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Homeland Defense Richard Falknor on 07 Jul 2014

UPDATED! The Invasion: Tracking Where The White House Sends The Young Illegals

ADD-ON! Continuously updated NumbersUSA map here “Relocations of Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors”

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The Invasion: Tracking Where The White House Sends The Young Illegals

VDARE’s James Fulford urges his readers here (via Ann Corcoran’s RRW) toCall Your ‘State Refugee Coordinator’ And Ask How Many Phony Refugees From The Southwest Border Are Coming To YOUR State!”

We agree, and believe that all conservative activists should stay on top of this invasion especially as it touches their states and local communities.

Explains Fulford–

“Are swarms of ‘The children!”’coming to your state?
If they are, your state’s refugee coordinator will probably be among the first to know. So phone “your” coordinator – contact information is below—and, politely, ask basic questions such as Where? When? How Many? and What’s it going to cost state and local taxpayers?
If you feel awkward about asking such questions … if you feel that you need to be able to explain why you’re calling … you have a ready motive: the news that’s in our faces every day.
The week starting Monday, July 7 is the time to phone, as VDARE.com has learned that at least some of the coordinators will be on a conference call with the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement during the week. It will help if the coordinators are made to understand that many of their fellow citizens are very concerned.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Lawrenceville Says No!

Many readers will recall how the citizens of Lawrenceville, Virginia put a stop to settling young illegals into a no-longer-used college building in their tiny community.

Breitbart’s Kerry Picket told that story here in herAngry Virginia Residents Say ‘No’ to Obama Administration’s Plan to House Illegals.”

Our Maryland and Virginia House GOP members seem tongue-tied when it comes to concrete action to stop the Obama Administration’s settlement of approaching 300,00 young illegals across the US (see Neil Munro’s Daily Caller post here of July 5).

Compare the silence of many of the House GOP lambs with Oklahoma Representative Jim Bridenstine’s robust July 5 letter here to the Department of Health and Human Services –

“In response to your question, I am available to visit the UAC facility sited within Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, on Saturday, July 12, 2014 and plan to do so. However, it is unacceptable that any representative of the people be limited to pre-planned, showcase visits to a facility so critical to the well-being of children. Just as foster parents in the State of Oklahoma are subject to unannounced visits by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS), federal representatives of the people should be able to access UAC facilities at times of their choosing.
I plan to make multiple visits to the UAC facility at Ft. Sill; the tragedy that is occurring requires unfettered access. I will bring my staff, interpreters, and legal counsel. We will speak with HHS staff members, contractor personnel, and persons being detained at the Ft. Sill UAC facility for whatever period is needed to secure an adequate understanding of facility operations and the stories of those being detained . We will bring responsible journalists to appropriately share those stories with the American people.
My visits will be recurring and may include other Members of Congress . On each occasion, I expect to be admitted to the UAC facility without delay and treated professionally and with courtesy. Any federal representative of the people must have unrestricted access to UAC facilities at any time. Denying such access undermines transparency and causes the people to lose confidence in their government. This is especially problematic for an administration attempting to secure an additional $2 billion to expand its Refugee Resettlement operation. HHS and its contractors must be completely transparent in their operation of UAC facilities wherever those facilities may be located.
The stories being told by children and young people now detained at the UAC facilities are horrifying. These stories include accounts of girls being abused and raped as they made their way to the U.S. border. There are accounts of children being leased to unrelated adults seeking to gain entry into the United States. There are reports of children dying in route to the United States. This extreme human suffering and trafficking are the direct result of an open border and misguided policy. Failure to secure the southern border and enforce existing immigration laws is utterly unacceptable .
Congress, the media, and indeed HHS itself should be shining a bright light on the human tragedy that is continuing to grow day by day and week by week as a consequence of our open border.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Just this noon Mr. Bridenstine spoke again here on the need for full transparency in his press release on “Proposed Media Showcase ‘Tour’ of UAC Facility”–

“The idea of no recording devices, no questions, and no interactions is not acceptable.  This violates the 1st Amendment.  This is not transparent.  HHS is trying to muzzle the media and hide the human tragedy that has resulted directly from the Administration’s failure to enforce the law.”

 In spite of the best efforts of Jim Bridenstine and a few other fearless House members, citizens themselves will have to bear the laboring oar in the pushback against this invasion.

First things . . . Richard Falknor on 04 Jul 2014

A Collect for Independence Day


--Elliott Banfield, Claremont Review

–Elliott Banfield, Claremont Review

“O ETERNAL God, through whose mighty power our fathers won their liberties of old; Grant, we beseech thee, that we and all the people of this land may have grace to maintain these liberties in righteousness and peace; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”
– 1928 Book of Common Prayer

Homeland Defense Richard Falknor on 02 Jul 2014

UPDATED! Border Apocalypse: What Are GOP Pols Doing Over The 4th?


  • GOP House shd bag recess, convene special session, take IMMED action to stop Obama’s flagrant wave-thrus at Border, start subpoenaing.

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Border Apocalypse: What Are GOP Pols Doing Over The 4th?

Todd Starnes reports here today “Medical staff warned: Keep your mouths shut about illegal immigrants or face arrest!”

Fox News & Commentary host Starnes reveals–

“A government-contracted security force threatened to arrest doctors and nurses if they divulged any information about the contagion threat at a refugee camp housing illegal alien children at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, sources say.
In spite of the threat, several former camp workers broke their confidentiality agreements and shared exclusive details with me about the dangerous conditions at the camp. They said taxpayers deserve to know about the contagious diseases and the risks the children pose to Americans. I have agreed to not to disclose their identities because they fear retaliation and prosecution.”

Starnes details what he heard–

“A former nurse at the camp told me she was horrified by what she saw.
‘We have so many kids coming in that there was no way to control all of the sickness – all this stuff coming into the country,’ she said. ‘We were very concerned at one point about strep going around the base.’
Both the counselor and the nurse said their superiors tried to cover up the extent of the illnesses.
‘When they found out the kids had scabies, the charge nurse was adamant – ‘Don’t mention that. Don’t say scabies,’ ‘ the nurse recounted. ‘But everybody knew they had scabies. Some of the workers were very concerned about touching things and picking things up. They asked if they should be concerned, but they were told don’t worry about it.’
The nurse said the lice issue was epidemic – but everything was kept ‘hush-hush.’
‘You could see the bugs crawling through their hair,’ she said. ‘After we would rinse out their hair, the sink would be loaded with black bugs.’
The nurse told me she became especially alarmed because their files indicated the children had been transported to Lackland on domestic charter buses and airplanes.
“That’s what alerted me,” she said. ‘Oh, my God. They’re flying these kids around. Nobody knows that these children have scabies and lice. To tell you the truth, there’s no way to control it.’
I don’t mean to upset anyone’s Independence Day vacation plans, but were these kids transported to the camps before or after they were deloused? Anyone who flies the friendly skies could be facing a public health concern.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Read all of Starnes’ text here. (One can discount the misleading video insert by Shepard Smith and revisit senator Jeff Sessions here).

Meanwhile House Armed Services Committee member and former Navy flier Jim Bridenstine today reports

“Congressman Jim Bridenstine (OK) was denied access yesterday to the HHS facility at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma currently housing up to 1,200 unaccompanied alien children (UAC) who illegally crossed the southern border into the United States.
Congressman Bridenstine said, ‘There is no excuse for denying a Federal Representative from Oklahoma access to a federal facility in Oklahoma where unaccompanied children are being held.  Any Member of Congress should have the legal authority to visit a federal youth detention facility without waiting three weeks.’
The Health and Human Services (HHS) official who appears to be in charge of the facility, told Congressman Bridenstine he could schedule an appointment for July 21. HHS Deputy Director of the Office of Public Affairs, Ken Wolfe, would not take the Congressman’s phone call.  The Congressman was told to send Mr. Wolfe an email as that was the preferred method of communication.  Congressman Bridenstine’s email to Mr. Wolfe included this press release.
‘After my visit today with the base commander, I approached the barracks where the children are housed.  A new fence has been erected by HHS, completely surrounding the barracks and covered with material to totally obscure the view.  Every gate is chained closed.  
‘I approached a security guard and asked to speak with the manager of the facility.  The guard called his supervisor who said no visitors were allowed.  I asked if they were aware that I am a Member of Congress.  Eventually the manager came out and said that I would have to go through HHS legislative affairs and that the first chance to visit would be July 21st.
‘What are they trying to hide?  Do they not want the children to speak with Members of Congress?  As a Navy pilot, I have been involved in operations countering illicit human trafficking.  I would like to know to whom these children are being released.’”


And again this morning, on Tulsa’s KFAQ, the Oklahoma Representative weighed in.

A brave band of House GOP members have been actively fighting to secure our southern border and working with the National Border Patrol Council  (as opposed to simply sending out murky press releases about “the importance of enforcement” in “comprehensive immigration reform”).

They are mindful of their oath of office

“I, AB, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Where is the House Republican leadership this July 4 week? Are they putting together an action plan right now to bring the Obama Administration to heel and close the border while there is time

Or do they propose to keep testing the political (and donor) waters until after the November 4 election, maybe even until next January?

Are your own Republican politicians publicly urging the House GOP leaders to take concrete action?

First things . . . Richard Falknor on 30 Jun 2014

Impeachments & Invasion: Straight Talk from House Members?

“The Democratic Party is the ruling class’s ruling element, and its voters are the bulk of the beneficiaries. The Republican Party’s leadership, its associated business associates and consultants, are the junior partners.The mass of GOP and independent voters, having come to see themselves as disadvantaged and insulted by the ruling class, have increasingly supported anti-establishment candidates to challenge it in Republican primaries. Accurately, the Republican establishment sees this as a greater threat to themselves than any Democrats could be.”
– Angelo Codevilla in “
The Ruling Class Went Down to Mississippi”

Many thoughtful voters see our nation in increasing if not immediate peril, and most of them are likely struck by the dissonance between these pressing dangers and the bland, often murky rhetoric of many House GOP leaders.  

Codevilla’s analysis (read it all) of the Mississippi Republican debacle helps us understand why the House GOP leadership talks vaguely “right” with no intention of serious curative action in the current crisis.

Let’s look at just two flash points — there are many others, some relating to the Islamist threat and to national defense — to which we’ll return in a later post.

  • The president’s usurping of legislative powers, and his failure to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”

Andrew McCarthy in NRO declares “Boehner Is Bringing a Whistle to a Gunfight”  explaining that–

“The goal should be to create a political climate in which executive lawlessness is deeply discouraged; that could be accomplished if some defunding were accompanied by the impeachment of obnoxious subordinate officials who execute the administration’s lawless policies. It cannot be accomplished by a lawsuit that simply reinforces the president’s assessment that his opposition is unserious.”(Highlighting Forum’s).
  • The president’s reckless failure to protect our borders and thus our sovereignty.

Senior Republican senator Jeff Sessions reveals (via YouTube) “Senate Dems Go Home To July 4th Barbecues As U.S. Border Descends Into Chaos.”

John Derbyshire paints a transatlantic picture here (via VDARE)–

“For anyone who gives a fig about Western civilization there is only one story that matters in these years we’re living through:  The swelling flood of Third Worlders pouring into our countries.  Even some mainstream commentators are starting to get it.”

As for the Texas invasion, he explains–

“What this actually is, is a law-enforcement crisis, a Congressional accountability crisis, and a crisis of executive delinquency.” (Highlighting Forum’s).

And author Diana West has a plain solution here (also go here) to this invasion clearly intended as colonization–

“[P]lease don’t be fooled by the adverb “temporarily.” What we’re looking at is Washington’s effort to set up a network of Central American detention centers/orphanages/schools/? across the country that are likely to be as ‘temporary’ as the Arab-Palestinian ‘refugee camps’ created more than 60 years ago.
This must be reversed. They have to be deported, all of them.(Highlighting Forum’s).

But back to our House Republican incumbents here (Maryland) and here (Virginia).

Will these members publicly commit to moving promptly towardthe impeachment of obnoxious subordinate officials who execute the administration’s lawless policies” — as Andrew McCarthy recommends?

Will these members publicly commit to invoking the appropriations and impeachment powers of the House to turn back the current invasion of our southern borders?

As scholar and former senate staffer Codevilla keeps reminding us–

“The Mississippi primary confirmed yet again that, if America is to go in a direction other than the one of which some three- fourths of American disapprove, it is compelled to do so with a vehicle other than the Republican Party.”

If “Republican” politicians flinch from using their powers to support and defend the Constitution and to guard our borders — thus failing to provide for our common defense –there is simply no reason to support them for they themselves will have forsaken their oaths and their political tradition.








First things . . . Richard Falknor on 27 Jun 2014

UPDATED! A Border Crisis, Lawless Government & Feckless GOP Leadership

UPDATE JUNE 28! Andrew McCarthy here in NRO: “Boehner Is Bringing a Whistle to a Gunfight” “The goal should be to create a political climate in which executive lawlessness is deeply discouraged; that could be accomplished if some defunding were accompanied by the impeachment of obnoxious subordinate officials who execute the administration’s lawless policies. It cannot be accomplished by a lawsuit that simply reinforces the president’s assessment that his opposition is unserious.”

A Border Crisis, Lawless Government & Feckless GOP Leadership

“A week before the July 4th holiday, America can’t even protect its own borders, and what do our democratic colleagues wish to do? They want to adjourn this chamber, go home to their barbecues, work on their reelection campaigns…How can any of us relax at an Independence Day barbecue next week knowing at this very moment the nation’s sovereignty is being eroded?” –senator Jeff Sessions here June 26, 2014

Too many of our Republican House members also don’t see the need for prompt action to protect our sovereignty

Diana West made these grave points Wednesday here in her “Border Crashing and Population Replacement” post

“The local news from around the USA tells us that the U.S. federal government is not only enabling the mass invasion at our own border, it is doing nothing to repel it. It is, in fact, doing everything it can to make it permanent.”
“But we do seem to be witnessing a newly blatant phase in which the federal government is taking concrete measures to replace or displace or forever make strangers out of its own citizens with primitive alien blocs that will never be ‘assimilated,‘ but rather will forever change the towns and localities they are being foisted on. It is a crime without a name — call it nation-cide.”
“The front line of this war goes through every town council and planning commission across America, as we have already seen in Lawrenceville, VA, also Escondido, CA (below) and elsewhere.”
“What we’re looking at is Washington’s effort to set up a network of Central American detention centers/orphanages/schools/? across the country that are likely to be as ‘temporary’ as the Arab-Palestinian ‘refugee camps’ created more than 60 years ago.”
“This must be reversed. They have to be deported, all of them.” (Highlighting Forum’s throughout.)

Author West continues here with a half-dozen examples of communities now being threatened by “population replacement.”

Take the time to read it all.

This is your America, but maybe not for very long.

The Boehner Memorandum: “either untrue or abject nonsense”

Former Federal prosecutor and constitutional expert Andrew McCarthy spells out (via NRO), in his “Boehner Issues Memo Explaining His Feckless Plan to Sue Obama” here, what is behind the Speaker’s proposed lawsuit –

“Boehner and Beltway Republicans are essentially saying, ‘We can’t use our power because Obama and his media friends would say mean things about us. But our lunatic conservative base is demanding action. So let us file a lawsuit so we can say we did something. Who knows . . . maybe in a year or two we’ll get lucky and get a favorable ruling against Obama that can’t be enforced without Obama’s help.’”

Author McCarthy gives us some constitutional specifics on the Boehner Memo

  • If no one is in a position to ‘challenge the president’s failure’ to follow the law, that is because no one has suffered a concrete personal injury that would provide the standing necessary for a court case — judges are not there to resolve power disputes between the political branches.
  • “There is an institution that ‘can challenge the president’s failure’ to execute the laws faithfully: It is the Congress.
  • “And there is a legislative remedy: Congress has the power to defund executive-branch activities and impeach lawless executive-branch officials, including the president himself.”
“Either of those responses would stop the president’s lawlessness in its tracks. And sure, the leader of the opposition party controlling the House may well be able to pass an ‘explicit House authorization for the lawsuit’ Boehner anticipates filing. After all, how hard is it to get a bunch of congressional Republicans to agree that punting to the courts is easier than rolling up their sleeves and doing their jobs? (See, e.g., Obamacare.)”

McCarthy recommends that Congressional Republicans–

“start impeaching subordinate executive branch officials who have been involved in either (or both) the IRS abuse of Americans over their political beliefs or the cover-up of that constitutional affront, which has involved misleading testimony, destruction of evidence, and obstruction of justice.”

In an earlier NRO column last week, McCarthy urged–

“So, Republicans: Impeach them now, worry about prosecuting them later . . . and please stop whining as if you are powerless to do anything.”

Jeff Sessions: The Senate’s Republican Rock Against Big Immigration

And yesterday senior Republican senator Jeff Sessions warned here (via Breitbart’s Tony Lee)–

“Obama ‘has circumvented Congress and ignored the Constitution whenever it is convenient for the implementation of his agenda,’ and it is up to Congress to ‘work each day to reassert its constitutional authority and to rein in an Executive Branch that seeks to make its own laws.
This will not be possible merely by filing lawsuits: Congress must be willing to use its constitutional authority, including its appropriations powers, to protect the American people and the rule of law,’ he added.”

What’s In The Minds of the House GOP Leaders?

Andrew McCarthy reveals here (via PJM) more detail about the thinking of the House GOP leadership– 

“In essence, Boehner & Co. are fecklessly asking the courts to do their heavy lifting for them — a classic case of assuming the pose of meaningful action while in reality doing nothing. And tune in next week when Republicans get back to complaining about how activist judges are making the law rather than interpreting it.
Republican lawmakers will plead with the courts to do something about Obama’s imperiousness because there is political risk in using their own authority. If they employ these game-ending powers, the president will use the bully pulpit to bully them and his media loyalists will echo the demagoguery from here to Election Day.
Clearly, Republicans doubt their competence to win this debate, to make presidential lawlessness the defining issue of our political discourse. They prefer to cruise quietly into November, and hope — as they did in 2012 — that the unpopularity of Obama’s agenda will be enough to carry them through the election. But they also know their agitated base is demanding that they do something to stop or slow the dizzying pace of Obama’s ‘Change,’ which in just the last couple of weeks has given us: the VA scandal, ruinous EPA regulations, the release of top Taliban terrorists to return to the jihad, an invited invasion of thousands of illegal aliens across the Southern border, and revelations that executive officials destroyed key evidence in the IRS scandal.
So the GOP will substitute futile litigation for purposeful legislation. This, of course, is the same strategy that has saddled us with Obamacare: Take no real legislative action — in fact, continue funding the problem — and pray that the Supreme Court will be the grown-ups willing to strike down the law and bear the Obamedia wrath. That worked out well, no?”

As McCarthy emphasizes–

“The Constitution provides two avenues for reining in presidential lawlessness: Congress’s power of the purse and Congress’s authority to impeach the president. They are extraordinarily powerful remedies … but they are the only two available. Some lawmakers appear to think there is a third: Unwilling or unable to persuade their colleagues to use the constitutional powers available to the legislature, they hope to have the courts do the work for them – and to look, in the process of filing ballyhooed lawsuits against the administration, like they are mounting real resistance. It is, however, a feeble strategy.”

Plain Talk

Constitutional activist McCarthy recommends the House act now to impeach senior officials who are enabling the regime’s lawlessness. His subtext is apparently that while the nation is not at this time ready for presidential impeachment, Internal Revenue Service (and, we would add, homeland-security officials) are very unappealing defendants in the court of public opinion which is where impeachment proceedings will ultimately be judged.

We certainly agree with his logic.  The obstacle, however, is that the House (and Beltway) Republican leadership simply do not want seriously to confront the White House on any major issue.  The leadership and their big-donor overlords have already gone to great expense and trouble to try to suppress the “base,” as we just saw in the Mississippi U. S. Senate primary election here. The GOP will, of course, happily give the “base” the kind of political theater described in the Boehner lawsuit memo.

But if conservatives want real action from the House Republicans, they are going to have to lean on the members they know in ways they have not been comfortable doing in the past and keep leaning until there is real action.  In short, conservatives must make a very big noise, and do it right away.

As we said, it’s your America, but maybe not for very long.









2014 Election Richard Falknor on 22 Jun 2014

Why Are Amelia Island “Republicans” Helping Barbara Comstock?

“Conservative leaders were stunned to learn that you will be headlining a conference in Florida this weekend that is, purely and simply, a direct attack on Tea Party conservatives. ” — April 8, 2014 Brent Bozell Letter to Majority Leader Eric Cantor Regarding MainStreet PAC

Faithful readers will recall (scroll to bottom in preceding link) the infamous Republican Main Street Partnership meeting in Amelia Island, Florida. It was, as Arnold Ahlert reported

“…hosted at the Ritz Carlton by the Republican Main Street Partnership’s offshoot ‘Main Street Advocacy.’ Former Ohio Congressman and left-wing Republican Steve LaTourette fronts the group.”

Front Page Magazine’s Ahlert revealed here in “The Establishment Republican-Leftist Alliance”–

“No ordinary conservative political powwow, the meeting brought together establishment Republicans and leftist-supported advocacy groups, whose shared interests include neutralizing the conservative grassroots movement and passing legislative items on the Left’s agenda…. RedState’s Erick Erickson compiled a list of contributors to Defending Main Street PAC. Further exploration of those contributors reveals the disturbing level of collaboration between Republican leadership and their leftist supporters… Erickson further reveals [link supplied-ed.]that the ‘Mainstreet Partnership has multiple offshoots all housed on the 6th floor of a 7th Street office in Washington, D.C.’ Columnist Michelle Malkin drilled deeper into that ‘tangled web of GOP establishment outfits’ and discovered that Sarah Chamberlain Resnick, Main Street Partnership’s chief operating and financial officer, also serves as an officer on the Main Street Individual Fund (MSIF). The MSIF received a $50,000 contribution from billionaire leftist George Soros soon after it was created. Soros attempted to make a seven-figure contribution to the Main Street Partnership, but it was declined. Malkin further explains that while these organizations are legally independent on paper, they ‘have shared staff and legal resources.’” (Highlighting Forum’s)

What is the relationship of this questionable Republican Main Street Partnership to VA-10 GOP nominee Barbara Comstock? (She herself was not at the Amelia Island meeting.)

  • Last May 22 the “Republican Mainstreet Partnership PAC” gave Barbara Comstock’s campaign $5,000,  here.
  • This PAC also endorsed Mrs. Comstock, here.
“VA-10: Barbara Comstock”

Barbara Comstock already has donors here who are troubling to conservatives.

And, as we wrote, Tea Party voices declared she wouldn’t meet with them during the primary campaign.

Will Barbara Be Free At Last?

As we never tire of asking–

Can Mrs. Comstock shed a political past encumbered by big-government, big-immigration, and pro-same-sex-marriage donors, and come to a better mind? Will she connect with the grass roots in her district? Presumably the nominee should want these conservatives to be energized and to want to help get out the vote for her.

It’s still simply a question of how much she wants to win in November.

* * * * * * * * * *

Readers may wish to revisit some of our earlier Comstock-related posts:






Homeland Defense Richard Falknor on 20 Jun 2014

UPDATED! The Southern Border Invasion: Mexico as Enabler

  • Honduran President: Illegal Immigrants Motivated by Hope of Amnesty” reports Breitbart’s HOUSTON, Texas–The president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernandez, recently said that the tidal wave of illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S. from Central America can be attributed to the fact that many believe they will get amnesty… According to Fusion, Hernandez said after an event at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C., ‘They might think they can gain legal status through this, but on the other hand, this is a kind of displacement, because of the cartel wars and the Maras [gangs] in Central America.’” But click here (then go to Honduras) to see CY 2012 $54,456,000 in “US flows” to Honduras. Perhaps the potential loss of “US flows” might dissuade the government of Honduras from encouraging the export of their youth to the U.S.
  • “Salvadoran Ambassador: US Must Respect ‘Universal Rights’ of Illegal Minors” writes Breitbart’s Click here (then go to El Salvador) to see CY 2012 $160,884,000 in “US flows” to that country.

* * * * * * * * * *

The Southern Border Invasion: Mexico as Enabler

No mass influx of Central American refugees over our southern border, then into our local communities would be possible without Mexico’s acquiescence.

Yesterday David North of the Center for Immigration Studies(CIS) declared here “Let’s Press Mexico Regarding Those Young Central Americans”–

“Our government simply announces that Mexico — which sends us more than 100,000 nonimmigrant farm and unskilled non-farm workers (H-2As and H-2Bs) annually — can no longer be used for the recruitment of these workers…We would not be terminating the program, or even reducing it; we simply would tell U.S. employers (who would not like it, if it actually happened) to look elsewhere for workers. It is a simple, legal, unilateral executive action; my sense is that the threat of doing this would cause the government of Mexico to close its own southern border.”

This would be an effective recommendation — if we had a chief executive who was not seeking to transform America, or celebrating here illegal immigrants as “Champions of Change.”

The GOP-led House of Representatives — by itself — has the constitutional power of the purse to curtail our aid to Mexico, in this case until that government closes the refugee pipeline from Central America.

The House actually has a lot of choices.

Here is a menu of programs — “Mexico and the 112th Congress,” prepared by the Congressional Research Service (see pp. 12-14). 

House appropriators could select the cuts best tailored to bring Mexico to a better mind.

They could sort any taxpayer monies we send to Mexico that serve our proven direct and immediate interest even during this crisis from those monies that largely benefit the government of Mexico.

Indeed, have taxpayer monies appropriated for Mexico ever been subject to a national scrutiny?

And there is simply no reason why the American taxpayer should be subsidizing a foreign government that enables an existential threat to our polity.

As CIS’ North explains–

“What do we need to do to get them, for example, to see to it that no one rides the  ‘Train of Death’, the south-north freight train that carries so many of these migrants through Mexico to our southern border?”

A package of cuts in our aid to Mexico requires only action by the House. But it must be steadfast action. Our representatives need to act and then hang on until Mexico has verifiably closed the refugee pipeline.

Of course the president could attack the House of Representatives for such cuts but, in our view, this would be one public-relations battle the president would find hard to win.

The House GOP leadership– if no one else in Washington, D. C. — must use their constitutional power of the purse to impress our outrage on the government of Mexico.

First things . . . Richard Falknor on 17 Jun 2014

Benghazi Accountabilty Coalition: “Restoring The Sacred Trust”

Yesterday the new Benghazi Accountability Coalition presented (and live-streamed) three panels of dedicated Americans who summarized our understanding of  this security disaster in plain words — what is already known, and what we must find out and tell the voters.

Click here to hear the panels. (Move cursor to start of YouTube.)

Why should you take the time to listen and make notes?

  • The American presidency went way off the tracks in failing to respond to this attack on our ambassador and our officials. We need to know the full extent of White House and agency missteps.
  • The morale and honor of our military was severely undermined by our failed response.
  • The House of Representatives leadership has come up short, until very recently, in their oversight and investigative responsibilities to address the Benghazi disaster.
  • The administration’s policies toward Jihadists and The Muslim Brotherhood — underlying our presence in Benghazi — must be publicly scrutinized, then corrected.  What, moreover, was Iran’s participation in the Benghazi attack?

What about the new House select committee under Representative Trey Gowdy?

The Coalition will labor to build the public support essential for the new panel’s success.

The Coalition will also help the new Gowdy Panel to stay on course.

Paraphrasing Lincoln Republican Carl Schurz in this regard — “when right to be kept right; when wrong to be put right.”

Readers can consider here meaty reports and wise counsel by Andrew McCarthy, Tom Fitton, general Thomas McInerney, Frank Gaffney, Joe diGenova, and Ken Timmerman, among the other top-flight experts.

These panels will not waste your time with the usual Beltway Baby Talk.

Homeland Defense Richard Falknor on 14 Jun 2014

UPDATED! More Invasion: Video About Crisis On Mexican Border

UPDATE June 17!Texas Lt. Gov. Republican Nominee Dan Patrick Calls for Emergency Funding of Border Security Plan” here.  Breitbart’s Bob Price reports – - “State Senator Dan Patrick (R-Houston) called on the current leadership of the Texas government to provide emergency funding to secure the Texas/Mexico border. Patrick, who recently won the Republican nomination for Lt. Governor, reiterated Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Director Steve McCraw’s estimate that securing the border will cost Texas approximately $1.3 million per week.” Let’s hope the conclusion of Patrick’s press release does not reflect the extent of his analysis of the Big Immigration menace: “We must do all we can to protect Texans until Washington meets its responsibility to secure our border and pass responsible legal immigration reform, which brings an end to illegal immigration.” Earlier today Price reported here Rick Perry: ‘We Don’t Have the Resources’ to Secure Texas Border” –  “The comment sent shock waves through a Texas grassroots discussion thread on Facebook this morning of activists who are seeking a special session call from the Governor to deal with the issue of border security…. Other Texas elected officials, speaking on condition of anonymity have told Breitbart Texas that Texas does, in fact, have the resources to conduct not only a surge operation, but a prolonged border control operation that would secure the Texas border with Mexico. As for the surge operation, most, including Governor Perry, seem to be pointing the finger for the delay at Texas House Speaker Joe Straus. . . .Many grassroots activists in Texas are calling on Perry to take a stronger lead on this issue and call a special session of the legislature to provide financial resources to Texas law enforcement to completely and immediately secure the border. An online petition drive was created over the weekend and now has over 3,000 signatures. The petition is titled Request for Immediate Texas Border Control.(Highlighting Forum’s throughout.) Heads-up, friends! This deluge through the southern border will very soon touch your communities in Maryland and Virginia as well as in many other other states.

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Can we wake up our GOP House members to address this serious invasion of the U.S. by a continuing gusher of unscreened youths — and more — many from Central America?

Megyn Kelly on Fox News last night interviewed filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch on the southern border crisis whose consequences will soon spread to communities near all of us.

Click here to watch the interview.

Documentary film maker Lynch declares

“something needs to be done because the people in DC from both sides of the aisle … I don’t see anybody who’s brave enough willing enough or quite frankly are talented enough to stop this … this is the number one thing facing our nation across the board … our border patrol, I met with the Border Patrol today … I met with them secretly they told me the morale is down … the criminals are coming through this country is earth-shattering … men are just hooking up with women and kids and pretending they’re families” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Lynch states that the children “are a total diversion.”

Says Senior Republican senator Jeff Sessions here, via Breitbart

“This crisis is a direct and predictable result of the President’s sustained and deliberate campaign to dismantle immigration enforcement. His administration has announced to the world that our nation’s immigration laws will not be enforced and that, in particular, they will not be applied to foreign youth.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Breitbart’s Tony Lee reports here “[AZ governor] Jan Brewer: MS-13 Gang Members Could Be Crossing Border with Children”–

“Brewer said the Obama administration has encouraged illegal immigrants to flood into the country, is ignoring pleas of help from state officials, and still has not provided answers to questions that local officials have regarding the influx of illegal immigrants.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

The House of Representatives lamentable GOP leadership has shown no inclination seriously to exercise their constitutional powers to confront this runaway president. Their first rule has always been not to rock any Beltway Boats which might jeopardize their deal-making.

Their plan apparently is to slide past the November 4 general election — clinging to their majority while continuing to promise the faithful an ever-receding restoration (e.g., repealing Obamacare).

This new world will supposedly arrive with a Republican majority in the Senate in 2015. When that very likely disappoints, the good times will come from a Republican president in 2017. But, in the interim between nomination and presidential election in 2016, the GOP leadership will claim it cannot take any risky steps.

The defeat of Mr. Cantor has sparked the House GOP leadership into brief burst of energy –  just enough to ensure that he is replaced by another safe (pro-Big-Immigration-now, pro-crony-capitalist-always, politically correct) figure — quickly to reassure their Wall Street and Chamber of Commerce donors. 

Only the grass roots can turn each individual House GOP member around, in his or her home district, talking to members face to face. Only this can move our Representatives to resolve on concrete action to protect our borders and our sovereignty.

It is all a question now of whether the grass roots and allied conservative and independent voters are sufficiently aroused by our border crisis to take the time and make the face-to-member effort to insist on prompt House remedial action.

Homeland Defense Michael Giere on 12 Jun 2014

UPDATED! The Texas Invasion — Coming Here Next?

  • “Fighting back: Residents force feds to scrap plan to house illegals at Va. college” here by The Washington Time’s S.A. Miller — “The Obama administration Monday abruptly halted plans to shelter some of the children surging across the border at a defunct college in rural Virginia, as the White House has continued to see its efforts to house the children throughout the country be thwarted by opposition from local officials.”
  • Saint Paul’s College [Virginia] may house immigrant children” reports here Karin Kapsidelis in the Richmond Times-Dispatch – “U.S. officials are in discussions to temporarily shelter unaccompanied immigrant children on the campus of shuttered Saint Paul’s College in Lawrenceville. Faced with a surge in the numbers of minors arriving on their own from Central America, representatives of the federal Department of Health and Human Services visited the campus this week and are nearing an agreement to use Saint Paul’s facilities for at least six months, sources in Brunswick County said.”
  • Via CBS-DC here we learn “Vacant Social Security Building In Baltimore [Maryland] Could Soon House Hundreds Of Illegal Immigrant Children” –ed.

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The Texas Invasion — Coming Here Next?

“Every drug dealer, pedophile, sex ring operator and gang in the Western U.S. must think it is Christmas.”

The Texas border is ground zero in the massive and deliberate invasion of the United States by tens of thousands of young people pouring over the border without parents or adults and “surrendering” immediately to authorities. They have been encouraged by local media outlets in Central America and Mexico, according to interviews with the young illegals, to get into the U.S. because they will not be deported — and amnesty and the welfare state await them.

Border agents say privately (for fear of retribution) that there could be up to 90,000 children and young people between the ages of 12 and 17, entering without an adult this year, and perhaps 120,000 next year.

Rome. Thomas Cole "The Course of Empire: Destruction" (1836) New York Historical Society

Rome. Thomas Cole “The Course of Empire:Destruction” (1836) New York Historical Society (Click on image)

Whatever the number, it is already apparent that these young illegal aliens will be heading to communities all across the United States.

If Governor Rick Perry really wants to leave a better Texas when his term ends this year, and if he wants to help bring the national government back to its legitimate role under the Constitution as he claims he does, then he should revisit a plan that was presented to him several years ago which he chose not to implement.

Using his power under the Texas Constitution, the Governor should declare a state of emergency and martial law along the Texas-Mexican border immediately.

First, Gov. Perry would be doing the right thing for Texans. But he also would inherit the national stage to help educate his fellow citizens on the foundational responsibility of the Federal government to provide for the common defense — and that when the national government ignores that responsibility, for whatever reason, every state has the power to act promptly in an emergency. Finally, Gov. Perry would be setting an example for other governors to step up to the plate and begin to re-assert a legitimate constitutional relationship with the Federal government.

The Governor could use the very able Texas Rangers, county sheriffs, and deputized police to seal the border, and threaten to close the state roads that provide access to the international border crossings which are the lifeblood of the Mexican economy, unless the Mexican government actively participated in stopping the stampede of illegal aliens from crossing into Texas.

Beyond the immediate emergency, this crisis was certainly not due to deteriorating political circumstances in Central America, as first suggested by official Washington. It is a crisis masterminded by the criminal enterprise operated out of the Obama White House and Justice Department, who have now let loose the most wicked and horrific public policy imaginable.

This administration and Barack Obama have stooped to endangering the American public and imperiling the lives and safety of thousands of young refugees, all to further their own radical, collectivist political power, and to enrich themselves and their crony friends.

Some of the illegals are being housed in Texas, California, and Arizona on military bases for the time being. Others, in large numbers, are simply being dumped by authorities in Arizona and Texas at various bus stations and airports and told they are on their own. Sites as far away as Baltimore have been considered for possible temporary housing, and presumably locations to release them as well.

Left to their own devices, tens of thousands of unsupervised young people (mostly male) in this age group, many illiterate in their own language, much less English, and poor, will do what at-liberty boys of this age do. It is a recipe for crime, drugs, rampant sexual exploitation, disease, and various forms of subtle employment servitude. Those of us familiar with the Texas border and the culture these children are bringing with them can only shudder. Every drug dealer, pedophile, sex ring operator, and gang in the Western U.S. must think it is Christmas.

What little attention this disaster is getting in the national media and by national politicians seems indifferent — except as it presents the opportunity to preen on TV about how “we” must deal with the humanitarian needs of these children, by providing housing, food, medical care, and core English skills; after all, these are just children and we are a compassionate people.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson is declaring that a minor child crossing the border illegally in search of a parent, or a better life, is not breaking our laws. And to make sure that policy is implemented, this past Friday, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced that he was sending 100 lawyers to help the young illegal aliens remain in the country.

How can this happen in the United States? How can such a fundamentally evil disregard for tens of thousands of young people dumped into a foreign country without the education, language, money, or connection to the culture of the target nation go on?

Perhaps it is no more complicated than this: we citizens have been asleep at the switch for way too long. Our inaction has allowed our politicians, our government, our institutions, our culture, and the language to be hijacked by some fundamentally evil people without much protest. We have allowed the timeless moral code found in our Judeo-Christian ethic to be stripped from the national life without a whimper, much less a fight. This is simply the result of good people doing nothing.

Rick Perry, the buck stops at your desk.


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Mike Giere has written extensively on politics, foreign policy, and issues of faith. He is a former candidate for the U.S. House; worked for Ronald Reagan in 1976 & 1980; and served in both the Reagan and Bush (41) Administrations.

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