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First things . . . Richard Falknor on 05 Jul 2015

Codevilla Strikes Again: “Standing Up to the Ruling Class”

Codevilla: “Typically, however, people who live under unaccountable power follow fashion publicly and keep to family and friends such opinions as can get them in trouble. Crouching protectively, they secede from the regime individually. Thus lacking confidence in the future, they hollow out the country. America used to be an exception. No more. The official opposition in the Obama era — the Republican party’s leadership — now leads ordinary citizens in self-censorship, further convincing us that our dissent is lonely and futile. But to approve of officious lies, thereby tacitly normalizing unaccountable power, is to become worthy of it. As the great Solzhenitsyn reminds us, the sine qua non of liberty is refusal to live by lies.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Many readers will recall Angelo Codevilla’s magisterial 2010 American Spectator article “America’s Ruling Class —And the Perils of Revolution” (click here). 

Through this article and follow-on posts, Codevilla has sharpened the political understanding of many American conservatives.

This July 4th weekend, Codevilla published a new, telling post, “Standing Up to the Ruling Class”(click here), this time in National Review on Line, on our even more serious perils and how to combat them.

“The Practical Problem”

 Codevilla urges a nationwide movement of resistance —

“The practical problem in America has been that when the ruling class trains its united wrath against persons in any one sector — e.g., supporters of marriage as the dictionary and the law have defined it, or those who support economic probity or the right to keep and bear arms — the general public quietly stands by. No longer accustomed to speaking together, Americans hang separately. For the members of the public to transcend their isolation enough to threaten the ruling class’s hold on the commanding heights of American society would require a nationwide movement with which disparate individuals could identify, and which could encourage them to join together and speak up. Typically, such movements are associated with presidential campaigns.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Codevilla follows up on his presidential campaign plan —

“In our time, if a candidate were to challenge his opponents to bare-knuckle, Lincoln–Douglas sessions, his example might lead fellow citizens to reject the combination of poisonous sloganeering and of dominance, submissiveness, and corruption that now passes for politics.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

But whose campaign?  

Donald Trump is forcing a public discussion of the vastly underestimated threats of Big Immigration and porous borders, and of our self-defeating trading practices.

As Rush explains — Trump Stands Up to Cowardice”.

Ted Cruz has a deep grasp of the Constitution that one might even call Lincolnesque.

Jeffrey Lord in the Conservative Review does a fine Cruz Interview Exclusive: A Time for Truth–

“And right there is the problem that the conservative base of the GOP has long since come to believe is the core problem with the Washington Republican establishment. The issues come and go. Defunding Obamacare. Raising the debt ceiling. Challenging a Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage. Whatever. The intent is to manage the policies set by the left, never to challenge them – much less defeat them. Said Cruz to CR: The GOP establishment is ‘listening to lobbyists. There is a reason why Wall Street says they would be happy with either Bush or Clinton.'” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Cruz, unlike almost all other GOP politicians save for Jeff Sessions, can put complex constitutional issues into plain (and accurate) words.

One of the most valuable narratives in Cruz’ book is his expose of how Republican United States senators dissemble.

Every state or county GOP leader should speak out about the level of national GOP deception Cruz reveals.

But, from a broader conservative point of view, the Texas senator needs to work hard to come to a better mind on immigration. (Click on the two foregoing links.)

It’s not as if we were discussing the right position on an ethanol mandate or even the Export-Import Bank both of which are certainly deplorable.

Immigration– whether legal or illegal, or via under-the public-radar refugee program — is an existential threat which, without assimilation, might easily replace our people and our culture.

Unfortunately senator Jeff Sessions is not running for national office.  His emphasis on a “humble and honest populism” (click here) has few if any adherents among the GOP Ruling Class.

How many times have you heard your local GOP apparatchik talking about reaching out specifically to working-class Americans?

For conservatives, Bush, Romney, and Rubio are not serious national leaders: “Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney Join Marco Rubio In Attacking Donald Trump Over Immigration Comments: ‘A Severe Error’”

As Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle declares Adios, Marco: Ann Coulter’s New Book Shreds Rubio Credibility.

But back to basics — read all Codevilla’s July 4 post here.

Angelo Codevilla reminds us how the Ruling Class does it–

“The ruling class’s component groups jointly dismiss America’s traditional liberties because they aim to replace them with their own primacy. Having seized the power to redefine liberty, our rulers tighten their definitions around their opponents’ necks like nooses. Since their desire for primacy has no limit, they can’t stop tightening. The norms that they demand that we honor help sustain each constituency by letting its members feel good about themselves while looking down on others.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Codevilla’s July 4th essay is a liberating perspective not found elsewhere.

Stay tuned!

First things . . . Richard Falknor on 04 Jul 2015

A July 4th Prayer In These Times Of Growing Peril!

A Collect for Independence Day


--Elliott Banfield, Claremont Review

–Elliott Banfield, Claremont Review

“O ETERNAL God, through whose mighty power our fathers won their liberties of old; Grant, we beseech thee, that we and all the people of this land may have grace to maintain these liberties in righteousness and peace; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”
— 1928 Book of Common Prayer

(Reposted from 2014 as the dangers to our nation multiply.)

Homeland Defense Richard Falknor on 02 Jul 2015

Weigh Warnings On ISIS Tunnels & Have A Vigilant July 4!

Via The Center for Security Policy, we learned of author (Day of the Dead) and IDF Reserve captain Dan Gordon’s warnings about the strategic threat of the Gaza tunnels. 

Are tunnels like those also, in the eyes of ISIS, a developing instrument for attacks across our southern border?

Listen to these two “Secure Freedom” podcasts of last Tuesday to get the full force of Gordon’s message–

  • “What ISIS learned from Hamas’ most recent loss in Gaza”
  • “Why is the U.S. more vulnerable to terror-tunnel attacks than Israel?”
  • “The tempting target that San Diego makes, and how ISIS could infiltrate it”

Dan Gordon explains “The Middle East for ISIS is a R & D laboratory for what they intend to do to the United States.”

Click on podcast below.
  • “Is an ISIS safe-haven in Northern Mexico logistically possible?”
  • “A united Arab coalition against Obama’s Iran policy”
  • “Concerns that the U.S. Congress and Administration have put the world on a path towards nuclear brinkmanship”
  • “Where the current level of unrest in the Middle East compares to the last thousand years”
Click on podcast below.

 Dan Gordon’s advice to the Congress–

Get us out of the Iran deal immediately; arm the Kurds and make them a base of action; get serious about our air strikes — needed 150 -200 strikes per day; overall, deal with ISIS in the Middle East before they come here.


Reforming Maryland Peter Samuel on 29 Jun 2015

Peter Samuel: Governor Kills Baltimore Rail Boondoggle; Asks Montgomery & PG Counties To Put Up More Dollars For Purple Line; Restores Roads Money

Governor Larry Hogan delivered on some major campaign promises June 25 announcing about $2 billion for road projects while cutting fancy ‘light rail’ spending.

“Building, maintaining and fixing Maryland’s roads and bridges is our top transportation priority,” Hogan said. The money will see some 84 ready projects move forward across the state.

As expected, Governor Hogan is dumping the $2.6 billion-odd light rail project in Baltimore, but he says his administration is prepared to continue with “a more cost-effective and streamlined version” of the Purple light rail line – Bethesda to New Carrollton. He says his administration will shoulder $168 million versus $700 million committed by former Governor Martin O’Malley to what was costed at about $2.5 billion.

This requires savings in the purchase of fewer rail cars (and lesser frequency of trains) plus increased contributions by Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties.

All these are moves in the right direction. The light rail projects are a sinkhole for taxpayer dollars both in construction and then in operating losses in years to come. And the numbers of people they promise to serve is highly speculative. Even at the promised numbers, they shape up as hugely expensive per rider.

Northern Virginia’s Silver Line is working out expensive at $240 million per mile construction cost, but Maryland’s light rail projects are not far behind at $150 million per mile for the Purple Line and $180-plus million per mile for the Red Line. And that’s before cost overruns!

Now the Silver Line is a ‘heavy rail’ service in a fully grade-separated right of way running trains as long as eight cars, and with a design that allows 70mph running speeds.

Light rail is a kind of bastard design – a cross between a trolley/streetcar and a metro rail, limited by a lot of in-street operation (2 or 3 car trains, 30mph running speeds) that manages to incur a large proportion of the construction costs of the metro.

The Red Line had a central heavy rail type underground section over 3 miles long with five deep stations through downtown Baltimore – a ‘big dig’ kind of project horrendously difficult to manage to a budget. Much of the remainder is at-grade, an environment in which an interface has to be managed with motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. Cross-streets are often closed, turns are more difficult and street space is consumed.

The Purple Line is almost all at-grade, making for easier, cheaper construction but maximizing interface problems with other modes. Average speed on the Purple line will be barely 15 mph, calling into question its ability to attract riders from other modes. (Bicycles regularly sustain 15mph!) In neither case will road congestion be improved according to the modeling.

Brookings Institution economists Winston and Maheshri (Journal of Urban Economics July 2006) compiled data on the characteristics and performance of 25 rail systems and their urban environments, modeling how they might be adapted to pay their way and produce benefits greater than their costs.

Their finding: It can’t be done. Rail in none of its forms can attract the volumes of riders needed to cover its high costs in most American cities because cars, buses and roads provide better service at much lower cost.

They concluded: “We find for all systems that the welfare optimizing (mileage) of track is zero… no optimal size for any (rail) transit system exists that enables it to generate enough consumer surplus and revenue to offset its (costs.)”

Growth and Jobs?

Economic development? This and the jobs is the most frequently touted benefit from the Red and Purple lines. Winston and Mahreshri found no measurable net effect from any of the new rail systems – just rearrangement of development with more development close to rail stops, but offset by less development elsewhere. The light rail boosters forget to mention the offsetting change on the negative side of the ledger.

The ‘Four area megaprojects compared’ panel (click on image below) I drafted shows the cost problem suffered by the light rail projects.




I’ve gone out of my way to give them the benefit of the doubt – for example using their forecast ridership numbers (likely to be lower) and estimated costs (likely to be higher.) And I’ve used current average link volumes on 495 where we use total trips on the rail lines. So the discrepancy shown is likely to understate road’s cost advantage.

Selfdrive Technology and Roads

Looking ahead ten or fifteen years the implementation of sensing and communications technologies will enable roads and rubber-tired vehicles to get much further ahead. Selfdrive technologies will (1) turn drive-time into talk-time, internet time, email time, etc.; (2) allow cars to be run closer together for greater throughput; and (3) enable automatic valet parking. Digital mapping and matching apps are just beginning to support carpooling, ride shares, casual taxi work (Uber, Lyft, Vride, Zimride… the list goes on). Roads have advantages of flexibility and adaptability needed for the quick adoption of these kinds of productivity enhancing innovations.

Governor Hogan had little to lose politically by simply dumping the Red Line as a “wasteful boondoggle.” He could have acknowledged however that it leaves downtown Baltimore with poor connections to the Woodlawn area at the end of I-70. Some new pavement-based link is, I suggest, worth a study.

Politics and the Purple Line

The Purple Line as transportation is just as much a ‘boondoggle’ as the Red Line, perhaps more so. Crosstown routings like the Purple Line have a worse record than downtown-oriented rail. And the Purple Line is slower.

Politics however favored the Purple Line. It is fully designed and ready to go. And it is quicker and easier to build than the Red, more likely to produce a ribbon-cutting within a governor’s term of office. Governor Hogan has much more at stake politically in Montgomery County than in Baltimore. Getting the counties to contribute more, and slimming the cost a little is also smart politics.

At a recent (June 12) Suburban Maryland Transportation Alliance (SMTA) ‘summit’ there were many calls for “political leadership” on three of the bigger projects, especially the Maryland Beltway Bethesda east, the I-270/495 corridor, and an ICC-VA28 link with a new Potomac River bridge.

Governor Hogan and Secretary Pete Rahn clearly think they have a big job to do with the $2 billion program they’ve announced, and understandably are reluctant to even think about SMTA’s three highway megaprojects.

Project Self-Sufficiency for Mega Undertakings

I think it would help, as suggested in a previous piece, if they were to spell out a principle of project self-sufficiency – encouraging private sector initiative in developing big projects that can pay their way with fees for use (tolls).

After all, that’s the way Virginia got its I-495 express lanes and rebuild, and improvements for cars and buses on I-95 and the Dulles Greenway.

Let the private sector wrestle with alternative routings and traffic studies and all that!

* * * * *

Peter Samuel of British and Australian upbringing has an academic background in economics, finance, and urban planning. In the U.S. from 1980 to 1992 he wrote as a daily reporter on defense and foreign policy. Then, as a freelance writer, he specialized in critical writing on the environmental movement. A longtime friend of Robert Poole, he wrote first on roads for Poole’s Reason magazine: click here. An article on toll roads commissioned by Forbes magazine in 1996 led him to specialize in reporting on the toll-roads business, first in a low circulation monthly Toll Roads Newsletter, that he established, then in the web-based TOLLROADSnews, which he sold to new management at the end of 2013. In the U.S. since 1980 he has lived in the New York area, in N.W. Washington D.C., and since 1992 in Frederick County, Maryland. He currently lives in 19th century downtown Frederick.

Homeland Defense Richard Falknor on 19 Jun 2015

UPDATED! Any Answers On Sharia From Our Local GOP Politicians? Judicial Watch Reveals “SPLC Issues Hit List of U.S. Women Against Sharia Law”

UPDATE!Poll of U.S. Muslims Reveals Ominous Levels Of Support For Islamic Supremacists’ Doctrine of Shariah, Jihad” — Center for Security Policy June 23, 2015

* * * * * * * * * *

As we tweeted yesterday, the respected Judicial Watch revealed SPLC Issues Hit List of U.S. Women Against Sharia Law–

“The Obama-tied leftist group that helped a gunman commit an act of terrorism against a conservative organization has assembled a starter kit for Islamists to attack American women who refuse to comply with Sharia law, the authoritarian doctrine that inspires Islamists and their jihadism.
It’s the summer special from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an extremist nonprofit that lists conservative organizations that disagree with it on social issues on a catalogue of ‘hate groups.’ A few years ago a gunman received a 25-year prison sentence for carrying out the politically-motivated shooting of the Family Research Council (FRC) headquarters after admitting that he learned about the FRC from the SPLC ‘hate map.’ Prosecutors called it an act of terrorism and recommended a 45-year sentence.
Now the SPLC, which has conducted diversity training for the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ), is targeting female bloggers, activists and television personalities who refuse to comply with Sharia law which is rooted in the Quran. The European Court on Human rights has repeatedly ruled that Sharia is ‘incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy’ yet politically-connected radical Muslim groups—such as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)—keep pushing to implement it in the United States and the movement has gained steam.
Among those resisting this effort publicly are the high-profile women being targeted by the SPLC. Some of them are colleagues or friends of Judicial Watch and now they must fear for their safety simply for practicing their rights under the U.S. Constitution. The new hate list is titled Women Against Islam/The Dirty Dozen and includes illustrations and detailed information on all the women, who are branded ‘the core of the anti-Muslim radical right.’ The new SPLC hate brochure further targets them by claiming that they’re ‘a dozen of the most hardline anti-Muslim women activists in America.’
Political activist and commentator Pamela Geller is branded the ‘country’s most flamboyant and visible Muslim-basher’ for, among other things ‘smearing and demonizing Muslims.’ Blogger Ann Barnhardt is identified as one of the ‘most extreme Muslim-bashers in the United States’ and radio talk-show host Laura Ingram made the list for saying that hundreds of millions of Muslims were delighted that 12 people were massacred by Islamic terrorists in the Paris headquarters of a satirical magazine. Former CIA agent Clare Lopez, who runs a Washington D.C. think-tank focusing on national security issues, made the list for saying that the Muslim Brotherhood has ‘infiltrated and suborned the U.S. government to actively assist…the mission of its grand jihad.’
Others appearing on the anti-Sharia docket include television personality and former judge and prosecutor Jeanine Pirro, former chairwoman of the Texas Republican Party Cathie Adams, talk-show host Sandy Rios of the American Family Association, syndicated columnist Diana West, attorney and columnist Debbie Schlussel, blogger Cathy Hinners, ACT! for America founder Brigitte Gabriel and conservative writer and TV personality Ann Coulter. Among her biggest offenses, according to the SPLC, is proclaiming that ‘not all Muslims may be terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims—at least all terrorists capable of assembling a murderous plot against America.'” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Today RRW Strikes Back!

Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch(RRW) spotlights the Southern Poverty Law Center’s war on women!

“The filthy rich Southern Poverty Law Center announced its list of 12 women it claims are anti-sharia activists according to Judicial Watch blog yesterday in a post entitled, ‘SPLC Issues Hit List of U.S. Women Against Sharia Law.’
So here is what I would like to know, if any of these women are harmed (God forbid), could the Southern Poverty Law Center be sued and possibly charged with instigating a ‘hate’ crime? Just wondering…..”(Highlighting Forum’s)

Our Question to Local GOP Figures:
America, should Virginia, should Maryland, be concerned with the dangers of Sharia?


Yesterday’s analysis from Judicial Watch of the SPLC attack has again put these issues on the front table.

These Republican legislators

who sponsored this year’s Virginia General Assembly commendation** of the ADAMS Center

“RESOLVED by the House of Delegates, the Senate concurring, That the General Assembly hereby commend the ADAMS Center for more than 30 years of comprehensive service to the community; and, be it
RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Clerk of the House of Delegates prepare a copy of this resolution for presentation to the ADAMS Center as an expression of the General Assembly’s admiration for the center’s contributions to Northern Virginia.” — House Joint Resolution No. 934 (final text February 26, 2015)

must have given these matters extensive thought and reflection. (Readers may wish to visit our article on the commendation here.)

So let’s hear the judgments of each of the ADAMS Center commendation sponsors: LeMunyon, Minchew, Ramadan, Rust, and Greason on


* * * * * * * * * *

Faithful readers will recall our article of March 6, 2014 on the Virginia General Assembly’s earlier commendation for the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center:  MORE! VA House of Delegates ‘Commend’ A Mosque With A Dark Past.

First things . . . Richard Falknor on 18 Jun 2015

TPA House Vote Today! Senator Jeff Sessions Warns -Again- Of The Peril To Our Sovereignty & Self-Government

Last evening, senior U. S. Senate Republican Jeff Sessions warned–

Fast-Track Guarantees Three Mammoth Global Pacts Encompassing Up To 90% Of World GDP

Senate Immigration and The National Interest panel chair Sessions spelled out last evening the many pitfalls of TPAplease read his entire statement below.

“The House is preparing to vote again [today] on providing fast-track executive authority [Trade Promotion Authority or TPA] to the President. If adopted, it will be sent immediately to the Senate for final consideration.
It is essential that there be no misunderstanding: fast-track preapproves the formation of not only the unprecedentedly large Trans-Pacific Partnership, but an unlimited number of such agreements over the next six years. Those pacts include three of the most ambitious ever contemplated. After TPP comes the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the United States and the European Union, followed by the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA), seeking as one its goals labor mobility among more than 50 nations. Together, these three international compacts encompass three-fourths of the world’s GDP. Including the nations whose membership is being courted for after enactment, the countries involved would encompass nearly 90 percent of global GDP. Yet, through fast-track, Congress will have authorized the President to ink these deals before a page of them has been made public. Then, the Executive sends Congress “implementing” legislation to change U.S. law—legislation which cannot be amended, cannot be filibustered, and will not be subjected to the Constitutional requirement for a two-thirds treaty vote.
According to the European Commission, the TiSA agreement—which most House and Senate members did not know about when they voted—will follow in the footsteps of the WTO’s Trade in Services Provisions, which has already inhibited the U.S. from making needed immigration changes. The European Commission says the EU ‘wants as many countries as possible to join the agreement.’ We have already seen how the EU has curtailed sovereignty in Europe; we do not want to follow in its footsteps.
This nation has never seen an agreement that compares to the TPP, which forms a new Pacific Union. This is far more than a trade agreement, but creates a self-governing and self-perpetuating Commission with extraordinary implications for American workers and American sovereignty.
Such a historic international regulatory Commission should never be fast-tracked, and should never be put on a path to passage until every word has been publicly scrutinized, every question answered, and every last power understood by Congress and the American people.(Highlighting Forum’s)

To understand the very distasteful (and bipartisan) schemes behind TPA, read Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle this morning in–

Team Obamatrade Planning Tricky Effort to Sneak Export-Import Bank Reauthorization into Deal

Most important, call all the GOP House members you know: should TPA be enacted, it will speed the further “transformation” of our lives in ways we will not be able to resist effectively.

Reforming Maryland admin on 15 Jun 2015

Will Extra-Terrestrial Policing Rules Help Baltimore City Recover?

By Jeff Levin** 

Yesterday, Sunday, June 14, 2015, the following two news story headers appeared on page one of the Baltimore Sun, above the fold:

  • “Arrest decline spurs concern”;
  • “For city merchants a difficult road back”.

As of 2:19 AM that same date, there had been 132 murders* in Baltimore City (population around 600,000) since January 1, 2015: 120 blacks, 6 whites, 1 Asian, 5 race unknown, including 9 below the age of 18 all of whom were black. During the same five and one-half months last year, there were 89 mostly black murder victims.

Since May 1st of this year, there have been 59 Baltimore murders of whom 53 were black including children aged one, two, and seven. Additionally, there have been more than 100 non-fatal shootings since May 1st.

The identity of the killers is mostly not known, as very few of the murders have been solved. But no one doubts that the preponderance of the killers are the same race as the preponderance of the victims.

“Arrest decline spurs concern”

The first headline above refers to an astonishing drop in the number of arrests by Baltimore police officers since May 1st, despite the extraordinary increase in violent crime.

Officers have explained that they want to do their job, but fear being charged with crimes if they make a mistake.

Theirs is a rational fear.

After May 1st, Baltimore’s prosecutor brought criminal assault and false imprisonment charges against several officers who participated in the Freddie Gray arrest. The subsequent grand jury indictments dropped the false imprisonment charges, but maintained second degree assault charges against all six of the officers involved in the arrest or transport of Gray. The assault charges appear to be circular in that they seem to be based on nothing more than the physical apprehension of Gray without, according to the prosecutor, probable cause for the arrest.

The first article vividly describes the situation. “I’ve noticed fewer police,” said Steve Dixon, the program director of a west Baltimore recovery center.

“We’re having robberies at the playground in broad daylight. All these murders and shootings, we’re having them in broad daylight.”

“For city merchants a difficult road back”.

The second headline refers to the approximately 380 businesses that the rioters damaged, destroyed, or burned, as a result of Baltimore’s decision to give, in the mayor’s words, “protestors” the “space” “to destroy.”

Business owners have to decide whether to reopen in a city that chooses not to protect them, particularly in light of what might happen if the indicted officers are not seen by activists to be “sufficiently” punished.

Those owners who decide to reopen will still have to navigate the City’s bureaucracies and figure out how to operate with much higher costs – property insurance, for example.

Into this daunting context jumps the state legislature’s new “Public Safety and Policing Workgroup,” appointed by State Senate president Mike Miller and House of Delegates speaker Michael Busch, with calls for police sensitivity training “to help police officers identify their own subconscious racial biases” and for “racial and ethnic diversity training.” See Kazanjian, “Legislators call for more diversity, standardized training for police,” MarylandReporter, June 8, 2015.

This cartoonish, “politically correct” (PC) response to a desperate situation is from an alternate universe.

In the universe in which we live, Baltimore has a black mayor, a black city council president, black police and fire chiefs, and an elected black prosecutor. Moreover, three of the six Freddie Gray indicted officers are black including the driver of the transporting van.

The police – 130 had to seek hospital treatment for their riot injuries — who were trying to protect the mostly black victims of mostly black criminals are not the ones needing racial sensitivity training.

One day before this extra-terrestrial workgroup meeting, at 4:53 AM, Kevin Jones, a 22 year old black male, was murdered – “shot multiple times” – on the Pimlico Race Course’s parking lot where he was on his way to his job as a security guard at the track. See WBALtv.com report.

The out-of-state corporation that owns the track has pointedly been talking of moving the Preakness from Pimlico with an urgency that was not present before the “space” to “destroy” riots. A senior representative of the corporation was quick to underline the relevance of Kevin Jones’ murder to the upcoming decision.

Businesses and professionals, both here and elsewhere, have their eyes set directly on Baltimore City to see whether we will do what is needed to reestablish public safety. Big money decisions and the economic future of our city and state, as well as the lives of who knows how many mostly black Baltimore citizens, are in the balance.

PC claptrap from other-worldly workgroups is neither going to protect Baltimore City’s vulnerable population nor enable its recovery.

* * * * * * * * * *

*The Sun reports, as of AM on 6/15, the murder figure is now 134.
** Contributor Jeff Levin has law and business degrees from Columbia University. He practiced labor law in Baltimore until his father’s sudden death in 1975 when he began managing his family’s retail business in Pikesville, Maryland until its closing in 2012. While there, he was a founding member of the reconstituted Pikesville Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Pikesville Community Growth Corporation. Levin served as the Chamber’s president from 1981-1983 and the Growth Corporation’s president from 1985-1989. He is a long-time board member of the Maryland Taxpayers Association and a regular at the Maryland Thursday Meeting.

Conservative Common Sense Richard Falknor on 11 Jun 2015

Common Sense: Why Did Loudoun GOP Statesman Delegate Randy Minchew Sponsor A General Assembly Commendation For The Adams (All Dulles Area Muslim Society) Center?

Last week Leesburg Today’s Mike Stancik reportedMinchew Kicks Off Re-election Run”–

“Loudoun Treasurer H Roger Zurn Jr., who has held his office since 1996, introduced Minchew and said the best word to describe him is ‘statesman,’ because Minchew’s had a respected career and has concentrated on helping the most amount of constituents.”

If not a coronation, certainly a celebration of his incumbency and his earlier service to the former governor?

But we had already been astonished to learn of Randy Minchew’s sponsorship (click here) in the Virginia House of Delegates of House Joint Resolution No. 934 (final text February 26, 2015) declaring–

“RESOLVED by the House of Delegates, the Senate concurring, That the General Assembly hereby commend the ADAMS Center for more than 30 years of comprehensive service to the community; and, be it
RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Clerk of the House of Delegates prepare a copy of this resolution for presentation to the ADAMS Center as an expression of the General Assembly’s admiration for the center’s contributions to Northern Virginia.”

The Troubling History of the Adams Center

Let’s start with the Western Journalism Review‘s March 7, 2011 “Obama Asks Terrorism Help — from Muslim Brotherhood Spinoff” (click here) —

“Preemptive Groveling
Flush with instances of American Muslims supporting Islamic jihad, Rep. Peter King is set to launch his investigation into the radicalization of U.S. mosques, imams, and the faithful they serve later this week. Barack Obama, ever keen to reach out to the Muslim community, decided to get ahead of this by sending a deputy to plead with the extremists for cooperation. On Sunday, Deputy National Security Advisor Denis McDonough spoke to a Sterling, Virginia, mosque some believe is a model of moderate Islam: the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS), led by imam Mohamed Magid. Indeed, McDonough began by thanking Magid by name.
Although the Sudanese-born imam presents himself as an ecumenical, anti-terrorism leader active in ‘interfaith’ outreach, his current associations — and those of others at his mosque — present a different picture.”

In 2013, counter-terorism expert Patrick Poole in his “BLIND TO TERROR: THE U.S. GOVERNMENT’S DISASTROUS MUSLIM OUTREACH EFFORTS AND THE IMPACT ON U.S. MIDDLE EAST POLICY” (click here) explained–

“At the same time that the DOJ inspector general began its investigation of the FBI’s continued contacts with CAIR in violation of stated policy, the bureau began taking another approach. In March 2012, the FBI released guidelines it claimed informed its purge of hundreds of documents and more than 300 presentations from its counterterrorism training materials. This ‘Touchstone document’ articulates the FBI’s new policy that associating with a terrorist organization, if that organization has both violent and legal elements, does not mean that someone agrees with the violent ends of that organization:
This distinction includes recognition of the corresponding principle that mere association with organizations that demonstrates both legitimate (advocacy) and illicit (violent extremism) objectives should not automatically result in a determination that the associated individual is acting in furtherance of the organization’s illicit objective(s).
Thus, according to this new FBI policy, if the group supports violence but performs some legitimate functions (say, for instance, al-Qa’ida, which Sen. Patty Murray [D-WA] infamously said helped pay to build schools, roads, and day care centers, associating with that group, according to the FBI, doesn’t mean you support that group’s violent ends. Thus, the terror support of their Muslim outreach partners is absolved with a rhetorical sleight-of-hand.
This is why Mohamed Majid, who just a few years before was treated as a pariah by the Attorney General of the United States after federal prosecutors named his organization as a front for the Muslim Brotherhood and a supporter of terrorism in the largest terrorism financing trial in American history, can just a few short years later not only be rehabilitated, but can regularly be found–much as al-Qa’ida fundraiser Abdul Rahman al-Amoudi who preceded him–a frequent visitor to the White House. Just prior to President Obama’s March 2013 visit to the Middle East, ISNA openly trumpeted that Majid had advised the president prior to his trip.”

In 2015, the Center for Security Policy’s Tiger Team (p. 4 here) revealed in THE SECURE FREEDOM STRATEGY A Plan for Victory Over the Global Jihad Movement”

“Indeed, particularly troubling is a fact understood by both friends and foes in the Arab world: the Muslim Brotherhood has achieved access to and influence over the highest ranks of the U.S. government. Examples abound. Two are particularly noteworthy, however:
• Mohamed Magid, the imam of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) Center (a complex of shariah adherent mosques in Northern Virginia) and for several years the president of the Muslim Brotherhood’s largest front organization, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), has advised President Obama, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and numerous other federal agencies and their leaders.
• Mohamed Elibiary is another prominent former member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Advisory Council with ties to the Brotherhood. He is the founder and president of the Freedom and Justice Foundation and Committee Chairman and Board Member of the Dallas Fort Worth chapter of the Council on AmericanIslamic Relations (CAIR). Elibiary played a central role in events that led up to an October 2011 letter to the White House, in which elements of the American Muslim Brotherhood demanded that the White House remove from U.S. government training curriculum information and materials relating toIslamic based terrorism, even insisting on firings, ‘retraining,’ and ‘purges.'” (click here — then go to p. 29)

But more troubling–we learned yesterday that today

“On June 11, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson will travel to Sterling, Va., to meet with the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) to discuss the Department’s ongoing efforts to expand partnerships with community organizations and state and local officials on civil rights and civil liberties to safeguard local communities.“(Highlighting Forum’s)

What could the Secretary mean by–

“expand partnerships with community organizations and state and local officials on civil rights and civil liberties to safeguard local communities” ?

Maybe former Federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy has some clues.

Andrew McCarthy warned us in 2013 of the schemes of this regime to suppress criticisms of Islam in his NRO post Coercing Conformity: A government that creates the climate for bullying is the worst of the bullies

“In ‘protecting the rights of all people to worship the way they choose,’ then–secretary of state Hillary Clinton vowed ‘to use some old-fashioned techniques of peer pressure and shaming, so that people don’t feel that they have the support to do what we abhor.’
Mrs. Clinton required translation into the language of truth, as she generally does when her lips are moving. By the ‘rights’ of ‘all people’ to ‘worship’ as ‘they choose,’ she meant the sharia-based desire of Muslim supremacists to foreclose critical examination of Islam. Madame Secretary, you see, was speechifying before her friends at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) — the bloc of 56 Muslim countries plus the Palestinian territories.”

Any Common Sense Solutions Here For Virginia Conservatives?

Randy Minchew is no lightweight among Virginia Republicans.  He is a respected public man…the very model of an Establishment Republican. 

Which is why his role in helping the General Assembly to commend the ADAMS Center is a troubling one.

One might start by asking the good delegate–

Do you publicly support our First Amendment free-speech rights against any Islamist “blasphemy” demands?

Perhaps he does not believe the ADAMS Center is affiliated with ISNA?  Or perhaps he believes the affiliation does not matter?

After all, if the ADAMS Center is good enough for the White House . . . ?

Does delegate Minchew “get” what we mean by “Civilization Jihad”?

Or does he see the Muslim Brotherhood as a bridge to a quieter world without the turbulence of ISIS? We suspect that there are a few big-business-oriented Republicans who might believe just that.

Not just Loudoun, but northern Virginia conservatives, should press Mr. Minchew for some full public answers.

Otherwise conservatives might think that the mainstream Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) is all right with the ADAMS Center.

But if that is where the mainstream RPV stands, we should also know that explicitly.

* * * * * * * * * *

Related Posts:

ADAMS Center in Sterling, VA: Jihad Central from Understanding The Threat
“When considering conducting any ‘outreach’ to the ADAMS Center, organizations should decide whether they want to provide material support to a jihadi organization which seeks their destruction, or put aside the pleasantries and speak truth about who the ADAMS Center really is.”
UPDATED! George Allen Meets The Islamic Society of North America from Blue Ridge Forum
Muzzling the Grandys: Political Islam and the Virginia GOP? from Blue Ridge Forum
“Our cautionary message to the GOP Establishment:
If we still have dispassionate historians 20 or 30 years from now, we don’t want them to be able to equate fearful blindness on the part of the GOP toward Political Islam and the Muslim Mafia with the blindness of some (but not all) prominent Democrats in the 1930s and 1940s to Communist infiltration into our government and institutions.

Conservative Common Sense Richard Falknor on 08 Jun 2015

Common Sense: Loudoun County GOP Unity? We Hear You. But How About Real Accountability in Times of Peril?

Our friends at the Bull Elephant reported Friday in their “Loudoun County Republicans Take a Stand for Party Unity”–

“a group of Loudoun County Republicans, including LCRC chairman Mike Haynes, elected officials, and new candidates, held a press conference to stand strongly for party unity, criticizing two former Republicans for running against Republican candidates.”

But the Loudoun GOP should now put first things first — and insist their Representative in the Congress Barbara Comstock explain in plain words and in public fora her positions on current survival issues.  For starters–

  • on Obamatrade here,
  • on immigration here,
  • and her links to pro-amnesty NYC billionaire Paul Singer here.

Not Just Unity: Accountability

Loudoun County Republican Committee (LCRC) chair Mike Haynes is indeed correct when he declares–

“in 2016, once again Loudoun County will be political ground zero in America.”

This link should help explain why Loudoun matters in the American scheme of things.

The sachems of our local GOP Establishment have indeed made a big public noise about two members of the faithful who have strayed from the flock and are troubling the others.

And their protest is right in the American tradition.

So let’s accept Mr. Haynes’s evaluation of Loudoun’s political importance, and acknowledge hearing his plea for Party unity.

But today is not the benign America of Dwight Eisenhower in 1956 or Ronald Reagan in 1982.

This is an America undergoing “transformation” by a lawless president who is using every remaining day of his tenure to try to complete his work throughout all levels of government and society. This is an America that may be severely “transformed” by January 2017. And this is an America whose opposition party — the GOP — not only flees confrontation with the president but is widely perceived as having few if any steady principles.

“Survival” Issues?

Today Senator Jeff Sessions explains how “Fast-Track Would Give Obama Green Light To Form EU-Inspired ‘Pacific Union,’ Surrender Congress’ Treaty Powers

Senior Republican Sessions asked the president here “Why Are You Keeping Obamatrade’s New Global Governance Secret?”

And the Alabama constitutional expert listed “Myth Vs. Fact On Fast-Track Executive Authority.

The Congress has continued to bankroll Obama’s amnesty.

But we can revisit from last March Sessions On [House] Homeland Vote: ‘When It Comes To Defending Our Sovereignty There Is No ‘Moving On.’

And calling members to account? Mike Giere in his TPP – The Big Con Job – on You urges us to ask members–

“have you even read the pact, and do you support it enough to make sure that the American people have a chance to read it as well?”

Without the Loudoun GOP becoming an engine of accountability in times of grave national peril, the words of the good Mr. Haynes will sadly be heard — at best — as Professor Luftmensch.

Reforming Maryland Richard Falknor on 07 Jun 2015

Overpass Media: Seeing Baltimore City’s Destruction Straight

Organizer Ed Hunter here reports that Tea Party activists will be fanning out over Maryland and Virginia with hard hitting overpass-media messages directed against a corrupt and complacent (and too-often-bipartisan) political establishment.

Photo below shows one such protest north of Baltimore during last Friday’s rush-hour.

Overpass Media

Overpass Media Protest


Click here to read Daniel Greenfield’s piercing analysis of Baltimore City’s pathology in hisThe Incredible Entitlement of the Welfare Lobby”–

“Food stamp use in Baltimore under Obama increased 58%, but even back in 2009, a quarter of Baltimore and a third of its black population were on food stamps. Baltimore already accounts for almost half of the food stamp using households in the entire state.
Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings called for an ‘inclusion revolution’ after the riots, but the revolution in his district happened a while back where a fifth of the households are on food stamps. Even though the household racial split in the seventh is about even, 85% of food stamp households are black. Cummings says that Baltimore needs to be a model for the nation. It’s a hell of a model.
The nation can’t survive turning into Baltimore. The city is subsidized by Maryland taxpayers, a state full of bedroom communities for consultants and employees of the Federal government. Maryland didn’t become the richest state in America through entrepreneurship and hard work, but by siphoning off massive Federal spending. Billions have already been ‘massively invested’ in Baltimore with no return.”

Greenfield warns–

“The incredible entitlement of the welfare lobby has to end if the inner city is to have a future.”

Stay tuned for more Overpass Media.



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