last December after the House passage of the Cromnibus
Obamacare will sink its roots further.
Federal agencies will — through administrative schemes–
  • tell local police departments how to do their business,
  • tell local schools whom they may punish by ethnicity,
  • tell local zoning authorities how to exercise their powers for “fairness” in housing,
all while seeking ways to curtail energy production and thus prosperity through “environmental” regulation.
Not least important, monies are made available for wars in the Middle East, whose objectives and means and metrics of victory have never been debated by the Congress.
And Unless Conservatives Get Their Act Together?
By January 2017, much of the president’s transformative work will be institutionalized.
We may well have a Republican president and there will still be a party called the GOP, but they — and sadly the country —  will be less and less recognizable.

Big Immigration Richard Falknor on 04 May 2015

Trey Gowdy Has An Oversight Duty For Refugee Programs

Ours is a tale of how the president is using the refugee resettlement program as one of his devices to get a new and more congenial set of voters.

But let us begin with an incendiary refugee resettlement scheme in Spartanburg, South Carolina (Daniel Greenfield ‘s “An Invasion of Refugees”).

Last Friday GOP Representative Trey Gowdy declared (click here) in his “Response Inadequate on Spartanburg Refugee Questions”–

“Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) today released this statement regarding the response from the State Department to his letter of April 13 on plans for a refugee resettlement in Spartanburg:
“We wrote our initial letter to the State Department because we could not answer questions brought to us by constituents regarding plans for a refugee resettlement in Spartanburg. We have provided State’s response so the public can read it. But some of the answers are inadequate and fail to provide specificity on who was consulted at the city and county level, within the public school system, and law enforcement, and if they provided input.

 . . . . . . . . . .

“Finally, government transparency and accountability to the public is paramount. While our office does not have a role under the law in the implementation of such a plan, we are interested in providing the community with answers. To that end, we will be following up with the State Department with additional questions regarding local input.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Apparently late today Gowdy sent another, more detailed letter (click here) to State Secretary John Kerry with a quite probing list of questions.

But What About the Bigger Picture?

Leo Hohmann has been among those most vigilant about what amounts to colonizing refugees across America. 

The WND investigator reveals in his “Feds to ‘strong arm’ cities into welcoming ‘new Americans'”–

“It’s all part of a strategy, reported on last week by WND, to ‘water the soil’ and ‘plant seedlings’ into host communities, also called ‘receiving communities.’
WND also reported last week how the federal government withholds key information from the public in host communities until right before or after refugees arrive, and how one congressman, Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., is demanding answers to 17 questions about the program.
Obama’s ramped-up strategy to integrate new immigrants is about to be unfurled upon unsuspecting cities and counties across the U.S. They will be expected to follow the federal plan to ‘build welcoming communities’ that empower migrants and refugees, turning them into ‘new Americans.’
Once the soil has been prepared, the seedlings will arrive. And the seedlings, according to those planning the changes for your city or town, need to be nurtured and cultivated into healthy communities of their own. They will eventually be fully ‘integrated,’ meaning they are firmly established and able to grow within their host community, eventually overtaking the host.
The plans to transform America through immigration, as spelled out in the new White House report, involves almost every government agency working in tandem with community organizers from immigrant-rights groups like National Council for La Raza and the National Partnership for New Americans. The White House task force is headed by Cecilia Munoz, former top executive with La Raza and now Obama’s top domestic policy adviser.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

 How Big Is This Refugee Resettlement Program–How Does It Work?

National expert Ann Corcoran has a useful link “Where to find information” here in her Refugee Resettlement Watch blog–

“although we resettled 69,986 refugees in FY2014, that is not the complete story.  The Office of Refugee Resettlement was responsible for over 30,000 asylees and another 58,000 ‘unaccompanied alien children’ being treated as refugees as well  (and, cared for with your tax dollars!)”

And The Bottom Line For Mr. Gowdy?

Trey Gowdy is chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security here

“The Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security shall have jurisdiction over the following subject matters: immigration and naturalization, border security, admission of refugees, treaties, conventions and international agreements, Federal charters of incorporation, private immigration bills, non-border immigration enforcement, other appropriate matters as referred by the Chairman, and relevant oversight.”

In spite of the tone of his May 1 press release distancing himself from responsibility for any Spartanburg outcome–

“While our office does not have a role under the law in the implementation of such a plan, we are interested in providing the community with answers.”

Mr. Gowdy has a clear duty to begin thorough national oversight over the hitherto Congressionally unexamined refugee program. 

The kind of detailed questions on Spartanburg plans (click here) in the Gowdy May 4 letter to the State Department should be addressed to the Obama Administration about all their refugee-resettlement activities in behalf of Gowdy’s House immigration panel.

For this refugee program is now a major tool in the president’s transformation armory.



First things . . . Richard Falknor on 29 Apr 2015

Advice To Baltimore Voters — Same To GOP Conservatives?

Yesterday, National Review on Line’s Kevin Williamson declared (click here) “Riot-Plagued Baltimore Is a Catastrophe Entirely of the Democratic Party’s Own Making.”

Roving Correspondent Williamson explains

“The evidence suggests very strongly that the left-wing, Democratic claques that run a great many American cities — particularly the poor and black cities — are not capable of running a school system or a police department. They are incompetent, they are corrupt, and they are breathtakingly arrogant. Cleveland, Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore — this is what Democrats do.”

Williamson concludes–

“Keep voting for the same thing, keep getting the same thing.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

 Breitbart’s John Nolte also finds that (click here)Baltimore Is a Democrat Problem, Not America’s Problem”–

“Democrats and their never-ending grievance campaigns; their never-ending propaganda that government largess is the answer; their never-ending caves to corrupt unions; their never-ending warehousing of innocent children in failed public schools — that’s a Democrat problem, not America’s problem.
I might believe Baltimore was an American problem if the city was interested in new ideas and a new direction under new leaders. But we all know that will never happen. After Democrat policies result in despair and anarchy, Democrats always demand more of the same, only bigger.
And the media goes right along.”

Nolte continues–

“I wish you all the luck in the world Baltimore. And I truly wish you had the courage to change. If you ever do, send up a flare. Until then, there is nothing anyone can do for you. You are victims of your own choices, and no one can make choices for you but you.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Isn’t This Sensible Advice, Too, For GOP Conservatives?

Since the historic Tea Party Election of November 2, 2010, to say nothing of last fall’s Republican retaking of the U.S. Senate, the GOP Establishment in the Congress and in the national party have systematically blocked conservative goals — as well as attacked conservatives publicly.

Even worse, the GOP Leadership in the Congress with the connivance of most of your favorite local House members has acquiesced in the trashing of the Constitution — and in the gross neglect of the common defense, from Iran to the Mexican border to protecting our electric grid.

As the president accelerates his march by executive fiat, this Big Donor-guided, traditional-values deaf GOP Congressional Leadership will try to keep up with him, through their own serial capitulations.

It is a long time until January 2017 — that’s plenty of opportunity firmly to establish the president’s transformations.

Conservatives cannot stop this unless they act promptly with tactics and goals appropriate to each state.

But first they must look into the mirror and repeat to themselves Williamson’s advice to Baltimore voters–

“Keep voting for the same thing, keep getting the same thing.”


First things . . . Richard Falknor on 19 Apr 2015

Lexington’s 240th: But Will Today’s Conservatives Organize?

“[T]here is much about this day that has not been taught for over 100 years.”Craig Seibert

The anniversary of this opening battle in our War for Independence should be a sharp reminder that conservatives need to bring their numbers and resources into today’s battles while there is time.

Lexington Green

Write this down: The bi-partisan political establishment wants conservative voices marginalized. 

Last December 14, Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz wrote (click here) in his “GOP Elites Don’t Love the Constitution”–

“Consequently, the voters are completely disenfranchised by an impervious oligarchy in Washington. These people don’t share our values, they never have, and they never will.  They have declared war on those of us who believe in the Constitution as it was originally constructed long ago.  It’s time for the few remaining conservatives in Washington to realize we are in a political war of survival, not just against the Obama monarch, but the two-party oligarchy that pulls the strings in Washington.“(Highlighting Forum’s)

In our view, statewide conservative Political Action Committees — not a third party — led by articulate and recognized voices with no interest in elective office are an essential step to project the conservative message.

And what of the record of the Tea Parties today?

Lamentably, Maryland seems to be The Land The Tea Party forgot.

Even before the start of that initially spontaneous movement in 2009, Maryland had no strong grass-roots conservative movement. Conservative criticism of the big-government and anti-values schemes of the Ehrlich Administration (click here) were viewed by elected Republicans and many in the party faithful as almost treason. 

Social conservatives were starved for resources and serious Republican Party support in the otherwise winnable battle against same-sex marriage while Big GOP Donors (click here) supported such social engineering in the Old Line State. 

One salient grass-roots exception is the Hagerstown Tea Party, which as recently as last October heard a gripping and thorough presentation by expert Stephen Coughlin on Jihad and Shariah and national security. This Tea Party got its start from now-delegate Neil Parrott, an innovator in petitioning laws to the Maryland ballot.

Today one often hears a new Maryland GOP theme: support without fuss the new governor’s program and appointments. The assumption is that Larry Hogan’s program will be “successful” because of his business experience. Presumably he will then appear to be likeable in the eyes of Democrats, and a supposed independent-thinking and centrist majority of voters will reelect him.

Politically that approach may, or may not, work. But it does little to advance conservative principles and goals, and may well corrode them.

Maryland may be “open for business” — but is it also, for example, open to cheap illegal-alien labor (click here) and to refugee colonization (click here)?

Virginia, on the other hand, gave birth to a number of active Tea Parties. 

Some like the Richmond Tea Party helped recruit and elect Representative Dave Brat.

Too many others, but not all, don’t hold accountable their GOP politicians including their members of the U. S. House of Representatives.

And how many Tea Parties seriously address the Islamist problem (click here) in northern Virginia.

Of course, out-of-control immigration and Iranian nukes are existential threats to our Republic.

In the meantime, there are effective Virginia state-level single-issue groups, preeminently Second Amendment defenders as well as active pro-values and education-reform organizations.

Taking nothing away from the work of all these organizations, every one should be part of larger statewide conservative movement.

For in Ben Franklin’s words — “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”


* * * * * * * * * *

Faithful readers may recall three of our earlier pertinent articles–

After Timonium: Statewide Independent Conservative Action?
Advancing Conservatism In Virginia: A Modest Proposal
Radical University Empires vs. Clueless State Lawmakers

Conservatives Richard Falknor on 06 Apr 2015

What’s The Deal Between Barbara Comstock & Paul Singer?

Major Republican donor Paul Singer is both a long-time (click here) and a continuing patron of GOP Representative Barbara Comstock (VA-10). 

Our question as conservatives is how much hedge fund billionaire Singer — and his political circle — influence Mrs. Comstock in the House of Representatives on immigration and on the gay activist agenda.

Of course reports (click here) that Paul Singer bankrolls directly or indirectly part of the pushback against the president’s lethal accommodation with Iran, should be welcome news for conservatives. 

But we are concerned with Mr. Singer’s domestic agenda for immigration which will certainly lead to even bigger government, and his support for the gay political agenda some of whose paladins, as we have just seen in Indiana, jeopardize religious liberty.

How influential is Mr. Singer with the House GOP leadership?

According to Paul Blumenthal of the Huffington Post

“The Congressional Leadership Fund, the super PAC tied to the hip of House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), receives 44 percent of its funds from Adelson and Singer.”

“Winning Women 2016″

Most recently, in an exclusive money-raising event “Winning Women 2016″ last Tuesday in Manhattan co-hosted by Mr. Singer, Barbara Comstock was slated to be feted with four other Republican incumbents.

“Political Party Time Fundraiser in the News
A fundraiser for:
Winning Women 2016, a joint fundraising committee for
Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H.; Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska; Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y.; Rep. Martha McSally, R-Ariz.; Rep. Barbara Comstock, R-Va.
News source:
Event description:.
Lunch Fundraiser
TBD, New York City, NY
March 31, 2015
Up to $5,400 per candidate
Hosts and other lawmakers:
Paul Singer Annie Dickerson Chuck Schwab
Additional information:
Source: Sunlight Foundation’s Party Time www.politicalpartytime.org. The Sunlight Foundation collects these invitations from anonymous lobbyist sources.”(Highlighting Forum’s.)

As we explained last March 13–

“Fundraiser co-host Paul Singer ‘has particularly attracted attention in recent years for his advocacy of LGBT rights, including same-sex marriage, as well as hawkish national security policies,’ according to CNN.”

Just to set the political context at the event scheduled for last Tuesday, here are Conservative Review’s Liberty Scores of each of the honorees:

U.S. Senators: Kelly Ayotte 44% (F); Lisa Murkowski 22% (F);
U.S. Representatives: Barbara Comstock 40%(F); Martha McSally 40% (F); Elise Stefanik 40 %(F).

The voting records of all the Republican incumbents scheduled for this meeting, moreover, make it very clear they are members of the GOP Establishment.

As we noted last month–

“This is not Mrs. Comstock’s first trip to New York City for a fundraiser under the Singer auspices. 
Click here for Jaime Fuller’s Washington Post April 2014 article “Meet the wealthy donor who’s trying to get Republicans to support gay marriage”–
‘However, several of the organization’s members have teamed up to hold unaffiliated fundraisers for the kind of candidates they think should be the future of the party. Last week, Singer and other donors threw two fundraisers for Republican candidates in New York City. The first one supported Thom Tillis, the House speaker in the North Carolina state legislature. He is facing a tough Republican primary, which has also drawn funding from American Crossroads. The event raised about $280,000.
The second fundraiser — co-hosted by Sylvie Légère Ricketts, who is married to a son of one of the Republican Party’s biggest donors — supported three women running in House races, Elise Stefanik in New York’s 21st District, Barbara Comstock in Virginia’s 10th District and Martha McSally in Arizona’s 2nd District. It raised more than $400,000.’ (Highlighting Forum’s.)”

 And amnesty and porous borders? We reported–

“But same-sex marriage and allied matters are not Paul Singer’s only interests:
Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle in August 2013 revealed ‘Romney’s Top Donor Teams with Soros Front Group on Immigration Reform’–
‘According to a new report from USA Today, GOP mega donor Paul Singer is helping fund the National Immigration Forum (NIF) for its Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT) initiative.  Singer is the founder and CEO of Wall Street hedge fund Elliott Management Corporation and the man who made Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign for president happen.’
 Politico’s Alexander Burns and Kenneth P. Vogel declared in their February 2014 ‘Mega-donors plan GOP war council’–
“Since the 2012 election, Singer has stepped up his advocacy for an overhauled GOP agenda. He donated to an immigration reform group, the National Immigration Forum; and last month, Singer and Loeb organized events, including one with the Human Rights Campaign, at the World Economic Forum in Davos focused on LGBT issues.”

Barbara Comstock’s is a long political relationship with one of the heaviest hitters of Republican donors. Paul Singer is an astute financier and likely wastes neither his time nor his resources. He has clearly “invested” in advancing her career in politics.

Does her association with Paul Singer consequently mean that Barbara Comstock–

  • Will not get behind those House members continuing their efforts to derail amnesty?
  • Will work to expand H1B visas thereby threatening the jobs of US high-tech workers? See the practices exposed by senator Jeff Sessions here!

And will Barbara Comstock speak on behalf of religious liberty and publicly try to discourage the kind of Big Gay Hysteria we saw last week in Indiana?

As gay conservative Tammy Bruce declared

‘Gay BULLIES attacking Christians goes AGAINST what EVERY Civil Rights movement was about’ 

We asked Mrs. Comstock’s staff whether she had, in fact, made it to the planned New York City fund-raising luncheon last Tuesday. They declined to respond but no matter. The Comstock-Singer connection is a long and apparently durable one.

Too bad she does not cultivate the same ties to Virginia’s conservative base.

Conservatives Richard Falknor on 22 Mar 2015

Conservatives Need To Act–For Time Is Fast Running Out

American conservatives need to act — together and quickly — if they are not to face a severely transformed nation well before November 8, 2016.

They cannot afford to kick the political can down the road — any more than they quite properly criticize the Congressional leadership for kicking the policy can down the road.

We believe conservatives must organize statewide to bring their force to bear quickly on Republican incumbents at all levels.

It is all very well to speak of challenging errant Congressional Republicans in the 2016 primaries. 

The question is how we change their behavior right now.

We all hope for an articulate savvy conservative nominee for president in 2016. 

But we cannot be sure of getting such a nominee, given the demonstrated political craft and money of the Republican Establishment.

The GOP won a major victory in last November’s Congressional election.

But conservative members are now having to fight their own leadership, dishonored by their rush to the Cromnibus, to have any voice in the legislative process.

The Republican Establishment sends their talking points  — often without identifiable fingerprints — to the center-left media making them their megaphone.

As for Establishment influence on the Right-oriented media, Mickey Kaus reports that “Fox Makes It Easy For Amnesty.”

The Republican Establishment sadly, often shares the same statist vision as the center-left media. More significantly, they share the same profound distaste for conservative cultural values.

This right wing of the Big Government Party simply believes they can run Leviathan in a more “business friendly” (not to be confused with a market-friendly) way.

The serial capitulations of the Republican Congressional leadership only inflame the Obama Regime’s ambition to speed its transformation of  America.

The Regime is hardly going to let this opportunity pass to keep laying the administrative foundations of their troubling vision of a new nation.

The House leadership is donor and US-Chamber-of-Commerce driven. Many members see their incumbencies either as lifetime positions or as pathways to lucrative lobbying careers.

The GOP House Congressional Leadership wants to avoid a legislative or oversight confrontation with the president at all costs with perhaps the exception of Iran. (Likely that is because some giant open-borders and social-liberal donors are also, fortunately, concerned with the safety of our ally Israel.)

The very existence of many big statewide conservative organizations might well cause the Establishment and their donors to think twice before trying to impose a Jeb Bush or a Romney-proxy as the 2016 Republican nominee.

And conservative statewide organizations must include all key players on the Right —  from home-schoolers to Second Amendment defenders to fiscal reformers to national-defense stalwarts — and all willing to fight the Culture War against the Left.

Without such pushback, the culture “narrative” transmitted through taxpayer-supported schools will soon control the policy outcome.

Unfortunately some activists still obdurately work only on what they call “their issue” forgetting Ben Franklin’s warning–

“We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

There is much talk in the Republican Establishment of “outreach” to new groups.

Senator Jeff Sessions put his Republican colleagues right on this matter in his July 2013 memo

The GOP lost the [2012] election—as exit polls clearly show—because it hemorrhaged support from middle- and low-income Americans of all backgrounds. In changing the terms of the immigration debate we will not only prevent the implementation of a disastrous policy, but begin a larger effort to broaden our appeal to working Americans of all backgrounds. Now is the time to speak directly to the real and legitimate concerns of millions of hurting Americans whose wages have declined and whose job prospects have grown only bleaker. This humble and honest populism—in contrast to the Administration’s cheap demagoguery—would open the ears of millions who have turned away from our party. Of course, such a clear and honest message would require saying ‘no’ to certain business demands and powerful interests who shaped the immigration bill in the Senate.”

As we wrote nearly a year ago–

“John Fonte spelled out last December here (NRO) how the Republican establishment is missing the boat on Blue Collar America and Big Immigration in his ‘Re-Branding the GOP: From the party of big business to the party of the little guy'”

Consider this–

  • Obama Regime “transformative” schemes are going to continue thick and fast together with accompanying (and too frequently unchallenged) media narratives;
  • the Congressional leadership has already demonstrated its incapacity (and unwillingness) to halt these schemes;
  • not only is the Regime’s spending and regulatory explosion unchecked, but their lawless amnesty and legal refugee colonization are simply designed to replace traditional America;
  • and the neglect of our military and the indifference to the protection of our vital infrastructure should scare every thinking America.

Conservatives need to come together — very soon — on a statewide basis to bring collaborationist or career-clinging Congressional Republicans to a better mind — while there is time.

Conservatives Richard Falknor on 13 Mar 2015

Two GOP Visions: Wall Street Money Keeping Borders Open & Blessing Evolving Gay Politics? Or A Constitution-Based “Humble And Honest Populism”?

CNN’s MJ Lee reports this week that “Billionaire investor and major Republican donor Paul Singer will co-host a fundraiser for five female members of Congress in New York City at the end of this month.”

Among the favored five is Virginia-10 Representative Barbara Comstock.

Lee lists the other four: “Sens. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and freshmen Reps. Elise Stefanik of New York, [and] Martha McSally of Arizona.” (Click here to see their Liberty Scores and their votes on Obama’s “Executive Amnesty.”)

Fundraiser co-host Paul Singer “has particularly attracted attention in recent years for his advocacy of LGBT rights, including same-sex marriage, as well as hawkish national security policies,” according to CNN.

This is not Mrs. Comstock’s first trip to New York City for a fundraiser under the Singer auspices. 

Click here for Jaime Fuller’s Washington Post April 2014 article “Meet the wealthy donor who’s trying to get Republicans to support gay marriage”–

“However, several of the organization’s members have teamed up to hold unaffiliated fundraisers for the kind of candidates they think should be the future of the party. Last week, Singer and other donors threw two fundraisers for Republican candidates in New York City. The first one supported Thom Tillis, the House speaker in the North Carolina state legislature. He is facing a tough Republican primary, which has also drawn funding from American Crossroads. The event raised about $280,000.
The second fundraiser — co-hosted by Sylvie Légère Ricketts, who is married to a son of one of the Republican Party’s biggest donors — supported three women running in House races, Elise Stefanik in New York’s 21st District, Barbara Comstock in Virginia’s 10th District and Martha McSally in Arizona’s 2nd District. It raised more than $400,000.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

But same-sex marriage and allied matters are not Paul Singer’s only interests:

Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle in August 2013 revealed “Romney’s Top Donor Teams with Soros Front Group on Immigration Reform”–

“According to a new report from USA Today, GOP mega donor Paul Singer is helping fund the National Immigration Forum (NIF) for its Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT) initiative.  Singer is the founder and CEO of Wall Street hedge fund Elliott Management Corporation and the man who made Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign for president happen.”

 Politico’s Alexander Burns and Kenneth P. Vogel declared in their February 2014 “Mega-donors plan GOP war council”–

“Since the 2012 election, Singer has stepped up his advocacy for an overhauled GOP agenda. He donated to an immigration reform group, the National Immigration Forum; and last month, Singer and Loeb organized events, including one with the Human Rights Campaign, at the World Economic Forum in Davos focused on LGBT issues.”

Last June 8 just before Dave Brat’s primary win, we wrote about an alternative vision for the GOP–

“A Humble and Honest Populism”

There is, however, a principled way for the GOP — a way that a Brat victory Tuesday would help advance.

John Fonte [in his National Review post “Re-Branding the GOP From the party of big business to the party of the little guy”] continues here 

“At National Review Online, [senator Jeff] Sessions urged the GOP to ‘adopt a humble and honest populism’ and distance itself from ‘the corporate titans who believe the immigration policy for our entire country should be modeled to pad their bottom line.’
The GOP lost the 2012 election, Sessions said, ‘because it hemorrhaged support from middle and low-income Americans of all backgrounds,’ and the party must now mount an ‘unapologetic defense of working Americans.’ He noted that Americans oppose by a two-to-one margin increasing low-skilled immigration and also strongly oppose any legalization of illegal immigrants before border security is in place. Sessions made the key political point that Republicans have a golden opportunity to appeal once again to Reagan Democrats, who are, as [Thatcher adviser] John O’Sullivan put it in a statement lauding Sessions, an ‘electoral bloc that dwarfs any other in numerical terms.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

In that same June 8 piece we pointed to —

A Stern Warning from a Smart Woman

 And if the GOP will not correct course?

In a June 2014  Breitbart interview with Michael Patrick Leahy, “Laura Ingraham Emerges As Top GOP Primary Warrior,” commentator Ingraham points out, here

“The question is do you want to live in a country run by, essentially, 100 families or do you want to live in a country where the middle class has a real chance to have a better life and leave a better life for their kids,’  she explained.
‘Right now,’ Ingraham said, ‘I think we are edging closer to that country where just the rich and powerful have a consistent say. They have an alliance with the far left groups that have their own agenda to bolster union membership and swell the ranks of the Democratic Party.’
‘I think this will not end well for the capitalists. If they think this is going to be a good ride, it’s not going to end well. History is replete with examples of the perpetually impoverished rising up against the fat cats.’” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Today conservatives everywhere in America should be discussing competing visions for the Grand Old Party — and deciding on a course of action while there is still time.

Conservatives Richard Falknor on 11 Mar 2015

‘Main Street Advocacy’ Ads Defend Representative Barbara Comstock’s Vote To Help Implement Obama’s Lawless Amnesty

“An outside spending group aligned with the House Republican leadership will run $200,000 in ads defending lawmakers who voted for the long-term Department of Homeland Security funding bill. The Main Street Advocacy ads, which begin airing Monday night in the Ohio districts represented by Republican Reps. Steve Stivers and Pat Tiberi, will air on radio stations in six districts.
. . . . .
The ad buy will also support Republican Reps. Renee Ellmers of North Carolina, Barbara Comstock of Virginia, Martha McSally of Arizona and Mike Turner of Ohio.” (Highlighting Forum’s throughout this post.)

Mrs. Comstock refers to herself as “a principled, common sense conservative leader.”

So we decided to take a closer look at Main Street Advocacy and their affiliated groups.

Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle gave some of this background last April in his “Brent Bozell to Cantor: Attend Florida Anti-Conservative Summit at Your Own Peril”–

“At issue is Cantor’s decision to attend and speak at a conference this weekend on Amelia Island in Northeast Florida. The event is being hosted by “Main Street Advocacy,” a group headed by former Ohio Republican Rep. Steven LaTourette, whom the New York Times described as ‘one of the top generals in the establishment Republicans’ war against the Tea Party.’
When he served in Congress, LaTourette, a close friend of Speaker John Boehner, was also one of the top GOP allies of organized labor, and union groups have contributed funding to the ‘Main Street Partnership’ umbrella group under which the advocacy branch is organized, according to National Journal.
Among other high-profile comments criticizing top conservatives, LaTourette said ‘I don’t think he is a Republican, to tell you the truth’ about Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) during debate over raising the debt ceiling without any spending cuts attached.
As such, conservative movement leaders like Bozell are furious that Cantor would attend and speak at the LaTourette-hosted event, with Bozell pointedly asking Cantor why he would attend such an event.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Over a year ago, Michelle Malkin warned conservatives “Beware the Left-Wing-Funded ‘Main Street’ Republicans”–

“LaTourette heads up the so-called ‘Main Street Partnership,’ which claims to represent ‘thoughtful,’ ‘pragmatic,’ ‘common sense’ and ‘centrist’ Republican leadership. Reality check: The pro-bailout, pro-debt, pro-amnesty, anti-drilling group founded by former liberal New York GOP Congressman Amory Houghton includes three liberal Senate Republicans (John McCain, Mark Kirk and Susan Collins) and 52 center-left House Republicans. LaTourette himself is a self-serving Beltway barnacle who held office for nearly two decades. Now he’s leveraging his new tea party-bashing platform to benefit a family-operated lobbying business.
The New York Times shed light on LaTourette’s tangled web of GOP establishment outfits last week. But that story just scratched the surface. As the paper reported, the Main Street Partnership is a nonprofit group that charges members up to $25,000 per year to rub elbows with Washington’s rich and powerful. The Main Street Advocacy Fund and the Defending Main Street SuperPAC are political satellites planning to amass $8 million to bolster Republican liberals and moderates facing tea party challengers in 2014. McDonald Hopkins Government Strategies is LaTourette’s lobbying firm.
“The Times notes that ‘corporations and lobbyists’ fund the Main Street Partnership. But far-left donors provided seed money for these affiliated K Street fronts. Who’s behind the Defending Main Street SuperPAC? Big Labor. National Journal’s Scott Bland reported last month that ‘two labor organizations, the International Union of Operating Engineers and the Laborers’ International Union of North America, directed a combined $400,000 to the Republican group in September and October. Main Street says it has raised roughly $2 million total between its super PAC and an affiliated nonprofit group so far — and that means labor has supplied at least 20 percent of those funds.'” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Read all of Malkin’s January 10, 2014 post — then get more details by visiting the Republican Main Street Partnership’s website here ** and their 2013 Form 990 here.

Perhaps Andrew McCarthy best sums up the Congressional responsibility for Obama’s lawless amnesty–

“Of course, as I explain in Faithless Execution, such actions flout the president’s oath and duty to execute the laws faithfully. But that is not the half of it. Congress, too, is derelict if lawmakers agree – reluctantly or not – to fund Obama’s lawlessness. Senators and Members of the House are not bystanders; they are elected representatives who have a duty to act. It is immaterial how they personally feel about Obama’s malfeasance. The only relevant thing is that they have the power to stop it by refusing to pay for it. If, despite having that power, they consciously devise a legislative process that inevitably results in the provision of funding for the president’s decree, then they are knowingly aiding and abetting his lawlessness. That makes them equally guilty, case closed. That, moreover, would be a profound betrayal of the states, whose inability to defend themselves from illegal immigration is largely attributable to Congress’s encroachments.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Why would a House Republican like Barbara Comstock — sailing under conservative colors — want to have Main Street Advocacy acting as her defender for her deeply unconservative vote?

Why double down against the Base?

* * * * * * * * * *

 ** Click here for the Partnership’s declaration calling any Soros contribution a “myth.”
       Readers may wish to revisit two of our current posts pertinent to this analysis:



Conservatives Michael Giere on 09 Mar 2015

M. Stanton Evans – A Giant Sleeps!

“Every now and then even Bill Buckley got confused; Stan Evans was never confused.” — Tom Pauken

Coming to Washington as a young lieutenant in the Reagan Revolution in 1981, I had the great fortune and honor of being thrown in the mix with some of the great conservatives of an era.

On top of that list was Stan Evans.

Last week Stan rested from this life at age 80, to labor in a greater one forever. He has left a movement and a nation so much richer for having been here.

When I got to Washington – I’d never set foot in the town before – I was stunned to quickly learn that far too many of the men and women populating the new government and the new majority in the Senate on the Hill, were, to put it charitably, not exactly conservatives.

Oh, they called themselves conservatives – mostly because Reagan won – but many were actually more interested with making big government “work” and self-promotion than with the “movement.” It was a bit disheartening to learn this lesson.

But, as fate would have it, great conservative mentors quickly steered me to Stan Evans and his Monday Club meetings on Capitol Hill, where over the years, anyone who was someone came to discuss anything and everything that mattered.

It was a mixing bowl of real conservative thought, stirred up by the utensils of Stan’s great mind and his large heart.

He was a gracious and very funny man – was there anyone with a quicker wit in Washington? Not that I know of.

Was there a quicker defender of bedrock conservative philosophy, or a more insightful expositor on any current crisis? That would be emphatically no.

Was there anyone more ready to engage and help a fellow conservative? This week’s obits on the character and mind of this giant answers the question.

When the weight of Official Washington with the connivance of some in his own party began to have its effect on Reagan’s policy direction, there was no more ferocious critic than Stan.

He would tell us that truth and principle would always win in the end. Time proved him right.

I was lucky enough to become friends with Stan (who wasn’t?) over the years. He commented on my writing and suggested new research paths on many occasions.

I walked into a Monday Club gathering one time, after I had a published a pretty fiery article in the Washington Times that had raised a few hackles.

Stan came over and put his arm around me and congratulated me on the piece, its research, and the controversy (which he loved).

Then he whispered, “Look in the backseat before you get in the car tonight!” He knew the ways of Washington like the back of his hand.

Many others who knew Stan far better than I did, have written thoughtful and moving comments on his life which speak volumes about the man.

For me, he was a giant because he never bent, he never wavered from speaking the truth.

And he never missed an opportunity to try to pass on to others the importance of sticking with and communicating the truth. No matter what.

His vast reporting and commentaries over the years, his foundational work with William Buckley and others in building Young Americans for Freedom, CPAC, and later the National Journalism Center (which has trained countless conservatives in the tradition of truthful and well researched journalism) stand as monuments to Stan.

His many books (especially The Theme is Freedom, Stalin’s Secret Agents, and Blacklisted by History) are still must-reads for conservatives.

M. Stanton Evans has passed on, and with him a long line of post-War II conservative heroes is closing fast.

But Stan would be the first to remind us: an era passes, but the truth doesn’t.

Goodbye, dear friend!

* * * * *

Blue Ridge Forum Contributor Mike Giere has written extensively on politics, foreign policy, and issues of faith. He is a former candidate for the U.S. House; worked for Ronald Reagan in 1976 & 1980; and served in both the Reagan and Bush (41) Administrations.

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