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Common Defense Richard Falknor on 28 Nov 2015

Updates–Follow Our Tweets @highblueridge | “Hit The Brakes” On Refugees From Syria, Middle East,and North Africa:Ask Your House Member To Support Representative Brian Babin’s Request To Suspend Program

“The promotion of constitutional principles and civic education has always been foundational to the American immigration and naturalization process. We fatally undermine this process by narrowly vetting for terrorism rather than sharia adherence.” —Andrew C. McCarthy

GOP Representative Brian Babin and at least 73 other House members wrote the House of Representative leadership last week urging some basic but essential steps to protect the United States.

UPDATES November 30 and later! Click here for final Babin letter (& 73 other signers) to House leadership! Scroll to very bottom of this post for the typewritten list of signers; read Daniel Greenfield here — “If we bring Syrian Muslims to America, we will be importing a population that hates us”; click here for Blackburn-Lamar Smith-Bridenstine-Babin Nov 30 letter to House Appropriations chiefs; click here to learn about GOP chiefs’ surrender strategy–no time to waste calling your GOP member!  Follow our tweets @highblueridge for latest developments on the Obama-blessed refugee invasion.

Texan Babin’s “Dear Colleague letter” to fellow House members details his request to join his letter to the Leadership —

“Please join me in sending a letter to House Leadership requesting that Congress include the tenets of H.R. 3314, the Resettlement Accountability National Security Act of 2015, in its current form in the year end Omnibus spending bill.
Specifically, our letter requests that the following provisions be added to the Omnibus
1) Suspend the program permitting refugees from Syria, the Middle East, and North Africa to settle in the U.S. unless Congress reinstates the program by joint resolution. 2) Conducts a rigorous overhaul of the refugee investigation and admission process, and add new oversight measures and requirements before the program can resume. 3) Continue to provide reasonable funding for food, medicine, and shelter for refugees overseas.”(Highlighting Forum’s)

Below is the text of the Babin letter to the House leadership.

To date, we have learned the names of at least 72 members (scroll to bottom) who have signed the Babin letter to the House Leadership.

Yesterday The Hill’s Cristina Marcos reported (GOP eyes spending bill as leverage in refugee fight) that–

“A third of the 246-member House GOP conference is calling for a policy rider to prevent federal funds from going toward admitting refugees from Syria and neighboring countries unless the government can ensure the resettlement program could not be co-opted by would-be terrorists. 
Seventy-four House Republicans signed onto a letter spearheaded by Rep. Brian Babin (R-Texas) this week urging GOP leaders to include such language in the omnibus spending bill.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

The only way the U.S. refugee program from these Muslim-majority countries will be halted is by the House taking the lead in cutting the program’s money — what the Founders termed “the power of the purse.”

This will not happen unless voters insist that GOP members listen to them — no matter how fearful the House Republican leaders are of confronting the Obama Regime. 

Summing up: today author Andrew McCarthy asked

“Our nation is nearing $20 trillion in debt, still fighting in the Middle East, and facing the certain prospect of combat surges to quell the rising threat of jihadism.  So why is Congress, under the firm control of Republicans, paying for immigration policies that exacerbate our peril?” (Highlighting Forum’s)

* * * * * * * * * *

Below is a list of the names of 72 members who reportedly signed the Babin letter to the GOP Leadership. (There are apparently two or more additional names we do not have.)

If your member is not among those who signed, find out why and ask them to put their position in writing.

If your member or other friends in the House did sign, be sure to let them know of your appreciation and ask them to hang tough during what will  be a contentious negotiation.

Kudos to VA’s Dave Brat & MD’s Andy Harris!

“So Far 72 Members have signed on:

  • Brian Babin
  • Ralph Abraham
  • Lou Barletta
  • Diane Black
  • Marsha Blackburn
  • Charles Boustany
  • Dave Brat
  • Jim Bridenstine
  • Mo Brooks
  • Bradley Byrne
  • Steve Chabot
  • Curt Clawson
  • Chris Collins
  • Kevin Cramer
  • Ron DeSantis
  • Scott DesJarlais
  • Jeff Duncan
  • John Duncan
  • Blake Farenthold
  • John Fleming
  • Bob Gibbs
  • Louie Gohmert
  • Paul Gosar
  • Trey Gowdy
  • Garret Graves
  • Glenn Grothman
  • Frank Guinta
  • Gregg Harper
  • Andy Harris
  • Jody Hice
  • Tim Huelskamp
  • Duncan Hunter
  • Sam Johnson
  • Walter B. Jones
  • Jim Jordan
  • Trent Kelly
  • Steve King
  • Darin LaHood
  • Doug Lamborn
  • Leonard Lance
  • Mia Love
  • Cynthia Lummis
  • Kenny Marchant
  • Mark Meadows
  • John Mica
  • Jeff Miller
  • Dan Newhouse
  • Richard Nugent
  • Pete Olson
  • Gary Palmer
  • Scott Perry
  • Bruce Poliquin
  • Mike Pompeo
  • Bill Posey
  • Tom Reed
  • Tom Rice
  • Phil Roe
  • Thomas Rooney
  • David Rouzer
  • Matt Salmon
  • Mark Sanford
  • Austin Scott
  • John Shimkus
  • Bill Shuster
  • Jason Smith
  • Marlin Stutzman
  • Randy Weber
  • Bruce Westerman
  • Roger Williams
  • Ted Yoho
  • Todd Young (IN-09)
  • Ryan Zinke

Below is the typewritten list of signers of the final Babin letter to the House leadership





Conservatives Richard Falknor on 22 Nov 2015

Who Bankrolls “Conservative” Media?

The pro-Trump Conservative Treehouse (CT) (click here) has done good work in explaining how the Republican Establishment prepares for the 2016 presidential election.

CT also helps open a long overdue discussion of how “conservative” media and pundits respond to corporate or other owners — through CT’s posts such as Conservative “Media” Protecting / Advancing “Their” Candidates

Today CT discusses (the invaluable, in our view) Breitbart —Why Breitbart Website Is Fundraising For Ted Cruz

“This is apparently one of those things that is an open, and yet non-discussed, secret.

But CT also declares–

“Breitbart goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid any critical mentions of their candidate, Ted Cruz.”

We just don’t believe the latter. (Of course, read the entire CT post)

We went back to look at Breitbart posts on Cruz and saw coverage of the senator’s very questionable positions on immigration and trade from earlier this year — positions on which he has apparently come to a better mind albeit more recently.

For example, click here, here, and here.

Politico also reported in their “The Daily Cruz” last July–

“'[Cruz] tends to have a lot of ideas that are supported by a lot of our readers… but we’ve been critical of him in the past particularly when he went down to the border with Glenn Beck and brought soccer balls — we were pretty brutal there,’ [Alex] Marlow said.
Breitbart has published articles about how Cruz is “poorly matched to defeat Hillary.” The site also hammered Cruz over his initial support for fast-track authority on the trade deal, a position he later reversed — through an op-ed posted at Breitbart.com. And, to be sure, Breitbart has also showered favorable coverage on the likes of Walker, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee and, in the past couple of weeks, Donald Trump.”

Indeed, the central issue here is Breitbart’s editorial independence.

But Breitbart certainly owes its readers an explanation of any connection between their website and Cruz fundraising.

Breitbart is too vital a resource to leave pertinent questions unanswered.

And National Review?

In turn, Breitbart’s indefatigable Julia Hahn on November 13 revealed in depth “National Review Helps Clear Way For Rubio With War On Trump”

“[Byron] York noted that the National Review’s participation in the Republican debate may prove problematic given the publication’s anti-Trump bent. York chronicled some of the various instances in which the magazine’s writers— beyond simply Williamson— have decried the GOP frontrunner as, ‘a witless ape,’ ‘a virus,’ and ‘a low-rent carnival barker.'”

Consider Hahn’s lamentable revelation in its entirety here.

In our view, NRO lost its moral high ground by failing to bring this kind of collective energy to bear — starting in January 2011 — on the Republican Congressional leadership: urging them either to confront the Obama Regime or to step aside for more courageous leaders.  In not making such a significant effort, NRO failed their country and perhaps their late founder.

NRO’s anti-Trump jihad brings to mind, moreover, NRO’s earlier attacks on Diana West for her American Betrayal. NRO’s attacks on author West led a number of well-informed but astounded observers to wonder just who pulls NRO’s editorial strings.

For our readers, the fundamental issue throughout is what sites and analysts conservative activists can trust for facts and informed opinion — as these activists labor to rein in an increasingly dangerous GOP Establishment.

Shariah & Civilization Jihad Richard Falknor on 12 Nov 2015

Daniel Horowitz –“7 Shocking Facts About Islamic Immigration” Which Your GOP Lawmakers Should Read & Watch The Accompanying Video

“Islam, in its classical interpretation, is a comprehensive sociopolitical system with its own legal code. Yes, it has some strictly theological tenets (e.g., the oneness of Allah, the conceit that Mohammed is the final prophet). These, however, comprise but a small percentage of Islamic belief, which covers the full extent of political, economic, and social life — from warfare to hygiene, in exacting rules resistant to change. That is why in virtually every Islamic society — i.e., wherever sharia is incorporated into law — the separation of spiritual and political life is rejected; it is why we find misogyny, anti-Semitism, homophobia, ruthless discrimination against religious minorities, hostility to freedom, suspicion of reason, and backwardness in economics and education.” (Highlighting Forum’s)Andrew McCarthy

Today, Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz asked

“Has America already become like Europe with respect to homegrown terror and Islamic immigration? Either way, what can we do to delay the inevitable slide into cultural suicide and crossing that point of no return many European countries have already traversed”

Continued senior editor Horowitz – –

“For all the talk of ISIS and Putin, nobody in the political class wants to discuss the 800-pound gorilla in the room – the widespread threat of homegrown terror due to endless immigration from the Middle East.  Here are some shocking facts that the presidential candidates would be wise to address, especially in light of what we are seeing in Europe.”

Read all “7 Shocking Facts” right here.

And here and here are two good examples from Virginia of why your GOP lawmakers need to take the time to understand shariah and civilization jihad.

Concludes Horowitz – –

“While our oceans can protect us from the physical invasion taking place in Europe, they cannot protect us from the political correctness and failed leadership of the politicians who willingly endanger our sovereignty, security, and society.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

 * * * * *

Add-0n November 13, 2015 via Breitbart London – -“WATCH: The Anti-Migrant Video Going Viral Across Europe” click here



First things . . . Richard Falknor on 11 Nov 2015

Veterans Day 2015: Preserving Our National Heritage To Guide And Energize Our Next Generations

All our military history and much more should be part of our national conversation–– not topics relegated to the archives of academics and locked away from school children.

This last year has revealed even more sharply the organized civic collapse of undergraduate bodies in too many of our universities.

Most recently, Yale University and the University of Missouri have brought shame to what was once the higher learning in America.

As Andrew McCarthy wrote yesterday–

“The university is a terrible deal for the country and for too many students. It is no longer a center of learning and the promotion of reason. It is a cauldron of hard Left indoctrination and victim narratives where reason no longer has a home.” 

What does this mean for Veterans Day 2015?

It means that not just commemorating but building upon our national heritage — including our military history — will rest even more on the shoulders of American families and patriotic citizens.

For the serious study and appreciation of America’s achievements are increasingly unwelcome in many of our taxpayer-supported schools and colleges.

Keeping Faith With Our Veterans!

Below is what we wrote on November 11, 2011–

What we conservatives can do ourselves and do now is teach ourselves, our families, our children, about the victories, hardships, misadventures, and traditions of our fighting men and women since the colonial wars in New England and the beginnings of the Republic.

We can talk with our friends and colleagues about about the complexities of the Barbary Wars (with their implications for today) and  the “Shores of Tripoli.”

We can try to understand how Abraham Lincoln managed his generals – at least that Republican didn’t promise to “talk to his generals” before he could figure out his war aims.

We can try to learn some lessons from the many-front struggle with Germany, Italy, and the Empire of Japan in World War II.

We can remember the fearful price we paid in Korea from post-World-War-II neglect (scroll down) of our forces.

Most of all, we can appreciate the skill and endurance of our forces from Roger’s Rangers in the French and Indian War, to Washington’s crossing to Trenton, to Joshua Chamberlain at Gettysburg, to Torpedo Eight at Midway, and to the epic Marine breakout from the Chosin Reservoir in Korea.

All this military history and much more should be part of our national conversation –– not topics relegated to the archives of academics and locked away from school children.

Reforming Maryland Susan Freis Falknor on 27 Oct 2015

Maryland Election Watcher:Documents Suggest Non-Citizens Are Voting in Large Numbers–with Valid IDs!

This Thursday evening, October 29, Maryland attorney Jeff Levin will present newly obtained materials on what could amount to massive voter fraud in Maryland and across the nation.

In an open town hall meeting hosted by the Northern Baltimore County Republican and Civic Association in Parkton, election-integrity advocate Levin will talk about newly available information on voter registration irregularities in Maryland’s Frederick County—data that could signal a much wider problem.

“These documents suggest that the County’s voter rolls contain a significant number of individuals who, when called for jury duty, reported themselves to be ineligible as non-citizens,” Levin told the Blue Ridge Forum.

The problem occurs when non-citizens check off a “Voter Registration” box when obtaining a drivers’ license under the 1993 Motor Voter Act or in the course of applying for public services —improperly putting themselves on the voter rolls.

Long-time Pikesville resident Levin (email) pointed to a 2014 Federal court lawsuit brought by four Frederick County eligible voters asserting that many individuals on Frederick County voting rolls have told the Frederick County jury commissioner that they were not eligible to serve as jurors, because they were not citizens.

The Frederick County jury services department documents, now in Levin’s possession, contain 3,000-plus names of individuals who were not eligible for jury service (some of whom have apparently voted).

The documents cover a period of several years prior to the 2014 Federal lawsuit.

Levin believes one can draw three implications from the case:

• The data from Frederick County suggests that the Motor Voter system could produce widespread voter fraud in other Maryland counties, and even across the country.

• It is perjury to sign two contradictory oaths, for example, that (1) one is eligible to vote as a citizen; and (2) that one cannot serve on a jury because he or she is not a citizen. The looseness of Motor Voter Act’s provisions magnify the odds that large numbers of individuals ineligible to vote, have committed a serious crime, inadvertently or not.

• Making Real ID a requirement for voting – which Levin supports — would not solve this problem. Why? Ineligibles improperly placed on the voter rolls through the Motor Voter system possess a valid or “Real ID.”

Levin will present his findings Thursday, October 29, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. at the Parkton American Legion, 19520 York Road in Parkton, Maryland, one quarter mile north (or left), from the end of Exit 33 of Interstate 83. Click here for a map.

* * * * * * *

Additionally, Robyn Sachs, founder of the Maryland Voter Alliance, will speak on election integrity matters on November 5, 2015, at the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee’s First Thursday Speaker Series. The event, scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m., will take place at the Barking Dog, 4723 Elm Street, Bethesda, Maryland, 20814.

Articles,Books,Videos Reviewed Susan Freis Falknor on 21 Oct 2015

Immigration to U.S. Surges–Mexico Taking A Commanding Lead? But Will Open-Borders-Zealot Paul Ryan Halt It?

The U.S. foreign-born population surged 1.7 million over the past year to an all-time high of 42.1 million!

Immigrants from Mexico made up 44% of the past year’s growth; Latin America as a whole accounted for 71%.

The immigrant population from Mexico (legal plus illegal) rose from 11.2 million in the second quarter of 2013 to 12.1 million in the second quarter of this year. 


“U.S. southern border, 2014 -- www.rageagainstthemedia.org
U.S. southern border, 2014 via www.rageagainstthemedia.org

In a Backgrounder analysis of data from the Census Bureau’s monthly Current Population Survey (CPS), Karen Zeigler and Stephen A. Camarota, from the Center for Immigration Studies, highlight the sharp increase.

The uptick is all the more telling because “It has been widely reported that net migration from Mexico (the number leaving vs. the number coming) fell to zero” in recent years, with “little or no growth or an outright decline in the Mexican immigrant population from 2008 to 2013,” according to the CIS Backgrounder.

“However, something seems to have changed in the last 18 months.”

Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz agrees:

“Apologists for open borders have long promoted the talking point that net migration from Mexico has gone down to zero since the Great Recession and that most of the new illegal immigration is only from Central America. It is now clear that this trend has completely reversed itself and it is incontrovertibly due, in part, to Obama’s policies and the national push for the Gang of 8 bill (promoted and cheered on by many presidential candidates) that sent the message to the world that if they come here now—either through the border or by overstaying a temporary visa—they are home free and will eventually reap the windfall of mass amnesty. . . . Clearly if the census data is anywhere close to being accurate, there has been a massive surge of illegal immigration from Mexico alone that has been covered up by the Administration and most media outlets.”

Horowitz goes to the root of the matter–

“First, this report demonstrates, once again, that the record high levels of legal immigration are continuing to spike. Moreover, the largest increases continue to be from the very countries that send us the most illegal immigrants.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

The CIS report acknowledges that “it is not known if the increase in the Mexican immigrant population represents a longer-term trend or just a one year spike.”

But, as Horowitz explains, the monthly CPS is typically a leading indicator.

It tracks a much more recent picture than the Department of Homeland Security’s numbers, which show 2013 as the “last year of full administrative data” for legal immigrants, and 2011 for illegal immigrants.

Because of this lag in reporting among different sets of data, Horowitz suggests, it may be a while before Federal agencies and the press begin—however reluctantly—to air the reversing of the “net-zero” trend in immigration from Mexico and Latin America.

The Political Fallout of “Limitless Immigration”

In his October 15 Conservative Review Report: Limitless Immigration Creating Permanent Democrat Majority, Horowitz spells out the political and civic implications of such jaw-dropping expansion.

The United States has admitted 25.3 million legal permanent residents over the 25-year period between 1989 and 2013, Horowitz points out.

The foreign-born population of electoral swing states has rapidly increased: to 27.2% in California, 22.1% in New York, 13.7% in Illinois, all in 2010. Horowitz cites a 2012 YouGov survey reporting that current immigrants favor Democrats over Republicans by almost 4:1.

Declares Horowitz:

“There’s a reason the Democrats are such ardent supporters of open borders. It has helped give them an impervious floor of support very close to the 50-yard line in American politics, and under the current trajectory, they will easily cross that critical 51% marker of a permanent electoral majority.”

And The “Naturalization Wave”

Horowitz explains–

“From 1996 to 2013, 12,609,174 new immigrants became citizens.  During the actual Great Wave, the number of naturalizations was still very low because it took time for them to go through the system and become citizens.  But even if you take an equivalent 18-year period with the highest level of naturalizations, which was from 1928 to 1945, just 3,835,758 immigrants were naturalized. In other words, while the immigration wave of the modern era was 66% larger than the Great Wave, the ‘naturalization wave’ was 329% greater.” . . . . . “Not only have we naturalized record numbers of new immigrants, almost all of the newly naturalized immigrants have come and will continue to come from third world countries that are steeped in Marxism and liberation theology.”(Highlighting Forum’s.)

CR senior editor Horowitz urges–

“Armed with this report, it‘s time for Congress to do some digging and add this as reason number 12 million to defund Obama’s amnesty, lest we be saddled with yet another endless wave of illegal immigration.”

We would add that any new GOP Leadership should also focus on the fact that — in the words of the Hudson Institute’s John Fonte — America’s Patriotic Assimilation System Is Broken.

Stay tuned for more facts on the immigration invasion and its consequences for our constitutional Republic, for our ancient liberties, for our taxes and spending, and for our public and national safety. 

(Headline updated — see link here –on October 24, 2015.)

First things . . . Richard Falknor on 18 Oct 2015

“Protecting The Institution”? Any New House GOP Leader Must First Exercise The Constitutional Power of the Purse

“Since the Middle Ages, the first and most basic restraint on arbitrary government has been the people’s power to decide how much money the government will spend, and for what purposes. The US Constitution puts it this way: “No money shall be drawn from the Treasury but in consequence of Appropriations made by law” (Art. I sect.9). Nowadays however our bipartisan ruling class limits the Congress’ opportunity to approve, disapprove, or modify what the government does, to voting on ‘Continuing Appropriations Resolutions’ – single, all-inclusive bills crafted behind closed doors. Then it cynically asks the people’s representatives: ‘will you agree to laws no one has read, to programs on the continuation of which you have not voted, and to regulations that haven’t been written yet, or will you shut down the government?‘ This turns democracy into a choice between tyranny and anarchy.” — Angelo Codevilla (Highlighting Forum’s.)

The (presumably outgoing) Speaker declared in his exit statement “My first job as speaker is to protect the institution.”

Unfortunately for America, protecting the House’s powers was what John Boehner signally failed to do since his tenure as Speaker began in January 2011. (Click here, here and here.)

Perhaps the 247 House of Representatives Republican incumbents should first understand the expectations of the many conservative voters (whether GOP or independent) who today see our nation, the Constitution, and the Judaeo-Christian culture in grave danger–

These United States Representatives should put their overall political careers and their incumbency in the Congress second to the urgent needs of the Republic.

A greater expectation is, after all, what the Congress itself has for American fighting men and women every day.

And an even higher standard was what the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence promised in very perilous times: “our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

Why do we bring this up?

Because the consequences of members doing the right thing now to confront the Obama Regime would be more than a year of pounding by the Big Media, Big Donors, the Chamber of Commerce, an army of consultants and tame pollsters, and snarky leaks from the Beltway GOP.

Hardly as bad as Valley Forge or the Chosin Reservoir, but more grief than many members signed up for when they ran.

But do members think our nation and our liberties and our Judaeo-Christian culture are in less danger today than at the nation’s founding?

House Republicans will shortly choose a new Speaker and, we hope, a new leadership team.

The conservative expectation should be that the new Speaker will not be chosen primarily because he is close to Big Donors and can raise more money for next year’s House election — click here for chapter and verse.

Is this why Paul Ryan, with his fundraising skill, is such an uncritical favorite among many Republican members?

Rather conservatives should expect that the Republican Conference will select a new Speaker and his team who will start fighting the day he is chosen to restore the powers of the people’s chamber.

Derailing Obama’s Priorities

Last summer we listed just a few Obama Transformations of America — money for which the House should cut in the remainder of this new fiscal year–

  • Daniel Horowitz proposed “An Immigration Solution that Puts Americans First” (click here), including the defunding of some Obama immigration schemes. (We would add at least a temporary defunding of the H-1B visa program until it is cleaned up.)
  • Stanley Kurtz explained the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing horror (suburban “Obamazone”) here — a rule that should be defunded now;
  • The Justice Department should be kept on a very short money leash to stop more of their social engineering –“disparate impact,” cultural diversity, and anti-gun activities among others.

Of course, Planned Parenthood and Obamacare are, properly, already on the conservative defunding menu.

Now still more Obama initiatives emerge which should not receive taxpayer money:

We learn from Leo Hohmann that a New Obama Czar Will Hunt ‘Right-Wing’ Extremists” as well as of the Obama Regime’s “plan to globalize local police departments through the ‘Strong Cities Network.'”

Last Thursday Daniel Horowitz (Conservative Review) tells us of “Limitless Immigration Creating Permanent Democrat Majority.”

As we pointed out last July–

For any such fight over money with the president to be successful, the House leadership will have to tussle with the White House the traditional way — over individual money bills for various parts of the Federal government — and pave the way with a public campaign explaining what their objectives are and why they are important to ordinary Americans, all the while being undercut by senate bosses Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid.

We’ll need a tough, street-wise Speaker to get started on a plan for December 11 when the current Continuing Resolution expires.

The president’s team still has over a year to complete their transformation of America. 

No one should underestimate their discipline or dedication to a very bad vision.

And a very bad but coherent and energetically advanced vision likely beats no coherent vision at all.

For we need an awakening to the existential danger to our country among rank and file House Republican members to derail at least some of the worst Obama schemes.

Again, as we suggested in July — when the president by executive action soon further limits your Second Amendment rights or further colonizes your backyard with imported citizens of another country, you will have no way to fight back unless the House acts by December 11. The Congressional GOP just might deign to pass “show bills” that will never be enacted, but then will finally brush you off by promising “only wait for the next [Establishment] Republican president and everything can be fixed.”

First things . . . Richard Falknor on 10 Oct 2015

UPDATED! New Speaker Must Fight Obama’s Transformation of America

UPDATE October 11 — Donald Trump: Paul Ryan ‘Far from First Choice’ for Speaker of the HouseElegantly put!

* * * * * * * * *

Last month before the outgoing Speaker announced his coming departure, we wrote of the need for–

a new kind of Speaker with a new leadership team — a Speaker with vision on both domestic and defense matters — who can rally the country behind the House when that chamber challenges both a lawless president (with fifteen plus months remaining), and a deeply flawed Senate leadership.
In short, a fighting American statesman who will reclaim the constitutional powers of the House.” 

Now, the unexpected withdrawal from the Speaker’s race (to succeed John Boehner) of Californian Kevin McCarthy has thrown the Washington Cartel (senator Ted Cruz’ phrase) into “chaos” (the Cartel’s word) as they scramble for a “reliable” substitute for the gentleman from Bakersfield.

By reliable, we mean responsive to mega-donors.

The Case of Paul Ryan

[There is] “…nobody in modern politics whose record and true priorities are more divorced from their rhetoric and public perception” –Daniel Horowitz.

As readers know, today’s GOP Establishment flavor for Speaker is Representative Paul Ryan.

Unfortunately, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump here — who should have been better advised — was unaware of Mr. Ryan’s open-borders record, or The Donald would not have given him what appears to be a pass.

Mr. Trump has gained his national following partly through his strong work on immigration policy obviously with guidance from senator Jeff Sessions.

But as Breitbart’s Julia Hahn noted yesterday in her ‘Vote For Paul Ryan Is Vote For Amnesty’: Luis Gutierrez Endorses Paul Ryan For Speaker–

“Gutierrez and Paul Ryan have been longtime partners on efforts to open Americans borders. Indeed, Paul Ryan is arguably the most pro-amnesty GOP lawmaker in Congress, and even supports expanding immigration levels beyond many Democrats.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz penned a searing indictment of Mr. Ryan policies–

“But no issue is more foundational to our survival than the issue of borders and immigration.  Yet, there is nobody around in the party who is more fanatically dedicated to the cause of open borders than Paul Ryan.  Whereas most others could be talked off the ledge on this issue, Ryan is a true believer.(Highlighting Forum’s.)

Perhaps in this case, we are fortunate that Ann Coulter will likely explain Mr. Ryan’s serious policy shortcomings to Donald Trump.

Why Is The Outcome Of This Speaker Race So Crucial Today?

Conservatives understand that this Speaker race is not some insider personality competition, but a decision about restoring the role of the House of Representatives in a time when our sovereignty, our freedom, and our culture are all under siege.

We shall later this week delve into the “power of the purse” — and why you (and your own House member) must understand its history through Angelo Codevilla’s explanation — Continuing Appropriations Resolutions Subvert Limited Government!

As you make up your mind about what you expect in the next Speaker, consider also the ten recommendations of the October 2 VISION FOR NEW CONGRESSIONAL LEADERSHIP published by CitizensUnited and signed by 55 conservative leaders.

Stay tuned!

* * * * * * * * *

Readers may wish to revisit two of our earlier pertinent posts–

Congress Back: Boehner Enables An Increasingly Dangerous Obama–Rep Mark Meadows Helping Advance A New Team

Fearful Times: Conservatives Must Extract Commitments From Members To Fight For Our Survival and Our Liberty When House Begins Summer Vacation Friday

Articles,Books,Videos Reviewed Susan Freis Falknor on 03 Oct 2015

Conquest’s Truth: How One Man’s Patient Scholarship Exposed Stalin’s Mega-Horrors And Why Our Schools Should Reveal Them Lest This Happen Here

Review of:
The Great Terror: A Reassessment: 40th Anniversary Edition, 2008
by Robert Conquest

Just last summer, Robert Conquest, a great hero of the Cold War, died—on August 3.

The weapons he wielded were exacting research and a mastery of expression that marked his many works of poetry and fiction, as well as history and politics.

But Conquest will be most remembered for his comprehensive research and expose of the Soviet Union’s 1934-1939 Great Purge.

Conquest published his magnum opus first as the Great Terror: Stalin’s Purge of the Thirties in 1968, then as The Great Terror: A Reassessment in 1990, and then as The Great Terror: A Reassessment: 40th Anniversary Edition, in 2008.

In an August 14, 2015 obituary in National Review on Line, John O’Sullivan calls Robert Conquest, “the single most important historian of the Soviet Union and its crimes.”

To read The Great Terror is to become schooled—against all our deep-seated Judeo-Christian values—in how utterly evil a total tyranny can become.

Although  can be dizzying in its accumulated emotional effect, The Great Terror is very readable scholarly work, documented with 67 pages of notes and bibliography.

Former Margaret-Thatcher-adviser O’Sullivan continues:

“Bob’s narratives balanced the large collective truths with the small, revealing personal details of callousness. He revealed terrible crimes by presenting the evidence for them. As two other tributes illuminate, however, it was not only the truth that set readers free. It was the teller, too. Bob’s narratives balanced the large collective truths (how many millions Stalin murdered) with the small, revealing personal details of callousness (after signing more than 3,000 death warrants, Stalin went to the movies). He revealed terrible crimes by presenting the evidence for them.
He refuted the casuistical Marxist justifications of such crimes with more evidence and without raising his voice. He had an instinct for detecting dishonesty and a talent for exposing it — qualities evident in his literary criticism as well as in his historical research. He himself claimed what the facts supported, and not an iota more. (Highlighting Forum’s throughout)

The Guilt-By-Confession System

As Conquest relates, for those accused, arrested, grilled, and tortured, the Great Terror operated through a guilt-established-by-confession system.

For the accused were compelled to name co-conspirators, who then must be arrested and made to confess and to name others as well.

The accused party luminaries often ended in major public “show trials.”

Most of the accused, however, received “administrative” judgements, with lengthy sentences to forced-labor camps or immediate execution by shooting.
The purge targeted party officials, but also professional groups (military officers, diplomats, churchmen, historians, poets, weather forecasters), and leaders (party members, cadre, plant managers); ethnic nationalities (Polish, Ukrainian, Georgian)—as well as pick-up categories such as the wives and children of enemies of the state, or anyone who had contact with foreigners.

Kirov’s Murder: “Crime of the Century”

In his 40th edition preface, Conquest presents evidence to show that Stalin arranged the 1934 assassination of prominent Bolshevik leader Sergei Kirov, and then used the sensational murder as a pretext to begin the Great Terror.

Conquest explained

“This killing has every right to be called the crime of the century. Over the next four years, hundreds of Soviet citizens, including the most prominent political leaders of the Revolution, were shot for direct responsibility for the assassination, and literally millions of others went to their deaths for complicity in one or another part of the vast conspiracy which allegedly lay behind it.”

Kirov’s death, in fact, was the keystone of the entire edifice of terror and suffering by which Stalin secured his grip on the Soviet people, declares Conquest.

Conquest allows that “the circumstances of the Kirov murder on 1 December 1934 are still disputed,” but he argues that the weight of evidence attests to Stalin’s central role.

And Today?

In the World War II years, some Americans understood the nature of the Soviet Union.

During the Cold War, more people did.

George Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984, as well as Boris Pasternak’s Dr. Zhivago, became touchstones.

But do today’s Americans know much about the Soviet Leviathan?

Now television history documentaries of varying depth typically cover the crimes of Hitler’s Germany (against Jews, Christians, dissenters of all kinds, and conquered peoples).

But there is very little television portrayal of the malevolent regime of Joseph Stalin.

The slogan “Never Forget” properly evokes Jews under Hitler, but there is no slogan recalling the deaths of millions during Stalin’s Terror.

“Exact numbers may never be known with complete certainty,” writes Conquest, “but the total of deaths caused by the whole range of the Soviet regime’s terrors can hardly be lower than some fifteen million…. Yet the worst of the terror was not the killings, however excessive, but the regular accompaniment throughout of torture.” 

The voices of the Hard Left ignore if not “justify” the truly monstrous record of Stalin’s regime.

For example, read here about the “New York Times Moscow correspondent whose dispatches covered up Stalin’s infamies.”

In her essay on Conquest’s death, historian Diana West points to the denialist strain of the American “intelligentsia” when they discuss the Soviet regime.

“To be able to ‘deal with’ the evil of Communist extermination history, then, as Conquest writes, is to be judgmental as well as inquisitive. This suggests a continuum between such fruits of curiosity and academic labor—the repugnant facts of Communist extermination history—and our judgment of them.”

Reminding us of the scorn that met Ronald Reagan’s characterization of the Soviet Union as an “evil empire,” West notes—

“Reagan’s exhortation to face ‘the facts of history’ was a broad challenge, his reference to ‘the aggressive impulses of an evil empire’ an ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ moment. The cataclysmic histories of Ukraine, Finland, Bessarabia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Austria, Korea, East Germany, Vietnam, China, Cuba, Angola, and on and on were not the shining raiment becoming an empire of peace. Reagan was challenging us to acknowledge the implications of this fact, to fight the paralysis of ‘moral equivalence,’ and see not two bullies in a playground, as the East-West struggle was repetitiously framed, but one aggressor seeking to impose a totalitarian system over as much of the world as possible. Good and Evil.”

Robert Conquest’s life shows that the dedication of a few or even one person to the truth of a matter can make a global difference.

The Great Terror remains a testament to the strength of truth established by scholarship and evidence.

It also provides a perspective on the unnatural appetite of many on the American left for a “total elimination of dissent,” as Rush Limbaugh puts it.

And it should be a book to teach our emerging generations about the vigilance needed to keep our freedom—and to open their eyes to the evil that homegrown tyrants could inflict even on their fellow Americans.

Shariah & Civilization Jihad Richard Falknor on 02 Oct 2015

YouTubes–The Red Pill Brief: To Protect Our Freedom of Speech from Shariah

Stephen Coughlin explains the grave threats of Shariah to our civilization – – and does so in plain words to a European audience in Vienna.

Click here for the YouTube “Stephen Coughlin Red Pill Brief #1″ *

Click here for the YouTubeCoughlin red pill Q&A part 1″ *

Patriots should take pains to ensure that all those Virginia GOP General Assembly members who patroned “HJ 934 Commending the ADAMS Center” (see our June 11, 2015 post here) become acquainted with Coughlin’s analyses.


*Via Eeyore for Vlad — Click here for all 10 videos.


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