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2016 Election Richard Falknor on 15 Aug 2016

Paul Nehlen’s Gift And The Ryan Primary—–Just The Opening Round In Clipping This Speaker’s Wings

The voters of Wisconsin’s First Congressional District are entitled to whatever nominee they fancy on their Republican ticket for Congress.

They made this clear last week in their overwhelming selection of long-time incumbent Paul Ryan over challenger Paul Nehlen.

But Nehlen’s campaign won a different kind of victory — a gift for all Americans.

From Breitbart to Lou Dobbs — from Ann Coulter to Phyllis Schlafly — wise and honest commentators embraced Paul Nehlen’s challenge revealing House Speaker Ryan’s lamentable record and dangerous goals to voters across America.

Nor does it follow that the Ryan endorsement by these Wisconsin GOP First District primary voters should somehow ratify a national House GOP policy embracing Mr. Ryan’s skewed priorities.

Paul Nehlen  hasn’t quit his struggle (see his post-election statement) — and we must not quit the national struggle to protect America from Ryan’s goals either!

As we have written — Paul Ryan, this most dangerous Republican, is–

“an open-borders fanatic, an Obamatrade zealot, an opponent even of a temporary pause in Muslim immigration, and–worst of all–a willful enabler of this president’s programs.”

As we explained last month–

“Breitbart’s experts have dissected Paul Ryan’s frightening public record in depth–

On July 28, we cautioned

“Whether or not challenger Paul Nehlen prevails against the Speaker in the Wisconsin primary on August 9. . .there is the danger that Mr. Ryan or a like-minded successor as Speaker would bring up and get passed in the lame-duck session an FY 2017 appropriations omnibus bankrolling all of president Obama’s priorities and thus constituting the first fiscal year of a ‘third term.'”

Is your House GOP member genuinely opposed to Giant Immigration, Obamatrade, and importing more Islam?

Is your GOP member against changing America by changing its people as the refugee program does by seeding new populations unlikely to assimilate across our land?

If so, your GOP US Representative needs to act to bring Speaker Ryan to heel — before Ryan begins, as he did just last December, enabling another Obama budget starting at the end of September.


Overpass Media Richard Falknor on 05 Aug 2016

Ryan-Nehlen Primary: See How Overpass Media Gets Around Local Censorship Of Pro-Nehlen Messages

Maryland activist Ed Hunter goes to the First Congressional District of Wisconsin to help Ryan challenger Paul Nehlen get his pro-jobs pro-America message out to local voters.


I-90 Janesville, Wisconsin


Stay tuned for more on the primary challenge Wisconsin’s Paul Nehlen has mounted against Big Immigration House Speaker Paul Ryan!

2016 Election Richard Falknor on 03 Aug 2016

Trump Takes Ashburn! Will Estrada’s Insightful Report

“Today I went to the Donald Trump rally in Ashburn, VA. Since I know good people can disagree over whether or not to support Trump, I am just going to post some candid thoughts below. I report, you decide!

Since I am the chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee, I was working with the campaign in advance of the rally. On Monday evening, a senior Trump staffer emailed me and asked me if I would be willing to give the invocation at the rally. I said I’d be happy to, but I also told him that as a born again Christian, I end my prayers with ‘I pray all of this in the name of Jesus.’ Since I know that in this day and age mentionoing the name of Jesus can offend some people, I said I’d understand if they preferred that someone else give the invocation. His response to me was: ‘We know that’s how you pray, that’s why we asked you.’

After the welcome (by John Whitbeck), invocation (by yours truly), pledge (by Sheriff Michael Chapman), and National Anthem (by Briar Woods High School Teacher Nina Peyton), we waited back stage to get a photo with Donald Trump. And then – he was there, with a crowd of staff, Loudoun County Sheriff’s deputies, and Secret Service. I was immediately struck by his presence – he radiates confidence, but also I was struck by his soft spoken demeanor. He spoke softly and thoughtfully the entire time we were backstage.

The first person to get a photo with him was an older man. We had been chatting before-hand while all of us were waiting for Trump to arrive, and he introduced himself as Lieutenant Colonel Louis Dorfman and he had served in the 82nd Airborne. He shook hands with Donald Trump, and handed him his Purple Heart saying he wanted Trump to have it as thanks for standing up for wounded vets. Trump was surprised and said something like ‘I can’t take this!’ We were all surprised and not expecting this. It was pretty cool to see the respect this veteran had for Trump.

Then it was my turn to shake hands with Trump and get my photo taken. I told Mr. Trump that I was the chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee and he immediately stopped and looked at me: ‘Will, how do I win Loudoun?’ he asked me. We started talking and he called over one of his staffers. ‘George, these people here in Virginia know what we need to do to win Virginia.’ And then – in a really cool turn of events – John Whitbeck, the GOP chairs of Prince William County and Arlington County, Trump’s campaign staffer, and me are all huddled in a corner, photos forgotten, strategizing on how Trump will win Virginia. Trump didn’t do a lot of talking. He listened to all of us, he made sure his staff had our emails, and he said that we would have everything we needed.

As we finished up the photos, Trump looked at all the Sheriff’s Deputies. ‘Let’s get them in the photo,’ he said. And then he was taking group photos with all of the cops. They loved it. In fact, my favorite photo I took was all of the deputies with Trump (I’ll post it tomorrow). I was struck by how Trump didn’t forget the ‘little people.’ Even though it was just a few of us and no media, he was relaxed and took the time to get photos with everyone.

The rally itself was super cool. Lots of energy, packed room (something like 2000 people had to be turned away because the auditorium was packed – and just on 24 hours notice!), everyone stood the entire time even though they all had seats. One thing I want to mention is the baby crying, because that has been national news. Contrary to news stories, it was a very funny thing, Trump was very supportive of the mom calling her and her baby ‘beautiful’ and ‘wonderful’, and then when the baby kept crying he turned it into a joke. Everyone was laughing and it was actually very endearing and funny. Not at all anti mom or anti baby like the media has portrayed it to be.

Which brings me to the final point: I was there and saw and heard the entire event with the mom and baby. There was nothing to it. But then after I’m reading all the news coverage saying ‘Trump hates moms and babies!!!’ I started to doubt myself. Did I really miss a huge story right in front of me? I started asking others who were there, including a husband and wife with young kids. And everyone in the room said the same thing: there was no story here. Trump was being funny and personable and going out of his way to make sure the mom wasn’t embarrased by making it a funny situation. My conclusion is that the media is selling us a narrative. Be very skeptical of what the media is telling you, because I saw it with my own eyes and it was something very different.”

Will Estrada's photo.
Will is a long-time Loudoun County friend, and we are grateful not only for this reporting but for his years spent in behalf of home schooling nationally!


2016 Election Richard Falknor on 28 Jul 2016

The House GOP & America’s Future: If Your Member Opposes Giant Immigration & Obamatrade–Must Move To Dethrone Paul Ryan Soon

“’Open Borders is in [Ryan’s] ideological DNA,’ NumbersUSA President, Roy Beck, has said. ‘Open borders seeps out of every pore of his being.’”

The redoubtable Julia Hahn reported yesterday in her Tim Kaine: Under Speaker Ryan, U.S. Will Enact Amnesty in 2017 that–

“KENOSHA, WI–Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Sen. Tim Kaine told Telemundo that House Speaker Paul Ryan would work with a President Hillary Clinton to enact amnesty within Clinton’s first 100 days in office.”

Breitbart’s Hahn revealed via Washington Times and Bloomberg

“A new Clinton administration would pursue a bill to legalize illegal immigrants in ‘the first 100 days’ of her tenure, vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine told Spanish-language network Telemundo in an interview Monday… [Kaine] said House Speaker Paul D. Ryan will lead the GOP to embrace legalization.”
“‘Paul Ryan and the other leaders of his party are going to understand that if they want a future for their party they are going to have to work together to find a solution to this,’ Mr. Kaine told ‘Noticias Telemundo,’ according to a transcript provided by the network.” WT
* * * * *
“‘He [Ryan] wants to do things,’ Kaine said. ‘He wants not just a portrait but he would like a legacy. That’s my belief. There’s going to be room to make some things happen.’”
. . . . . “On trade and immigration — Donald Trump’s signature issues — Ryan and Clinton have much in common, with long histories of backing free-trade agreements and immigration principles that would allow most people here illegally a way to stay.” — Bloomberg
(Highlighting Forum’s throughout.)

Read all of Hahn’s post to review Mr. Ryan’s history of Big Immigration advocacy.

As we cautioned earlier this month–

“Mr. Ryan will likely try to sneak through Obamatrade during this year’s lame-duck session–again hurting the prospects of our workers.”

Click here to see senator Jeff Sessions’ detailed warning on Obamatrade.

And look at the Session panel’s details on the current trajectory of immigration.

“Immigration Adds 1 New Los Angeles Every 3 Years”

Whether or not challenger Paul Nehlen prevails against the Speaker in the Wisconsin primary on August 9— click here for the primary’s details — there is the danger that Mr. Ryan or a like-minded successor as Speaker would bring up and get passed in the lame-duck session an FY 2017 appropriations omnibus bankrolling all of president Obama’s priorities and thus constituting the first fiscal year of a “third term.”

This is why immigration and trade patriots must have a heart-to-heart with their GOP members right away.

2016 Election Richard Falknor on 21 Jul 2016

Paul Ryan–How YOU Can Help Stop This Most Dangerous Republican!

“Immigration Adds 1 New Los Angeles Every 3 Years”

Speaker Paul Ryan, who replaced John Boehner last fall, is an open-borders fanatic, an Obamatrade zealot, an opponent even of a temporary pause in Muslim immigration, and–worst of all–a willful enabler of this president’s programs.

Immigration expansionist Paul Ryan pictured with advocate Luis Gutierriz in 2013. Chicago Sun-Times via Breitbart. Conservative Review’s

Immigration expansionist Paul Ryan pictured with advocate Luis Gutierriz in 2013. (Chicago Sun-Times via Breitbart.)

When Donald Trump is elected in November, Mr. Ryan will do his utmost to confound the new president’s plans to get both illegal and legal immigration under control, as well as to reshape our immigration policy to serve the interests of Americans.

Mr. Ryan will likely try to sneak through Obamatrade during this year’s lame-duck session–again hurting the prospects of our workers.

In the nightmare scenario of Mrs. Clinton’s election, Mr. Ryan would speed her immigration-widening schemes.

Providentially, there is a way to stop Paul Ryan now, since he faces a serious challenge in the upcoming Wisconsin primary.

Paul Nehlen is a smart presentable candidate running against Mr. Ryan in the open GOP primary in Wisconsin One.

Click here for Nehlen’s website!

The Wisconsin primary election day is Tuesday, August 9, fewer than three weeks from now.

Like the many activists across the country who worked for Dave Brat’s upset House victory in June 2014, patriots from all over the US are helping Paul Nehlen–

  • by going to Wisconsin in person to help the campaign,
  • by sending money,
  • by getting their own House GOP members to speak out for challenger Paul Nehlen!

Breitbart’s experts have dissected Paul Ryan’s frightening public record in depth–

Breitbart has also scrutinized challenger Paul Nehlen’s campaign and qualifications.

And as we wrote last February about the danger Mr. Ryan poses to our national interest

“Last October, Senate immigration-control leader Jeff Sessions illustrated this in an exchange (via Breitbart’s Julia Hahn) here with Laura Ingraham–

 ‘The word is… that 2017 is the year to watch for immigration,” radio host Laura Ingraham asked Sessions. “What are the chances… that if Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is Speaker and Hillary Clinton is President of the United States, or Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is President of the United States that they would move in the first 100 days to push a massive, similar [to the ‘Gang of Eight’] immigration reform bill?” Sessions replied, ‘I think there’s a great danger that that would happen.‘”(Highlighting Forum’s throughout.)'”

Donald Trump will need all the help everyone can give him in this and the next Congress to get America back on track.

A crucial first step will be removing Paul Ryan from the next Congress and diminishing his influence during the balance of this Congress.

Remember that the House must decide on FY2017 appropriations by the end of September. 

Will the House GOP under Paul Ryan continue to bankroll all of the Obama programs?

Overpass Media Richard Falknor on 17 Jul 2016

Overpass Media:Capital Area I-95 “America First–Trump”

America First Overpass-5inchesMaryland Tea Partier Ed Hunter reports:

“Strong nationalist message from overpass.

50,000 views Friday July 15, 2016.

This idea seems to be the dividing line. There were strong responses from both sides to the message AMERICA FIRST..TRUMP.

Also standing on the bridge and working in the 95 degree heat for 4 hours– patriot Lewis Porter.”

Common Defense Richard Falknor on 16 Jul 2016

Baltimore–What Will It Take To Get Our Political Class To Understand The War on Cops?

A good start to grasping this danger is Mark Tapson’s short interview here with Heather Mac Donald about her new book The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe ! heathermac

Some excerpts from the interview

“MT: What were your thoughts upon hearing of last week’s Dallas shooting in progress, when police were dying and being wounded even as they tried to protect the demonstrators who had gathered there to protest their supposed racial bias?

HM: I was overcome by acute fear for this country.  The elite establishment has been playing with fire in stoking the Black Lives Matter hatred of the police, and that fire may now be raging out of control.”

  • * * * * *

“MT: This is a little off-topic from your book, but you’ve written about anti-terrorism before – in light of the proliferating Islamic attacks on American soil, are our counterterrorism efforts being hindered in much the same way as our law enforcement is with crime?

HM: Our unwillingness to speak the truth about Islamic terrorism is if anything more perverse than our unwillingness to recognize the reality of black crime. The elites mostly just ignore black crime. In the case of Islamic terrorism, however, they affirmatively rebrand it as, for example, an eruption of Republican homophobia or opposition to transgender bathroom use, as we saw in the recent Orlando attacks.” (Highlighting Forum’s throughout.)

Few GOP politicians are likely to read Mac Donald’s War on Cops on their own — so patriots should get their own copy and start schooling their elected officials about this grave peril! Their local central committees might be a good place to begin this discussion.

(Slightly revised after press time.)

Overpass Media Richard Falknor on 25 Jun 2016

Overpass Media: Tea Partiers Celebrate UK Independence Victory And Donald Trump Message!

Tea Partiers express their solidarity with the United Kingdom’s BREXIT vote Thursday (click here) while underscoring Donald Trump’s message of putting American interests first.

The activists estimate reaching 50,000 National Capital Region commuters yesterday from a key I-95 overpass in Maryland.




Common Defense Richard Falknor on 15 Jun 2016

Republican Governor Hogan Just Orphaned The 248,000 Maryland Republicans Who Voted For Trump!

UPDATE JUNE 17! Washington Post’s “What Trump delegates in Md. think of Hogan’s decision not to back the presumptive nominee”that “Regardless of Hogan’s effect on the presidential race, multiple delegates said it could cost him votes in a 2018 reelection bid.”

* * * * * * * * *

Ovetta Wiggins of the Washington Post reported this afternoon–

“Gov. Larry Hogan (R) said emphatically Wednesday that he does not plan to vote for Donald Trump, his party’s presumptive — and divisive — presidential nominee.”(Highlighting Forum’s.)

But in the April 26, 2016 Maryland GOP closed primary, 54% of participating voters cast their ballots for Donald Trump.

As we wrote right afterwards — MD’s “Trump Republicans”: Almost 200,000 More Republicans Voted In Last Week’s Presidential Primary Than In 2012 Primary–But Will State GOP Welcome These Voters?

“In last Tuesday’s Maryland GOP presidential primary, 444,204** Republicans voted compared with 248,468 in the Maryland 2012 presidential primary: an increase of 195,736!
Also in last week’s Maryland GOP primary, Donald Trump prevailed among Republicans in every Maryland congressional district and county.
This increase in voters likely came from cross-over Democrats and independents; from Republicans disillusioned with their party’s leadership who had been staying home at election time; and even from long-time citizens who had not previously voted.
Trump was clearly the energizer here as he was in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.
(Readers may click here for Maryland State Board of Elections numbers and information. See also The Green Papers here.)
So what are some of the key concerns driving Trump voters everywhere?
Putting American interests at home and abroad first:
  • specifically getting control of the levels of legal as well as illegal immigration (including a pause in the admission of Muslims);
    • negotiating trade deals that benefit our workers and preserve our sovereignty;
    • rebuilding our defenses while avoiding reckless overseas conflicts.
**Numbers as of May 1, 2016.”

Read here Trump’s Monday’s national security speech which governor Hogan dismissed yesterday.

But as Ann Coulter tweeted right after the speech–

“Anyone who plans to talk about Trump ever again has to see this speech. Your opinion is irrelevant unless you listened to him today.”

We now have the answer to the question posed in our May 1 post: The head of the Maryland GOP, governor Hogan, clearly does not welcome the Old Line State’s Trump voters.

Of course, these Trump voters might end up “orphaning” Hogan.

2016 Election Richard Falknor on 02 Jun 2016

David Horowitz Dissects The #NeverTrump Gang And Draws Some Lessons For All Republicans

“Republicans don’t fight, they just roll over.”

Lee Stranahan’s post “Horowitz Says #NeverTrump ‘Serving the Enemy’: They’re mad because Trump hasn’t read their books” gives us author and journalist David Horowitz’ insights into the #NeverTrump crowd–

“Well, I think, this shows one of the great weaknesses of the conservative movement. These intellectuals haven’t got a clue as to what politics is about. That it’s a form of warfare. And a lot of the complaints about Trump are complaints about his strengths. You know, I mean, which do you think is more persuasive, politically, on the borders?
‘Barack Obama is violating the constitution with his executive orders and granting amnesty with an authority he doesn’t have,’ or, ‘I’m going to build a wall, and I’m going to make Mexico pay for it.’
And most of the criticisms of Trump from the intellectual right, are, the way I see them, it’s because he hasn’t read their books, and doesn’t quote them.
What does ‘being a constitutional conservative,’ I understand what it means, constitutional conservatives understand what it means, because they’ve read a lot, but what does the ordinary American, who, you know, is on the Jesse Waters World shows… what do they know about the constitution? What does it mean to them, to say, ‘A constitutional conservative, constitutional principles.’ Not a hell of a lot.
       …I think that Trump has, his great appeal… is standing up and fighting. Republicans don’t fight, they just roll over.”(Highlighting Forum’s)

But the publisher of FrontPageMag also reminds us that Republicans at all levels must learn to push back–

“Why isn’t there a single Republican saying Hillary Clinton should be in jail just because she has that server, which violates the espionage laws?  ….she has blood on her hands, for getting those guys killed in Benghazi. Setting up the gun running operation, and all that. There is none.”

Will the governor of Maryland as well as the Maryland GOP candidate for United States Senator discuss the tragedy of Baltimore from Horowitz’  perspective?

“The Democratic Party controls every inner city in America of any size, and they have for fifty-to-a-hundred years! Everything that’s wrong with the inner city, Democrats are responsible for.
The Civil Rights Acts took racial categories, made them illegal in government regulations and in institutions, generally. The Democrats have spent fifty years putting racial categories back in. They support Black Lives Matter, which is a racist movement! It’s a roving lynch mob!” (Highlighting Forum’s)

And here is Horowitz’ core point–

“So, I think now that Trump has the nomination, the obstructers, the “Never Trump” crowd, are people who are serving the enemy. And I, there’s no other way to look at, you cannot look at the Democratic Party and not see that this is a party that has become a left wing party, that’s anti-American, and that’s racist.“(Highlighting Forum’s)

Most important, listen to Horowitz here! For he distills a lifetime of thought and experience.

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