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Maryland politics Richard Falknor on 24 Oct 2014

Can MD GOP Chiefs & Baltimore Black Leaders Work Together?

Maryland conservative activist** Ed Hunter emails us today–

“There is constant talk in the Republican Party of how they can more effectively reach black voters, especially in Baltimore. It turns out that key black leaders in Baltimore are similarly trying to reach someone in the Republican establishment who will listen to their concerns about unemployment, immigration, and gay marriage.  
Recently we have been distributing flyers on the street corners of Baltimore that point out the impact that mass immigration has had on blacks.  This outreach has been met with much support and exclamation. Currently black unemployment in Baltimore is 55%. The effect of bringing in millions of illegal, and legal immigrants when black Americans cannot find work has been devastating.  There is a great deal of  black outrage over the Democratic Party’s policy of open borders, as well as over voting, dream acts, and citizenship for illegals. These are perhaps key issues for many blacks who see the Democratic party as taking them for granted while effectively erasing their cultural identity.
We have the names of several black ministers who are imploring some Republican to come to address their congregations.
If someone will contact us, we can make arrangements for Republicans to meet with local conservative black pastors.
Through our street level activism, we  have found that the myth that Baltimore is lockstep Democratic territory is just that: a myth. There are many Christian conservative blacks who are alienated by the ‘progressive’ agenda.  Furthermore the level of discontent with false leaders like Congressman Elijah Cummings and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is intense.
If Republicans will stop letting the liberal left control the conversation and stop being Democrat-Lite on the issues of mass immigration and gay marriage, they will find, as we have, that many blacks are very ready to abandon the Democratic Party.” (Highlighting Forum’s throughout.)

Maryland GOP leaders interested in meeting with Baltimore conservative black pastors can reach independent businessman Ed Hunter by email here.

**  More on Ed Hunter: here (Town Hall statement on Fox News’ Greta); here (“Overpass Media”); here (working with Virginia Tea Partiers demonstrating in Eric Cantor’s district); and here (refugee resettlement testimony).

First things . . . Richard Falknor on 23 Oct 2014

Ottawa Jihadist Attack: Plain Words from Mark Steyn; Our Own Political Class Mumbles Like Bureaucrats In An Investigation

Our political class — that includes both parties — has such difficulty articulating the Islamist threat.

But if they can’t explain it in plain words — not sanitized “talking points” — members of the Congress can hardly meet their sworn duty to 

support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

And if they can’t explain the Islamist threat clearly, they also can’t legislate about it clearly.

The Ottawa Attack

Early this morning New Hampshireman (and Canadian citizen) Mark Steyn gave us a plain words analysis of this “Assault on the Heart of the Canadian State”

“Kevin Vickers is the Sergeant-at-Arms of the House of Commons, which is, most of the time, a ceremonial role – he’s the fellow who wears a goofy looking hat and carries the mace into the chamber each day. But he knew enough to understand, in a split second, that the ceremonial role had turned real and to take down the western world’s latest Soldier of Allah. Many more of us will need to recover that primal survival instinct in the years ahead.
The sub-title of my new book is ‘Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned’. I have been writing for over a decade now about the west’s wannabe jihadists, often born and raised in Canada and America and Britain and Australia and Europe, some of them converts – or ‘reverts’, as they call them. Throughout that period, the multiculti delusionists have insisted that Islam’s contribution to the diversity mosaic is no less positive than that of Poles or Italians. Now we have pure laine Quebeckers and Nigerian South Londoners converting to Islam because it’s the coolest gang on the planet. And one consequence of that is that a relaxed, open capital city will descend into the same panopticon security state as Washington. I love Ottawa – I know every yard of that stretch of Wellington Street connecting Parliament and the Cenotaph: Chateau Laurier is where I always stay when in town; not so long ago I walked past the war memorial with a senior Minister of the Crown and we talked about how simple and dignified and profoundly moving it was; and during my battles with the ‘human rights’ commissions I had the honour of testifying to the House of Commons and strolling that same Centre Block corridor that that Allahu Akbar loon rampaged down today.
That security-lite Ottawa is gone, and that is a loss. But there will be others in the years ahead. Because the price of welcoming and incubating and growing Islam in the west is, ultimately, the loss of everything else.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

 Steyn revealed –

“In a detail almost too absurd, the Ottawa jihadist turned out to be the son of Susan Bibeau, the Deputy Chairperson of the Immigration Division of Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board. Her (now ex-)husband was a ‘Libyan businessman.'”

 Scroll down here to see the accompanying Steyn video in full.

For the safety of everyone within our borders, conservatives must contrive ways to get our bi-partisan Political Class to speak plainly about the Jihadist Threat so that we can deal with it effectively.

Be prepared, nonetheless, for a long push against very hard heads.

When five members of the House wrote, now over two years ago, the inspectors general of our security agencies to assess the extent of the Muslim Brotherhood influence in the IG’s respective departments, Republican leaders shamed themselves with a contrary uproar. 

Andrew McCarthy, on the other hand, asked “why the other 430 members of the House [hadn't] joined [the five members] — and why John McCain, John Boehner, and other Republican establishment luminaries are championing the Muslim Brotherhood’s side of the dispute.”











Conservatives Richard Falknor on 21 Oct 2014

Heads-Up Conservatives:David Brat Tomorrow In Northern VA!

Meet a genuine Republican hero tomorrow evening thanks to the gracious hospitality of Tom and Jeannemarie Davis at their home in Vienna!

See tomorrow’s event details below.

We look forward — not just to Dave’s elections on November 4  — but to his becoming Virginia’s strong voice for authentic conservative principles.






First things . . . Richard Falknor on 18 Oct 2014

Snapshot: Citizen Outrage Over WH “Mendacity and Incompetence”

The hand-lettered signs below — appearing on a roadside field in Loudoun County, Virginia — greeted Saturday drivers this morning.

It is just one measure — however unpretentious — of grass-roots outrage over the handling of the Ebola Crisis.

Saturday Morning Blue Ridge Outrage

Saturday Morning Plain Citizen Outrage

Former Federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy today in his National Review on Line post “Incompetence Meets Mendacity in Obama Administration’s Ebola Response” details here the danger to our institutions –

“It is a short step to incompetence when you lose sight of what you are expected to be competent at accomplishing. It is an even shorter step to mendacity for a ruling class that is schooled to believe the country is fatally flawed and, thus, that the pursuit of our national interests is evil. It turns out that when real crises rivet their attention, the rubes still expect the government to protect and defend them. At that point, the government must either attend to those basic duties, or lie.
This government has made its choice.”

 And, McCarthy notes, Ebola drowns out other grave concerns–

“Ebola is causing such anxiety that even alarm over an outbreak of enterovirus D-68 — far more prevalent and linked to the deaths of at least four children — has been crowded out. Ditto news of the Islamic State’s rampage, a stock-price rollercoaster, and the impending midterm elections”

The Obama Administration is in office and in power; consequently they are responsible for their missteps. 

As constitutional expert McCarthy declares, they have made their choice.

But there are doubtless many Democratic and Independent voters — and some Democratic politicians — who want flights to afflicted countries restricted, and borders secured — the latter right away, not in some ever-receding future.

On the other hand, there are some very rich Republicans who have been recklessly pushing open borders for cheap labor– technical as well as unskilled workers –while falsely claiming that we have some kind of STEM shortage.

Fjordman paints the underlying forces here in “When will Ebolaphobia become a hate crime” (Gates of Vienna)–

The doctrines of anti-racism, tolerance and diversity seem to mutate and spread to every section of Western societies. Perhaps this mental virus is what should concern us the most. If we still had a healthy society with a functioning immune system, we could be dealing more rationally with the viruses that confront us. Both physical viruses such as Ebola and ideological viruses represented by the Jihadist doctrines of the Islamic State (ISIS). The number one priority would have been to quarantine those affected and restrict travel from those regions and countries where these diseases are most widespread. That is simply common sense. Sadly, Western ruling elites in this age seem to be devoid of common sense. Their First and Only Commandment is: Diversity and open borders über alles.”

 Are you an Ebola racist? Fjordman continues–

“To Western elites, Multicultural ‘diversity’ is more important than life itselfliterally.
Abby Haglage is a reporter at The Daily Beast, a major American news and opinion website with millions of readers. She wrote an article about the apparently horrible thought that people from West Africa might face certain restrictions on traveling to Western countries when a deadly and escalating epidemic of one of the world’s nastiest viruses is plaguing West Africa. Haglage dubbed this ‘Ebola racism.'”

 The Weekly Standard’s Jonathan Last in his “Six Reasons to Panic” here goes straight to the root of the borders-and-protection-of-our-sovereignty matter.

“Ebola has the potential to reshuffle American attitudes to immigration. If you agree to seal the borders to mitigate the risks from Ebola, you’re implicitly rejecting the ‘open borders’ mindset and admitting that there are cases in which government has a duty to protect citizens from outsiders. Some people on the left admit to seeing this as the thin end of the wedge. Writing in the New Yorker, Michael Specter lamented, ‘Several politicians, like Governor Bobby Jindal, of Louisiana, have turned the epidemic into fodder for their campaign to halt immigration.’ And that sort of thing just can’t be allowed.
What would happen in the event of an Ebola outbreak in Latin America? Then America would have to worry about masses of uninfected immigrants surging across the border—not to mention carriers of the virus. And if we had decided it was okay to cut off flights from West Africa, would we decide it was okay to try to seal the Southern border too? You can see how the entire immigration project might start to come apart.
So for now, the Obama administration will insist on keeping travel open between infected countries and the West and hope that they, and we, get lucky.” (Highlighting Forum’s throughout this post.)

President Obama has taken the open-borders world view to a jaw-dropping extreme.

Consequently he and his administration are fair game for the kind of criticism appropriate for a president who continues to put his country in grave danger.

But conservatives must stay vigilant about the well-bankrolled forces in the GOP who have long sought a trans-nationalist agenda.

For these “transies” share responsibility for the damage already inflicted through our open border with Mexico.

Conservatives Richard Falknor on 15 Oct 2014

Boehner Team Exposed! Now–Some Straight Talk From Candidates

“Boehner to Business: Help Me Stiff-Arm the Nuts” – -Tory Newmyer in Fortune

Yesterday seasoned Congress watcher Daniel Horowitz revealed here (“John Boehner’s Winning Message”) in the new Conservative Review–

“So Boehner’s rally cry for November is not repealing Obamacare, protecting our homeland from terrorism, illegal immigration, and infectious diseases, or reducing the cost of living imposed on us by government.  It is essentially a pitch to vote for soggy white bread candidates so that…Boehner can give Democrats a majority over conservatives in the House.”

Horowitz points to a Fortune article of last Saturday (see quote at the top of this story) which reports–

“One Republican operative spells out the subtext of the pitch to the corporate pragmatists the GOP is hitting up for campaign cash: ‘We want to give Boehner a governable majority so the crazies you hate will be irrelevant.'”

Fortune’s Newmyer (in what can only be read as a puff-piece) elaborates on the schemes of the Boehner Circle

“Last month, as Congress raced to finish its work before quitting Washington for the campaign trail, Boehner appeared strengthened in a way that would have been tough to imagine during the government shutdown just a year ago.He quietly gathered majorities for funding the government, extending the charter of the Export-Import Bank — a Tea Party bête noire — and handing President Obama expanded authority to wage war on ISIS. Business has its list of priorities for Congress to tackle, from revamps of our tax and immigration laws to trade agreements and a long-stalled patent reform bill.”

Conservatives are warned.

There is small chance that the Boehner Team today plans to spend much political capital–

  • on restoring a market friendly (as opposed to a crony or “business friendly”) Washington policy — think defunding Obamacare and Dodd-Frank;
  • on recapturing the appropriations process — where the House has “pride of place” — by giving up massive omnibus bills opaque to all but their beneficiaries;
  • on the House itself holding the administration to account for its lawless “executive actions” instead of hiding behind a pretend lawsuit;
  • on reining in not just economic but social regulation — read new HUD and Education rules;
  • on moving quickly toward a strong but prudent foreign policy with a full House debate on ends and means;
  • on ending the administration’s war on Christians, on Israel, and on Judaeo-Christian values in our society;
  • on rooting out Muslim Brotherhood members from the Federal establishment;
  • and — most of all — on securing our borders right now and spending substantial House time on that objective.

There is, however, a strong likelihood that the Boehner Team will indulge their unseemly lust for more immigration — especially if they realize their “55 seat GOVERNING MAJORITY” after November 4.

Can we trust Mr. Boehner? 

Consider the time and effort he put into stopping a select committee on Benghazi (long demanded by Virginia’s Frank Wolf) until the Speaker was finally forced by Judicial Watch’s revelations to approve one.

That is the true measure of this Speaker.

The Liberty Scorecard

In the Conservative Review’s “Liberty Scorecard” here for Maryland and Virginia GOP House members running for reelection, only Maryland’s Dr. Andy Harris has a creditable grade: “B.” 

And we all know what a strong conservative newly nominated David Brat is.

As for the other Virginia House GOP incumbents running for reelection, their grades range from “C” to “F,” except again for newly nominated Barbara Comstock who, like David Brat, does not yet have a House record.

Conservatives’ Last Chance For A Pre-Election Talk With GOP Establishment Candidates

If local conservative leaders do not have a heart-to-heart talk with these GOP House candidates on top conservative priorities before the November 4 election, consider how little access they will have later. 

(One way to estimate any future face-time with members is to eyeball the contributions from big donors, then consider how much time we “troublesome” grass roots will get compared with Political Action Committees and trade associations and big donors from New York City. Here and here, just as one example, are two of our earlier posts on campaign contributions to Mrs. Comstock.)

These are very dangerous times for America. 

Consequently one expects extraordinary performance in protecting our lives and liberties from a House leadership sailing under the Republican flag.

Think the Second Continental Congress, not a gang of career politicians and their consultant and donor pals cutting self-serving “deals.”

Mark Levin’s own declaration of independence here last night should bring the gravity of the Republican political situation home even to the densest member of the GOP Establishment.

Conservatives Richard Falknor on 09 Oct 2014

What Can Conservatives Expect (And Do) After November 4?

As conservatives we are in the business of putting our policies in place, and of stopping or removing statist and freedom-hostile policies and programs.

We hope to do this not just by electing tested conservatives next month, but — taking the long view – advancing the conservative agenda over a decade or more. Moreover like the revolutionary left we all face, we conservatives should plan our own counter-revolution in the schools and in the alternative media and through grass-roots action-oriented groups. 

Only in this way, can we lay the groundwork for future victories at the polls.

The GOP as a national (and state) organization, on the other hand, is in the business of electing candidates with the Republican label. Their vision often does not extend past one presidential or gubernatorial election cycle.

Until relatively recently, we conservatives tried to advance our agenda through the national Republican Party.  Since Ronald Reagan retired in 1989, however, this task has become progressively more and more difficult — even with boosts from the Gingrich Revolution of 1994 and the Tea Party Revolution of 2010.

For the GOP’s national and often state leaders are sensitive to very large donors, and also, arguably, to social pressures to conform to a militantly secular and politically correct culture.

“Where you stand depends on where you sit” is a hoary Washington, D. C. maxim that, for example, explained why folks in Foggy Bottom (the State Department) tended to have institutional views different from folks in the Pentagon.

This rule is equally applicable to explaining why Republicans living in gated communities around the Washington, D.C., Beltway may have markedly different cultural priorities from Republicans in Winchester, Virginia or Nashville, Tennessee. 

What profiteth a conservative incumbent, however diligent and capable, if that official is mocked by the Washington Post?

Most important, many GOP candidates for the House and Senate are obviously torn between large campaign donors and donor-allied consultants on the one hand — and their voters on the other.

Angelo Codevilla explained the GOP Establishment’s unfolding challenges to conservatives here — where he revealed:

“By repeatedly passing bills that contradict the identity of Republican voters and of the majority of Republican elected representatives, the Republican leadership has made political orphans of millions of Americans.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

What does the GOP Establishment want after November 4 —  assuming the House remains in GOP hands, and the Senate is closely split, although that chamber now has fewer than 20 GOP senators with Liberty Scores above “D” out of 45 Republicans.

Here is a likely Establishment wish list:

  • That amnesty and immigration go away as national issues, either through House passage of some bi-partisan “compromise,” or by presidential executive order where there will be no Republican fingerprints — but an H-1B visa payoff to Big Business.
  • That without further deliberation, same-sex marriage will quietly become the “law of the land,” to use the Speaker’s infamous phrase about Obamacare. 
  • That Congress will limit itself to only (preferably bi-partisan) “tweaking” of Obamacare. 
  • That they will see a smooth path to the 2016 presidential nomination of one of their own — likely from (or approved by) the Bush Dynasty.
  • That the House will avoid — before the 2016 elections — serious confrontation with the Obama Administration over executive actions, appropriations, or big regulations.
  • That there will be no further awkward investigations into the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the national government.

There is more: completing the task of marginalizing genuine conservatives, so that the grass roots simply give up.

All this will include continuing to punish House GOP members who are too independent.

Of course, Ebola and other imported diseases, ISIS and the open spread  of Islamic Supremacism, and the likelihood that the president won’t follow the GOP Establishment’s playbook, may well see Nemesis visit the wish list.

But regardless of  the Establishment’s obstacles and whatever their capitulations to the Obama Administration — how should we conservatives now organize to advance our agenda? 

Read (or re-read) senator Jeff Sessions’ 2013 memo “How The GOP Can Do The Right Thing On Immigration—And Win” — where he declared Republicans must “adopt a humble and honest populism” by protecting the interests of American workers.

Sessions and sometime-Margaret Thatcher-adviser John O’Sullivan in his “What About The Workers” here offer keys to smart new paths for conservatives.

So does David Horowitz’ “Take No Prisoners”!

Stay tuned. Email us with your recommendations for conservative directions after the November elections.












2014 Election Richard Falknor on 26 Sep 2014

Two Gatherings: Which Will Build A Solid Conservative Future?

“By repeatedly passing bills that contradict the identity of Republican voters and of the majority of Republican elected representatives, the Republican leadership has made political orphans of millions of Americans.”(Highlighting Forum’s) — Angelo Codevilla in Forbes

Two imminent Republican gatherings in Virginia:  which one includes the architects of a solid conservative future?

Mitt Romney headlining Barbara Comstock fundraiser

“Mitt Romney is headlining a fundraiser for Virginia Republican House candidate Barbara Comstock.
The former GOP presidential candidate, who recently stirred up chatter over saying ‘circumstances can change’ as to whether he would consider another White House bid, plans to attend the event Sept. 30 at the Virginia home of veteran Republican fundraisers Bobbie and Bill Kilberg.
Romney and Comstock will attend a ‘private roundtable’ and ‘photo opportunity’ for co-chairs, according to the email invite. Co-chairs are expected to give or raise $10,000. Host level is $2,600, and attendees of the general reception are asked to contribute $500.
The invite lists current co-chairs as Wes and Natalie Bush; Jack and Claudette Gerard; Caren Merrick; Dan and Megan Nelson; Ted Olson; and Suzy and Bob Pence. More than two dozen ‘hosts’ are also listed on the invite, including Christopher and Kristin Bonacci; Sid Dewberry; Roy McGrath; Mike Mullen; Ed and Patti Rogers; and Todd Stottlemyer”  — Politico’s Anna Palmer (Highlighting Forum’s)


Sessions, Ingraham To Fundraise For David Brat

“Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, and nationally syndicated radio host Laura Ingraham will host a fundraiser and rally for GOP congressional candidate Dave Brat.
Brat ousted now former House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) in a primary earlier this year by focusing on the effects of Cantor’s support for amnesty on American workers. Sessions and Ingraham are both national leaders ardently opposed to amnesty.
The event, which is open to the public and publicized on Brat’s campaign website, will take place on Saturday Sept. 27 from 3 to 6 p.m. in the district Brat will represent assuming he holds off the Democratic candidate.” – – Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle


Significantly, senator Jeff Sessions — in his 2013 memo “How The GOP Can Do The Right Thing On Immigration—And Win” — declared Republicans must “adopt a humble and honest populism.”

Leviathan Richard Falknor on 23 Sep 2014

Can Conservatives Guide County and City Government? Not Without A Continual Source Of Presentable Facts & Figures.

A hoary maxim of conservatives is that government is most responsive to voters on the local level.

This is certainly the way it should be.  But as the Federal Leviathan expands, so typically do state and local governments.

Consider this:  in Washington, D.C., when the Congress or the Executive Branch entertains some egregious crony-capitalist scheme, conservative and libertarian think tanks will often be all over it. (Take, for example, warnings against the reauthorizing of the Export-Import Bank here and here.)

The new-media blogs will follow up on the most recent scheme.

Lobbyists will scamper, and members of the Congress will dissemble.

Even so, a bad scheme may yet prevail, but at a price in credibility to its malefactors and to its politician sponsors.

But the resultant push-back may head off even more outrageous raids on the Treasury, or stop more competition-destroying regulation.

When it comes to getting a fix on redolent county, city (and state) schemes, however, conservatives have few if any always-on-watch information sources. 

One nearby exception!

Arthur Purves, long-time leader of the Fairfax County [VA] Taxpayers Alliance, has built an invaluable information machine on county (and state) government whose graphs can be understood by voters and explained by (any willing) local politicians.

On Saturday noon, October 4, Purves will reveal to his annual luncheon his “Strategy to Elect a Taxpayer-Friendly Board of Supervisors.”

“FCTA Annual Luncheon: Sat Oct 4 Noon-2pm, Grevey’s Restaurant
8130 Arlington Blvd (Rt 50 at Gallows Rd) / Falls Church, VA
Meal $20 (Salmon or Chicken florentine) RSVP: or email
Featured speaker: Barbara Hollingsworth – “The Power to Tax is the Power to Destroy”
(Barbara, formerly editor with the DC Examiner, is now with Media Research Center.)”

The good people of Fairfax County need no introduction to the work of Purves and his colleagues. (Click on foregoing link to “Fairfax County Public Schools: High Taxes for Low Achievement”).

But we would strongly recommend to other county-and municipal-level conservatives throughout Maryland and Virginia that they come to this October 4 Fairfax County Taxpayers Alliance luncheon to see what they are accomplishing.

Doubtless interested guests could make an appointment to seek Purves’ wise counsel on how to put together their own always-on-watch local information source.

First things . . . Richard Falknor on 16 Sep 2014

227 Years Tomorrow: Bells Across U.S. Mark Constitution Signing

In 1955, the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) petitioned the Congress (click here) “to set aside September 17-23 annually to be dedicated for the observance of Constitution Week.” The next year, their request became public law signed by president Dwight D. Eisenhower.

A Connecticut DAR chapter explained last year (click here) in their “Bells Across America to Ring on September 17″–

“The Daughters of the American Revolution encourage churches, schools, courthouses, fire houses, Veterans homes, city governments and individuals to ring bells on September 17 to commemorate the signing of the United States Constitution 226 years ago.  
From May 1787 to September 17, 1787 the debate on wording of the document and the establishment of the 3 branches of government was fiercely debated. It was the Connecticut Compromise which proposed the two houses of Congress – one with proportional representation (the House of Representatives) and one with equal representation (the Senate) which enabled the delegates to agree. And on Sept 17, 1787 the Constitution was signed. At 4:00 when the delegates emerged from what is now known as Independence Hall in Philadelphia, all the bells rang to celebrate the signing of the Constitution.  Ringing of the bells at 4:00 p.m. is encouraged but any time September 17 is fine.”

Tomorrow from Oregon to Arkansas bells will commemorate the signing of the Constitution 227 years ago in Philadelphia.

Whether you are a “new” citizen or one from many generations of Americans, consider urging your place of worship to ring their bells tomorrow to mark the signing of our Constitution.

Our readers understand more than most that preserving and protecting and defending our Constitution is paramount in these very dangerous times.

2014 Election Richard Falknor on 10 Sep 2014

VA-9 & The Immigration Crisis:William Carr Rated “True Reformer”

NumbersUSA is rating conservative independent William Carr, candidate here and here for the House of Representatives from Virginia 9, as a “True Reformer” here.

Carr’s opponent, incumbent Republican Morgan Griffith, received a NumbersUSA rating of D+.

There is no Democrat running for this seat in the November 4 general election.

Click here, then click on Virginia 9 to see the details of these NumbersUSA ratings. “True Reformer” is also explained here.

In their own words, here is what NumbersUSA is all about

“NumbersUSA Action is the nation’s largest grassroots immigration-reduction organization with more than two million participants in all 435 congressional districts. Members mobilize to persuade public officials to support immigration policies that protect all Americans—especially the most vulnerable and including the foreign-born—from losing wages, taxes, individual freedoms, quality of life, and access to nature due to excessive immigration numbers that indiscriminately enlarge the U.S. population, the laborforce and government costs.”

In the wider context, here is Morgan Griffith’s Heritage Action Scorecard: 53%.

Stay tuned to hear both Virginia 9 candidates elaborate their positions on our immigration and border crisis — and on the president’s promised “executive action”!

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