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2016 Election Richard Falknor on 07 Apr 2016

Maryland United States Senate Hopeful Kathy Szeliga: Some Clear Answers On Grave National Issues?

Maryland delegate Kathy Szeliga (click here) appears to be the favored candidate (for monoblogue’s take, click here) among Maryland Republican voters, who will choose their nominee for United States Senator on April 26.

Below are concerns that have drawn thousands to rallies across the nation.  They will surely continue to be matters before the United States Senate.

The “Jeff Sessions” Test

Senator Jeff Sessions in February drew a list of questions (click here for Julia Hahn’s Breitbart background) for presidential candidates which we have adapted (via our brackets) for Senate candidates —

“Question 1: How would you vote…on fast-track, and would you support or oppose advancing a final trade agreement which enters the United States into a new international commission with binding authority on future United States trade policy?
Question 2: If the vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership were held today, and you had a vote to cast in Congress, would you vote for it or against it?
Question 3: Upon entering office, will you [urge the prompt and unconditional termination and recission] of all of President Obama’s illegal executive amnesties – which provide work permits and entitlements to illegal aliens – including President Obama’s first executive amnesty in 2012, which remains in effect?
Question 4: A supermajority of GOP voters say immigration is too high. Every year, on autopilot, we let in another 1 million immigrants on green cards, 700,000 foreign guest workers, half a million foreign students, and 100,000 refugees and asylees. Historical precedent would be to reduce record-breaking immigration, rather than continuing to surge it beyond all historical precedent. Will you support legislation to reduce immigration numbers, and will you oppose legislation that would add to the number?
Question 5: Today, law enforcement are under increasing scrutiny and face excessive criticism from the political elites and the media, and are being targeted by criminals and terrorists. Meanwhile, since 2011, the federal prison population has declined by over 20,000, and is on track to be at its lowest level since 2005. Since 2009, the total state prison population has dropped every year, and is over 56,000 lower than it was then. These circumstances may have contributed to a nationwide spike in crime. The FBI recently reported an overall increase in violent crime and a 17 percent increase in homicides in the nation’s 50 largest cities. At the same time, the CDC reports that heroin and opioid drug overdoses have reached an all-time record high. Do you support efforts by President Obama and some Republicans in Congress to reduce penalties for drug-trafficking and further reduce the federal prison population, or do you think government should do more to keep drug traffickers off the streets?”(Highlighting Forum’s throughout).

And a question we consider a survival matter–

Would you support a pause in Muslim immigration?

Finally, we ask —

Which incumbent United States Senator’s accomplishments would delegate Szeliga follow as a model?

Maryland Republicans should insist on clear answers from whoever is their standard bearer for United States Senator. The optimistic tone of delegate Szeliga’s campaign message is praiseworthy, but she must support it by articulating thoughtful positions on vital matters. Many Maryland voters of all flavors will respect blunt answers in these times of grave peril to our land.

* * * * * * * * *

Readers may wish to visit these sources for pertinent background – –

“Immigration Adds 1 New Los Angeles Every 3 Years”
 “It is not as though every applicant is either clearly tied to terrorists on the one hand, or is absolutely safe on the other. Many people are radicalized after they enter. How do we screen for that possibility, if we cannot even ask about an applicant’s views on religion? Would we forbid questions about politics? Or theology?”
“[Ryan] provides Obama tailwinds instead of headwinds for his most dangerous agenda, which is opposed by the silent majority of the country.”

Shariah & Civilization Jihad Richard Falknor on 30 Mar 2016

A Megaphone For (Not-So-Moderate?) Islam: Maryland’s $100 Million Mega-Mosque Opens April 2!

via Walid Shoebat

via Walid Shoebat

Victoria Jones of NBCWashington reported Monday in her Turkish President to Attend Grand Opening of Maryland Mosque

“Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will visit Lanham, Maryland, this week to celebrate the opening of The Diyanet Center of America, an Islamic center.  He is expected to speak at the ceremony and open the center.
Erdogan will be joined by Dr. Mehmet Gormez, Turkey’s president of religious affairs, at the event Saturday, April 2. The ceremony is open to the public and scheduled from 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

A Turkish media outlet crowed this week–

“President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will leave for the US, where he will open the country’s largest-ever mosque complex, the Turkish-American Culture and Civilization Center.
Located in Lanham, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, DC, the Center includes a mosque and other facilities including a cultural center, gift shop, coffee house, and guest house. The mosque, built in accordance with Ottoman architecture, will be inaugurated by Erdogan and US President Barack Obama on April 2. Although there are many mosques in the US, this is the only one that has two minarets.
The mosque, built with Turkish funding under the supervision of Turkey’s religious foundation (Diyanet), has the capacity to host 3,000 Muslim believers indoors and outdoors. Constructed in the Seljuk architectural style, the Center also has a library, conference and exhibition halls, and a reception area. It aims to tell people about the facts of the Islamic religion and guide Muslims in prayers and religious principles.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

But before we go further, see these perspectives by Andrew McCarthy on the Turkish president: click here and here.

Last Friday, Walid Shoebat presented his own extended analysis (click here) of the significance of this mosque–

“Do you see ‘US Double Minaret Mosque’ above in the article Erdogan published? Why ‘Two Minarets’?
An Ottoman sultan is addressed as such in prayer: ‘O God, assist the Sultan, son of the Sultan, Sovereign of the Two Continents, of the Two Seas, Destroyer of Two Armies, Sultan of the Two Iraqs, Servant of the Two Sanctuaries [Mecca and Medina]” (Ibn Iyas, 195-1960). Muhammad II was “Sovereign of the Two Seas, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.’
Turkey is an empire that will arise twice, once as the Ottoman Empire, then the second time after this deadly wound is healed as the Neo-Ottomans.”

Continues Shoebat–

“English: expect a spiritual Bubonic plague all with mystic Sufism [see link here on Shoebat’s take on Sufism] and wakeup calls of Allahu-Akbar from loudspeakers thundering the community at the wee hours of the night.”

This Turkish government has a long political reach in the US as we explained in our earlier posts The Turkish Connection & Virginia (And Other) Trade Delegations and The Intense Outreach of Agents of Turkish Islamist Influence.

Overriding question for all Americans: should Maryland and Prince Georges County advance the establishment of a supremacist ideology — sailing under the flag of religion — by allowing this mega-mosque in Lanham?


via Walid Shoebat


First things . . . Richard Falknor on 26 Mar 2016

The Collect For Easter Week — The Gospel for Easter Day

“The Collect”

“ALMIGHTY God, who through thine only-begotten Son Jesus Christ hast overcome death, and opened unto us the gate of everlasting life; We humbly beseech thee that, as by thy special grace preventing us thou dost put into our minds good desires, so by thy continual help we may bring the same to good effect; through the same Jesus Christ our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Ghost ever, one God, world without end. Amen.”

“The Gospel. St. John xx. 1.”
“THE first day of the week cometh Mary Magdalene early, when it was yet dark, unto the sepulchre, and seeth the stone taken away from the sepulchre. Then she runneth, and cometh to Simon Peter, and to the other disciple, whom Jesus loved, and saith unto them, They have taken away the Lord out of the sepulchre, and we know not where they have laid him. Peter therefore went forth, and that other disciple, and came to the sepulchre. So they ran both together: and the other disciple did outrun Peter, and came first to the sepulchre. And he stooping down, and looking in, saw the linen clothes lying; yet went he not in. Then cometh Simon Peter following him, and went into the sepulchre, and seeth the linen clothes lie, and the napkin, that was about his head, not lying with the linen clothes, but wrapped together in a place by itself. Then went in also that other disciple, which came first to the sepulchre, and he saw, and believed. For as yet they knew not the scripture, that he must rise again from the dead. Then the disciples went away again unto their own home”

1928 — Book of Common Prayer


2016 Election Richard Falknor on 20 Mar 2016

Social Critic Camille Paglia’s Evolving Views On Donald Trump

Of course, social critic Camille Paglia is a Sanders supporter, but we know of her intellectual independence from her many years opposing political correctness and the resultant decay of the higher learning in America.

Click here.

“I have observed that working-class or lower-middle-class girls, who are from financially struggling families and who must take a patchwork of menial off-campus jobs to stay in school, are usually the least hospitable to feminist rhetoric. They see life as it is and have fewer illusions about sex. It is affluent, upper-middle class students who most spout the party line — as if the grisly hyperemotionalism of feminist jargon satisfies their hunger for meaningful experience outside their eventless upbringing.”

Last summer in a Salon interview, Paglia characterized Donald Trump a “carnival barker” who was “not remotely a president” — but she nonetheless commented:

“So far this year, I’m happy with what Trump has done, because he’s totally blown up the media!  All of a sudden, ‘BOOM!’  That lack of caution and shooting from the hip. He’s not a president, of course. He’s not remotely a president. He has no political skills of any kind. He’s simply an American citizen who is creating his own bully pulpit.  He speaks in the great populist way, in the slangy vernacular.”

Then, this month, Paglia wrote

“But only a few weeks after that interview of mine in Salon, I suddenly realized that Trump’s candidacy had a broad support that few had expected or discerned.  The agent of my revelation was a hilariously scathing, viral Web blog video posted by Diamond and Silk–Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, two African-American sisters and former Democrats in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  They were reacting with indignant outrage to the first GOP debate, broadcast by Fox News from Cleveland on August 6 and hosted by Megyn Kelly, whose loaded questions had impugned Trump as a sexist.
 If Trump wins the White House, that no-holds-barred video will go down in history as ‘the shot heard round the world,’ Ralph Waldo Emerson’s phrase for the first salvo of the American Revolution by rural insurgents at Concord.  The video signaled a popular uprising and furious pushback against the major media and political elites, who had controlled the national agenda and messaging for far too long.  Diamond and Silk threw zinger after zinger in defending Trump:  ‘Here’s the damn deal, Megyn Kelly—or Kelly Megyn, whatever your name is!…. Go back and report news on Sesame Street!… You hit below the belt, Kelly!… He was the only one up there on that stage with any common sense!… He’s going to be the next president, whether you like it or not.  Get used to it, girl!  Get used to it!’
This fiery endorsement blew me away because it demonstrated how Trump was directly engaging with a diverse coalition in ways that the mainstream media had completely missed.  I felt, and still do, that Trump is far too impetuous and thin-skinned in his amusingly rambling, improvisational style.  The American president, who can spook markets or spark a war with a rash phrase, must be more coolly circumspect.  And aspirants to the presidency shouldn’t care what small fry like bobble-head TV hosts say or do.  A leader must have the long view and show an instinctive capacity to focus and prioritize.
 Nevertheless, Trump’s fearless candor and brash energy feel like a great gust of fresh air, sweeping the tedious clichés and constant guilt-tripping of political correctness out to sea.  Unlike Hillary Clinton, whose every word and policy statement on the campaign trail are spoon-fed to her by a giant paid staff and army of shadowy advisors, Trump is his own man, with a steely ‘damn the torpedoes’ attitude.  He has a swaggering retro machismo that will give hives to the Steinem cabal.  He lives large, with the urban flash and bling of a Frank Sinatra.  But Trump is a workaholic who doesn’t drink and who has an interesting penchant for sophisticated, strong-willed European women.  As for a debasement of the presidency by Trump’s slanging matches about penis size, that sorry process was initiated by a Democrat, Bill Clinton, who chatted about his underwear on TV, let Hollywood pals jump up and down on the bed in the Lincoln Bedroom, and played lewd cigar games with an intern in the White House offices.
Primary voters nationwide are clearly responding to Trump’s brand of classic can-do American moxie.”

Read more.

And yes, there are independent thinkers among The People of the Left.

Prudent conservatives (click here) should pay attention to deeply considered views from these voices  — recognizing, of course, that Paglia is no social conservative.

This widely appreciated social critic gives us perspective on how the leading GOP presidential candidate connects with a wide spectrum of Americans.

First things . . . Richard Falknor on 20 Mar 2016

Riots & Demonstrations: A Prediction From Rush!

Last Friday, Rush Limbaugh told us what to expect and why from the Hard Left (today’s Democratic Party and their vast network of agitators and  media megaphones)–

“You know what I told you I think’s gonna happen after this election, if a conservative Republican wins this election?  Whoever the next president is, is going to be harassed and harangued every day by the usual leftist suspects.  And if even element of the Obama agenda is attempted, if we try to get rid of it, Obama himself is gonna be on TV with his buddies in the media trying to defend it.  It’s not going to be for the faint of heart.  That’s why what’s happening in our campaign right now, this whole Republican primary, is tiddlywinks compared to what the future’s gonna be if we succeed in beating these people back. 
It’s tiddlywinks, and people have got to know how serious this is.”

Continues Limbaugh

“You’re worried about riots right now? You haven’t seen riots until somebody tries to unwind Obamacare.  You haven’t seen riots until the next Republican president takes dead aim at numerous Obama policies — illegal immigration, amnesty — until he takes dead aim at all of Obama’s executive orders. You haven’t seen riots.  They’re already promising us that it’s gonna happen. 
The Occupy Wall Street crowd, they’re already promising these things.  They’re bragging about the biggest riots anybody’s ever seen in the summer to protest Trump.  They’re gonna protest us no matter what, whoever on our side wins.  And what worries me is that we do not have a Republican Party apparatus that is equipped and prepared for this.  It’s a genuine concern of mine.  I don’t like using the word “cave,” but it’s patently obvious they’re not much into conflict.  It’s pretty clear that they are willing to compromise what they believe so that the media doesn’t call them names.  Well, we don’t even know what name-calling is yet. 
People are involved in this right now like it’s an academic exercise.” (Highlighting Forum’s throughout.)

Limbaugh translated: today’s GOP apparatus shrinks from the sting of battle!


If today’s Hard Left isn’t seriously attacking major GOP politicians, the Left has rightly figured that those politicians are all hat (self-styled “common-sense conservatives”) and no cattle (lacking the grit to plan successful action against the Hard Left’s agenda).




2016 Election Richard Falknor on 12 Mar 2016

UPDATED! Maryland & Virginia GOP Leaders And Pundits:Will You Defend GOP Candidate Rallies From The Hard Left?

UPDATE MARCH 14! David Horowitz: “How Not To Fight Our EnemiesSome Republicans seem more intent on destroying their allies.”
* * * * *

“I don’t care how much the totalitarian left hates rhetoric. When political speech is stifled, we are thru as a republic.”
“If you think Trump rally should’ve been cancelled, wait til you see what the goons have for the GOP in Cleve. Should THAT be cancelled too?
David A. Clarke, Jr. Sheriff of Milwaukee County

Yesterday the Institutional Left rioted and prevented Donald Trump from speaking in Chicago.

Instead of denouncing this mob opposed to American values and upholding free political speech and assembly, three GOP presidential candidates shamed themselves by instead blaming Trump.




But Breitbart’s Katie McHugh revealed here some of the consequences in her Voters Slam Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio for Blaming Chicago Rally Shutdown on Donald Trump

“Cruz supporters, incensed by the Texas senator’s blame game, stormed social media to express their anger. Top comments on a Friday Facebook post promoting a Cruz ‘victory fund’ drew furious responses (comments quoted here are unedited)”
. . . .
“Rubio fared little better. A pale but calm Rubio also cast blame on Trump on MSNBC, absolving violent agitators attacking Trump supporters and causing chaos by saying ‘Words have consequences.”

Breitbart’s Lee Stranahan reminds us here “Warned You: Chicago Trump Shutdown Is Just the Beginning”–

“No other news organization has documented the rise and origins of the groups behind Friday night’s madhouse as thoroughly as the team at Breitbart News. From its origins being exposed in the film Occupy Unmasked before the election cycle to covering and exposing every aspect of the new Black Lives Matter incarnation, we’ve given readers the intellectual ammunition to understand the dangerous rise of the new American left in the Obama era.
Just this week, we published two 2,500 word exposés that laid bare not just the history of deception and media collusion that made last night’s rout of Donald Trump’s rally in the Windy City possible, but we also examined the 50 years of progressive hatred that caused such an outpouring of bile on social media after the death of former first lady Nancy Reagan.”

Continues Stranahan–

The enemy here is the organized institutional left, and every single GOP candidate and surrogate needs to start educating the voters on who they are.
This is going to get worse. As I predicted in January:
As the newest incarnation of the activist Left, Black Lives Matter will not back down or rest until it is either stopped by someone gutsy enough to call them out or until it gets what it wants: a bloody revolution leading to a socialist/anarchist America.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Regardless of struggles within the party, the GOP presumably still stands for free political speech and freedom of assembly –and puts these freedoms ahead of any individual politician’s future.

The governor of Maryland; Maryland and Virginia Republican House of Representatives members; state and local Republican committee chairs; General Assembly members; and local Republican pundits should denounce all such attacks by the Institutional Left on the rallies of our presidential candidates.

2016 Election Richard Falknor on 29 Feb 2016

Marco Rubio: A Danger To Our Sovereignty, Our Jobs, Our Culture Of Freedom

Conservative pioneer Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum gives us a current in-depth picture of the junior senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, and his efforts to replace traditional America–

Phyllis Schlafly: Marco Rubio Record Since His Election

“All of which adds up to: there is likely no person in the United States of America in a better position to enact mass immigration legislation than a President Rubio — no one who could deliver more votes in both parties for open borders immigration.  Senator Rubio is not Main Street’s Obama, he is Wall Street’s Obama: President Obama was a hardcore leftist running as centrist; Senator Rubio is a Wall Street globalist running as a tea party conservative.

Unlike other legislation, the effects of bad immigration policy cannot be repealed. They are forever. The Republican party would never nominate a pro-Obamacare candidate, and it must be an even stronger maxim that it should not nominate any candidate who is committed to a policy of mass immigration. Rubio wrote the Obamacare of immigration policies: a bill that would have eviscerated the middle class, plunged millions into poverty, legalized the most dangerous aliens on the planet, overwhelmed our schools and safety nets, and done irreversible violence to the idea of America as a nation-state. Rubio is the candidate of open borders, Obamatrade and mass immigration, making one last attempt to pull off one big con.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Read all of the Eagle Forum memorandum here.

And just yesterday in Alabama, Breitbart’s Julia Hahn reported on the accusations of two of senator Rubio’s constituents–

Displaced Disney Workers:
Shame on You Marco Rubio; We Stand With Trump

“MADISON, Alabama — At Donald Trump’s Sunday rally at Madison City Stadium, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)’s own constituents—two displaced Disney workers—publicly denounced Rubio for prioritizing the interests of his big business donors over the interests of his own constituents. The two endorsed GOP frontrunner Donald Trump for President.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Today Hahn reports–

American Victims of Illegal Alien Crime Urge Nation: ‘Reject Rubio’

“The families who have had  loved ones murdered, raped, maimed, and tortured to death by illegal criminal aliens warn that Rubio is ‘the single most egregious congressional promoter of open borders.'”

        Click here for The Remembrance Project letter to Republican voters.

Ann Corcoran in her American Resistance 2016 post, “Since we have been talking about traitors at Fox News….”, gives us the best counsel on presidential candidate Rubio–

“Please America! No more boys (controlled by power hungry greedy globalists) in the White House!”

2016 Election Richard Falknor on 27 Feb 2016

Trump Overpass Media Message — Friday Rush Hour in Virginia!

Trump supporters send these images of their overpass-media display on I-66 in Virginia to Blue Ridge Forum, reporting —

  • “Friday rush hour coming straight out of DC. 
  • I-66 signs directly in the face of political elite and power classes heading towards VA suburbs.
  • Terrific working class support.”

Can't be bought...2.26.2016

email size 2...Trump VA 2.26.2016

Stay tuned for more overpass-media reports!


First things . . . Richard Falknor on 20 Feb 2016

Trump Iraq War Criticism Can Spur Rediscovery of First Principles For American Conduct in War and Peace

One of the many benefits of the Trump candidacy is that his iconoclastic criticism of George W. Bush and the War in Iraq may open the door to a rediscovery of the first principles of our foreign policy as developed by our founding statesmen.

Instead, what we have heard on the so-called Right, are politicians’ exhortations for the U.S. president to “lead”–somewhere with vague objectives and without reference to the military budget; debates over “boots on the ground” vs. airpower in the Middle East; reckless bi-partisan Congressional bankrolling of “moderate” Muslims in the Syrian civil war (resulting in Christian deaths); and no open accounting of what we were doing in Libya (Benghazi in particular) and which members of the Congress had signed off these questionable adventures. 

Moreover reports of U.S. efforts to hold Israel back from striking Iran’s nuclear capabilities are particularly troubling.

Donald Trump’s challenge to the validity of the Iraq War has opened a long-overdue public discussion of America’s policies on war and peace from the perspective of our national interest.


Islam scholar (and physician) Dr. Andrew Bostom last Wednesday (click here) examined the “dangerously misguided utopian mindset” that he believes was behind the 2003 invasion of Iraq (see his “WMD or ‘Democratization’? Bush II and the Iraq Invasion”).

Writes Bostom–

“Rancor unleashed by Donald Trump’s allegations during Saturday night’s 2/13/16 South Carolina GOP primary debate has completely obfuscated sober re-assessment of the overriding motivation for the Bush II administration’s March, 2003 invasion of Iraq.
I maintain that dispassionate analysis reveals Iraq was invaded on the basis of a dangerously misguided utopian mindset aggressively inculcated within eight days of the cataclysmic September 11, 2001 jihad terror attacks. Moreover, the abject failure of the Bush II administration to eliminate Iran’s much more tangible nuclear weapons of mass destruction (WMD) threat—clearly evident before, during, and after the Iraq invasion—objectively validates my argument.”

So what was the driving U.S.  policy behind invading Iraq after the Jihadist attacks of September 11, 2001?

Bostom points the finger at what he dubs the “Lewis Doctrine.”

“Notably absent WMD references, Peter Waldman’s methodical, well-sourced Feb 3, 2004 Wall Street Journal investigative report (‘A Historian’s Take on Islam Steers U.S. in Terrorism Fight  Bernard Lewis’s Blueprint—Sowing Arab Democracy—Is Facing a Test in Iraq’) stands as important confirmation of the overarching ideology which spurred the March, 2003 Iraq invasion. Waldman meticulously documented how the so-called “Last Orientalist,” nonagenarian professor Bernard Lewis, exerted profound influence in shaping the Bush II administration’s ‘Islamic democracy agenda’—invading Iraq being the sine qua non manifestation of this ‘Lewis Doctrine.’ Lewis, as Waldman notes, began evangelizing his ‘Doctrine’ to the highest level Bush II administration officials just over a week after 9/11, accompanied, significantly, by Ahmad Chalabi, a likely ‘vector’ of Iranian influence.”

Author Bostom continues–

“Eight days after the Sept. 11 [2001] attacks, with the Pentagon still smoldering, Mr. Lewis addressed the U.S. Defense Policy Board. Mr. Lewis and a friend, Iraqi exile leader Ahmad Chalabi –now [circa 2/2004] a member of the interim Iraqi Governing Council—argued for a military takeover of Iraq to avert still-worse terrorism in the future, says Mr. [Richard] Perle, who then headed the policy board…
Call it the Lewis Doctrine. Though never debated in Congress or sanctified by presidential decree, Mr. Lewis’s diagnosis of the Muslim world’s malaise, and his call for a U.S. military invasion to seed democracy in the Mideast.… As mentor and informal adviser to some top U.S. officials, Mr. Lewis has helped coax the White House to shed decades of thinking about Arab regimes and the use of military power. Gone is the notion that U.S. policy in the oil-rich region should promote stability above all, even if it means taking tyrants as friends. Also gone is the corollary notion that fostering democratic values in these lands risks destabilizing them. Instead, the Lewis Doctrine says fostering Mideast democracy is not only wise but imperative.” (Highlighting Forum’s).

Readers may wish to consider the entirety of Dr. Bostom’s post here.

Congress’s Corker-Cardin Capitulation

In a previous article, Bostom blamed Republican leaders in Congress for not effectively opposing Obama’s dangerous Iran deal.

He presents Congress’s role in the Iran deal as a dereliction of duty to protect the country–a gross example of this Congress’ malfeasance and abdication of power.

Declared Bostom in hisCruz, Rubio, Paul: All abandoned ‘advice and consent'”–

“By voting for the Corker-Cardin amendment, S.615, ‘Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015,’ all three Republican senators running for president – Ted Cruz, Rand Paul (who just ‘suspended’ his presidential campaign) and Marco Rubio – relinquished their constitutional authority to manage one of the most important global security matters of our time.
Back in March of 2015 I supported the only member of the Senate who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, Sen. Tom Cotton, and his March 9, 2015, ‘Open Letter to the Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran.’ Cotton’s letter, endorsed by 46 other GOP senators, informed the theocratic totalitarians of Iran – and reminded U.S. citizens – that, “In the case of a treaty, the Senate must ratify it by a two-thirds vote.” Commendably, and consistent with the ‘advice and consent’ power of the Senate, Sens. Cruz, Paul and Rubio, co-signed Sen. Cotton’s letter. As signatories to the Cotton letter, these senators and presidential aspirants were cognizant – then – of the anti-constitutional Obama administration approach to such a dangerously destabilizing nuclear ‘agreement,’ shorn of senatorial review and debate, and mandatory two-thirds approval vote by that august body.”

The Blue Ridge Forum also addressed the Corker-Cardin disaster (click here) in our July 15 post “Iran Surrender — Worse Than Munich: Congress Greased The Way By Approving Corker Scheme With Huge Majorities Bigger Than Chamberlain’s in 1938.”

And we remind readers that constitutional scholar Andrew McCarthy termed here the Corker-Cardin scheme a “constitutional perversion” and explained here “Why GOP Congressional Leaders Support the Iran Deal in Fact — Follow the Money.”

First Principles: Drawing Sharp Lines between America’s Business and
That of Others, as Well as between Peace and War

Underlying both Bush’s and Obama’s foreign policy errors is the failure to identify America’s interest in making war and peace.

Many of us know Angelo Codevilla from his magisterial 2010 essay “America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution” (click here) in the The American Spectator: “The only serious opposition to this arrogant Ruling Party is coming not from feckless Republicans but from what might be called the Country Party — and its vision is revolutionary.”

In his 2014 book, Angelo Codevilla has written an essential guide (click here) to putting America’s foreign relations on a wise basis: To Make and Keep Peace: Among Ourselves and with All Nations

“Achieving ‘a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations’ is statesmanship’s proper goal. It is also naturally indivisible, because peace  with foreigners guards tranquillity among fellow citizens and nothing so incites domestic strife and fosters the loss of liberty as do war’s despotic necessities. Domestic harmony is as precarious as it is precious, everywhere. But nowhere as much as in America, our nation of many nations,’  where so much diversity offers so much occasion for division. Nor are any people so jealous of liberty as are Americans. Fear of war’s effect on peace and liberty at home is the reason why our founding statesmen, beginning  with George Washington, were willing to sacrifice so much for peace and agonized so deeply over war.”

The thinking of our leaders is quite different today–

“Often do our statesmen contemplate commitments to conflicts, but seldom how to end them in ways that benefit the American people.”

How did we stray from these first principles of foreign relations?

Codevilla explains–

Among later generations of statesmen, however, other concerns gradually obscured that healthy caution. The illusion of serving noble causes by making foreign quarrels our own has lured the past century’s statesmen to abandon their predecessors’ sharp distinction between war and peace and to fight wars mindless of war’s first principle: that it is an extraordinary event conceived to end in peace. The result, intended to be ordinary and permanent, has been violent ‘nation building’ abroad plus ‘homeland security’ in America, enforced by a national security–homeland security complex whose very size fits it for use as an instrument of partisan strife.Peace among ourselves and with all nations’ is beyond the horizon of twenty-first-century American statesmen.”

Codevilla urges–

 We cannot know whether America can ever live in peace again, what kind of peace we may win for ourselves, or what peace we may end up having to endure. But we do know that our statesmen and academics have ceased even to think about such things. Our purpose is to rekindle such thoughts.” (Highlighting Forum’s throughout.)

In his review of Codevilla’s book, David P. Goldman (Spengler) catalogues the current consequences our national journey “from hyperpower to hyperventilator”–of a decade of wrong-headed foreign policy (click here) —

“It isn’t just that the emperor has no clothes: the empire has no tailors. In the decade since President George W. Bush’s 2003 ‘Mission Accomplished’ speech, America has gone from hyperpower to hyperventilater. The Obama administration and Republican leadership quibble about the modalities of an illusory two-state solution in Israel, or the best means to make democracy bloom in the Middle East’s deserts, or how vehemently to denounce Vladimir Putin. Meanwhile, everything that could go wrong, has. Europe’s frontiers are in play for the first time since the fall of Communism; Russia and China have a new rapprochement; American enemies like Iran have a free hand while traditional American allies in the Sunni world feel betrayed; and China has all but neutralized American sea power within hundreds of miles of its coast.”(Highlighting Forum’s.)

Let’s pray that the Trump Insurgency also spurs ordinary Americans to demand we return to first principles on war and peace.

(Post has been edited since its publishing on February 20, 2016.)

First things . . . Richard Falknor on 19 Feb 2016

Diana West’s “The Big Conservative Dictionary of Donald Trump, 2nd Edition”

Historian Diana West writes

“Unveiling a work in progress, The Big Conservative Dictionary of Donald Trump.
The fun part about The Big Conservative Dictionary of Donald Trump is that it is brought to you by those erudite conservatives who, some even between birthing the stink bombs below, endlessly deplore crudeness and ‘tone’ in simply scads of elevating sermons and television lecture-bytes. (See ‘Rudeness Is not a Conservative Value,’  ‘Against Trump,’ etc.).”

The Trump Insurgency has already changed the national conversation about America’s future: now focusing on legal and illegal immigration, one-sided sovereignty-ceding trade deals, and the grave dangers of importing Jihadists.

The venomous tone of the “conservative” establishment,  a.k.a. Conservatism, Inc., shows their well-grounded fear that they will no longer be able to shape the national conservative narrative.

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